How To Name My iPhone?


iPhones come with a generic name, for example, “Tim’s iPhone,” when they first are set up. A device is identified by this name when plugged into a computer or when someone AirDropped a file to you or when setting up a Personal Hotspot. However, sometimes you may wish to change this name for various reasons.

The name of the phone becomes “iPhone” if the iOS network settings are ever reset, making it more difficult to identify in a list of other devices. You might still be using the old phone, and its previous owner’s name is still on it. If you value your privacy, you might want to give your iPhone a recognizable moniker but one that doesn’t require personal identification.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to name your new iPhone something unique.

The name you assigned to your phone during setup may need to be changed for various reasons. Your iPhone can be renamed very easily thanks to the relatively simple process described above. Let’s look at what you need to know about “how to name my iPhone?”, and how to make it happen.

The Reason You Should Rename Your iPhone?

It is not only about security when you change your iPhone’s name — it also affects productivity and cohesion. Further details on why you might want to change the name of your device are provided below:

1. Keep Your Identity Safe

Your iPhone name is visible to everyone. The discoverability of a Wi-Fi network will appear as a personal hotspot in the list of networks discovered by nearby users. When using AirDrop sharing. The name of your device will be visible whenever nearby users share a file or check who is nearby.

Mapped devices can be seen by hackers. When identifying bandwidth hogs on the network, system administrators can identify your device. A quick Bluetooth scan can also reveal the name of your device.

Observe traffic in real-time with Wireshark on your smartphone

You can ensure that it is [YourName]’s iPhone [Version] if you have never changed it before, such as “Nelson’s iPhone 11 Pro.” 

It allows people to pinpoint your device easily, and it helps identify it as yours.

Anonymity is better when you choose something completely random. Despite the fact that you’re still at risk of hackers, system administrators, and others viewing the MAC address of your iPhone or spying on its activities, you are at least making it more difficult for them to identify you.

2. Make Your Devices Easier To Manage

Creating unique names for each of your Apple devices is a good idea if you have several devices whose names are similar or identical. In this way, your devices can be distinguished more easily.

In addition to the ability to track a lost or stolen device in Find My and identify which debit and credit cards have been connected to any given device via Apple Pay, this feature also allows you to determine which device is connected via USB to your Mac.

3. Make Backups Easier To Find

Managing multiple devices becomes increasingly challenging as you accumulate more devices. It can be a pain to access your backups if they are similarly named if your devices use the same iCloud account or Mac.

It’s easier to locate the right backup you want when each device has a unique name. It is also important to distinguish between current and out-of-date backups in case you need to delete them to free up storage space if you have backups from old devices.

4. Provide a Simple Way To Share Between Devices

Are you interested in sharing a document, photo, or other items between your iPhone and MacBook or your iMac and iPad? You may see similar options when you use AirDrop if every device has the same name. Making your life easier will be a whole lot easier with different names.

5. You Can Have Fun With Custom Names

Changing your name might simply be a matter of wanting something fun and different. The average iPhone name is boring, so having something unique can help set your phone apart from the rest of the pack (if that’s your style).

How to Name my iPhone?

You can change your iPhone’s name regardless of your reason. Here below are the steps to follow.

1. Go To Your Settings

Navigate to Settings on your iPhone to change the name first. You can also open your phone’s search function by swiping down from the top of the screen to bring up this app. Entering “settings” into the search bar will bring up the settings app.

2. Choose The General Tab

To find these settings, open the General tab in the settings app on your iPhone. You can find more information here.

3. Go To The About Page

Clicking on the “About” tab will give you various information about your phone, such as its serial number. Once you are in the General tab, you should click on “Serial Number.” From here, you can also change your iPhone’s name.

4. Select Your Name

You can change your iPhone’s name by visiting the About page and clicking on Name.

5. Give Your iPhone a New Name

You can now change your iPhone’s name by navigating to the Name tab. After selecting “done,” your new iPhone’s name will be saved.

Now you know! It is simple to change the name of your iPhone, whether it is something more specific or discreet.

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