How To Mute Calls On iPhone?


In the 21st century, we don’t make phone calls. What other opportunity is there for someone to decide to inquire on you without your permission, and then to begin spying on you right away? These people are referred to as entitled in the 21st century. However, it is easy to send them packing by bumping their presumptuous capture.

It’s possible that you have encountered an awkward situation where the other end of the line says hello abruptly after you talk for quite a while on your iPhone 3G? How are you? Hey. This is so frustrating! It would be embarrassing for you to have to repeat all of that again. Why does this keep happening? You have accidentally activated the mute button during a conversation by touching your ear and averting others from hearing you. Here is the complete information about “How To Mute Calls On iPhone?” Follow these steps to avoid making the same mistake again.

How To Mute Calls On iPhone?

Do you want to avoid the call, but you do not want to take responsibility for the situation? It is possible to allow the call to ring out, and pretend later to be in the shower or on your way to work (as if). Fortunately, Apple has got you covered with this feature.

A call can be muted twice as simply as bumping it, in that it’s the same act, only you don’t have to hit the sleep/wake button twice, but you do have to hit the sleep/wake button once to do it. You’ll silence the ringer this way, but your caller will still be able to hear the ringtone. Perhaps this is a form of power play. It seems weak, but it might be the best you can manage.

In addition, depending on the model of your iPhone, you can also simply press a volume button.

How you can block contact or phone calls on iPhone?

Method 1: In the iPhone, you can block contact or a call

1. The appearance of the Phone app.

2. You can block contact by selecting it.

3. Upon tapping on Contact details, you will find a block option.

4. To block a contact, select Block Contact.

5. The same can be done for other contacts if desired.

Unblock this caller can be accessed in the same place as Block this contact if you want to Unblock the contact later.

Method 2

1. Select the Phone option in the Settings app.

2. The Call Blocking & Identification section is located under the Phone tab.

3. Select Block Contact. from which you’d like to block calls and tap on Block Contact.

The same applies to block calls from other contacts.

When contact is blocked, it will also prevent other types of communication, including messages and FaceTime. If you have added them on social media including Instagram, it is still possible to receive messages from them via WhatsApp, Messenger, and other messaging platforms.

If you choose Unblock on the desired contact name, you’ll be able to unblock that contact at a later date.

You can also select Edit and then press the red minus symbol and select Unblock.

What is the Best Way To Mute A Phone Call On An Apple Watch?

1. Those of you who do not remember to set the silent mode on your Apple Watch and receive phone calls may find this step useful. Your Apple Watch can be muted if this happens. Just cover the watch with your free hand. Your Apple Watch will immediately muffle incoming calls. If the contact doesn’t hang up, it will immediately muffle the call. You will imagine that the call was missed, and your caller will not know that you deliberately ignored his call. Please note that the Mute to Cover feature should be enabled. If you have paired your iPhone with Apple Watch, navigate to the app, select My Watch >> Sound and Haptic, and then select Cover to Mute.

2. You can make different settings for sound and alerts on the phone. The Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone can be accessed by going to My Watch, scrolling down, and then finding the Phone section. When Mirror My iPhone is selected on the Phone screen, it will be checked by default. So, the iPhone settings will be reflected in the Apple Watch settings as well. Your Apple Watch allows you to set Alerts and Ringtones for Phones in Custom mode as well. Due to our topic on how to mute a phone call on Apple Watch, you can make Apple Watch silent by swiping on Sound and Haptic, so that when the phone rings and vibrates, Apple Watch will not ring.

3. The steps below can also be used to muffle a phone call using your apple watch. There is still a possibility to receive vibrating notifications even though it mutes all notifications.

4. Activating Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch allows you to stop being bothered at any time without having to permanently disable All Notifications. Apple Watch will not vibrate or make a sound when Do Not Disturb is active, but it will continue to receive notifications. Tap on the crescent moon icon on the Connected screen once you reach the Connected screen to switch on Do Not Disturb. Swipe up on the Clock Face to access Glances, then swipe along until you reach the Do Not Disturb screen.

5. Activating Airplane mode prevents a phone call from coming to your Apple Watch. It is not a way to muffle. Go to Settings and select Airplane mode. You can toggle Airplane Mode by touching the Settings glance and then by swiping up from the watchface. On the screen’s top, the connection status changes from Connected to Disconnected. If you’ve opened Settings, you can enable Airplane Mode from there. A little airplane icon appears at the top of the screen when Airplane Mode is on.

6. Apple Watch and iPhone can both be placed in Airplane Mode by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, selecting My Watch, and then selecting Airplane Mode >> Mirror iPhone. You will then switch one device to Airplane Mode each time you do so. If you want to turn off Airplane Mode, you need to switch it off on each device separately.

When on a conference call, how to mute your iPhone?

Listening to a conference call is usually more convenient than participating. As long as there are long periods of silence in a call, you should muffle the microphone in order to avoid disturbing the other members of the call. In this manner, you not only show politeness, but you also avoid interruptions while performing other tasks. Your iPhone’s call screen will allow you to activate the mute button directly when it comes to muting your microphone for a conference call.

1. If you have joined the conference call, look at the screen on your phone. Above the red “End Call” button, find the “Mute” option. The microphone icon is displayed with a slash through it as a denotation.

2. Press and hold your finger on the “Mute” square. Using this feature, you can listen to the conference call without being heard by other participants during the call.

3. You can speak again by tapping once on the “Mute” square.

How to mute WhatsApp call on iPhone?

You cannot mute incoming WhatsApp calls separately from outgoing WhatsApp calls on iOS, as you are able to do on Android. Rather, all notifications have to be muted from within the app, and silencing your WhatsApp calls is not an option. If you follow the instructions below, you can also turn off notifications for texts received within the app.

1. When using WhatsApp on iOS, you need to open the app, tap the ‘Settings’ tab at the bottom of the screen, and click ‘Notifications’ to mute all WhatsApp calls.

2. There isn’t a specific notification options for WhatsApp calls in the ‘Notifications’ screen. If you disable notifications for WhatsApp, you’re out of options. The In-App Notifications can be accessed inside the Notifications screen by tapping the ‘In-App Notifications’ option.

3. Separate settings must be made in the next screen in order to change how you are notified on WhatsApp. The toggles for ‘Sounds’ and ‘Vibrate’ should be disabled on your iPhone if you do not wish to hear the ringing upon receiving a WhatsApp message. The alert style can be set to either ‘Banners’ or ‘Alerts’ if you want to see visual alerts for calls and messages.

4. For those who prefer not to receive alerts on WhatsApp, you can set your Alert style to ‘None’.

WhatsApp calls can only be muted this way on iOS.

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