How To Mirror iPhone To LG TV?


With its many innovative features based on WebOS and Netcast, LG TV covers a huge segment in the smart television market. It offers superior technology that is future-ready. Many users choose to mirror their iPhones to LG TV due to the ability to sync with their smartphones. Surfing the Internet will reveal that finding a feasible solution is difficult. We have developed the following methods for sharing your iPhone screen with your LG TV after we tested and searched thoroughly. Here is the complete information about “How To Mirror Iphone To Lg Tv?” Read it below!

How To Mirror Iphone To Lg Tv?

Method 1: Using Airplay to mirror an iPhone to an LG TV

Streaming wirelessly from one device to another is supported by Apple Airplay, a software that is developed by the company. This software can also mirror screens, handle audio, and handle video. It is simply a matter of checking whether both devices streaming media are connected to the same wireless network.

Apple TV can also mirror the mobile device’s screen display on your TV, not just share content among Apple stores or Apple devices. You can mirror the screen of your device through Apple TV using Airplay mirroring technology.

For big-screen presentations, gaming sessions, movies, or public displays, this technology provides a suitable solution for screen mirroring iPhone to LG TV. Not to mention, its security is commendable, as is all of Apple’s technology.

Using Airplay to mirror an iPhone to an LG TV

Mac devices are traditionally better suited to Apple technologies. In contrast, the latest LG TV models, such as those available in 2019, support the airplay2 standard. Including your Apple devices and all the supporting media, you can mirror your screen from your LG TV to your Apple device. Here’s how it will work.

To mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad on LG TV, follow these steps:

1. The Control Center should now be open. You may need to swipe down the screen or swipe up the screen, depending on your phone model.

2. You can mirror your screen by clicking the Screen Mirroring icon.

3. Click on the LG TV name in the list of available devices. Your LG TV may ask you for a passcode.

4. You can follow the steps below if you use a Mac device. On your Mac screen, click the airplay icon located at the top right corner of the menu bar.

5. The LG TV will be listed among the available devices. Click on the name of your LG TV. The LG TV’s passcode may need to be entered.

6. On your television, you should see the airplay password.

Method 2: Mirror iPhone video to LG smart TV using video and TV cast

It is an app that efficiently lets you mirror your iPhone to an LG smart TV through Video & TV Cast for LG smart TV. Any online video, live show, or web movie can be mirrored using this software. This app allows you to stream live streams from your iPhone to your LG TV using multiple formats such as MP4, M3U8, and HLS. Taking a look at the steps below, we’ll see how iPhones are mirrored to LG TVs.

Choose from the iPhone mirror to the LG TV app the video that you want to watch. This app supports all major video websites and countless others. Through the method mentioned above, you can transmit high-quality video directly from your iPhone to a big TV screen. In any case, it is important to emphasize that LG smart TVs support video and TV cast, but not iTunes movies, DRM flash videos, or protected videos. Also, the app can only stream the video portion of a website and not the entire content of the website.

Steps to Follow

1. Start LG TV Cast on your iPhone by searching for Video & TV Cast.

2. TV cast should be launched when you open your TV.

3. Ensure that your LG television and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Using your LG TV controller, select the LG content store, and from the right side of the screen, you can find the same TV for casting.

5. Put the IP address from your iPhone into the TV’s settings. Press OK to stream from the iPhone to the LG TV.

Method 3: Using Chromecast to mirror an iPhone to an LG TV

You can even mirror your iOS device’s screen onto your LG TV by connecting Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as your LG. This way, you can stream videos and control your LG TV from your smartphone. Using Chromecast, you will be able to play games, watch videos, and view photos from your phone on your TV.

An HDMI socket on your TV is needed to use this tool. In addition to these requirements, an Android or iOS device with the Google Home app installed is necessary in order to cast iPhone to LG TV. Here is how these tools work.

1. Connect your LG TV to the Chromecast.

2. The Google Home app is available on your iPhone. Simply download and launch it then select “Set up a New Chromecast”.

3. Select “Mirror Device” under Additional options when you tap the “Account” icon on your phone. The mobile device and the computer must be connected to the same network.

4. Once the device has searched your TV, tap “CAST SCREEN/AUDIO”. It is now possible to mirror your iPhone to your TV.

Method 4: Using LG TV Plus to mirror iPhones to LG TVs

Mirroring your iPhone to LG smart TV requires LG TV Plus, a compulsory app. Among its many useful functions are a touchpad, launcher, TV controller, search, and other useful tools. Moreover, the LG webOS TV app works with its 14 webOS-compatible models. Connecting a mobile device and TV over the same Wi-Fi network will enable you to view and control your TV from the mobile device. Using this software, you can share iPhone content with LG TV with every iPhone that has iOS 6.1 or a later version.

Here is the user guide:

1. This is a preview of LG TV Plus that you can get simply by clicking on its name.

2. Select the “Setting” icon from the top right corner of the screen by pressing the “HOME” button on the remote control. You can then select LG Connect Apps by going to “All Settings” and selecting “On”.

3. Wi-Fi must be the same on the TV and the smart device. Connect your smart device to the LG TV Plus app by going to the LG TV Plus app.

4. By pressing “Start,” your smart device will start scanning for compatible TVs. From the list of search results, select the model you want.

5. Consequently, the TV screen displays a “PIN” code. Your LG TV Plus app should ask for your PIN code so you can pair your smart device.

Method 5: Using ApowerMirror to mirror iPhones to LG TVs

Mirroring across platforms is already available in mobile operations. For more enjoyment, iPhone users also stream their iPhone to PCs or other Android devices in order to enjoy a larger screen, including screen mirroring to LG TV. You can also use ApowerMirror as another app. Screen mirroring software for iOS and Android is by far the most trusted. It’s very easy to mirror iPhone to LG TV with this app, here’s the detailed procedure for using it.

1. Both your phone and your PC can run this program.

2. Your TV should be connected to your PC with an HDMI cable. Turn on the HDMI source on your computer.

3. Click the blue “M” button and choose “phone screen mirroring” to mirror your phone’s screen to your PC.

4. You will now need to tap “Screen Mirroring” on your control panel and then select the network for your TV. You will now be able to view your phone on your TV.

Method 6: Using TV Assist to mirror iPhones to LG TVs

Television Assist’s features

TV Assist offers us some key features for mirroring our iPhone to an LG TV.

  • Live shows, movies, and videos are mirrored online.
  • MP4, M3U8, and HLS are some of the formats that it supports.
  • We share only the video-containing parts of the website in this app.
  • There are countless videos in this app that contain websites.
  • High-quality videos can be viewed online.
  • This is a great way to mirror the iPhone screen on an LG TV.

Using TV Assist to mirror your iPhone to an LG TV

Here are the steps you need to follow to screen mirror iPhone to LG TV with TV Assist:

1. The Apple store has a TV assist tool that allows you to mirror your iPhone to an LG smart TV. Download it from there and launch it.

2. Launch TV assist/cast after you have opened TV. Make sure that they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Casting and assisting can be done directly from LG TV’s content store, which appears on the right side of the screen.

4. Configuration is the first step. It involves entering the IP address given to us by the iPhone.

5. Click OK once you have configured successfully.

6. The LG TV screen mirroring will then be possible on the iPhone.

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