How to open iphone sim card?


It’s likely you’re frequently changing your SIM card on your phone if you frequently travel internationally. You can easily pop the SIM card tray open with the liquid metal SIM eject tool that Apple delivers with every iPhone. SIM card trays are typically ejected by other phone manufacturers as well.

It is very important that you make sure you bring these SIM ejection tools with you when you are going out so that you can be able to use them. Sadly, many people forget to bring these tools with them when they are traveling. We have become quite adept at opening SIM card trays using alternative tools over the years. Check out these tips:

NOTE: The use of these alternatives should be at your own risk if you intend to use them. The alternative tool may snap off into your device’s ejection nodule if you do it incorrectly, damaging your SIM tray.

How to open iPhone sim card?

1. The iPhone’s screen should be facing you when held upright.

  • With this method you can remove the SIM card from the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5 (all models), iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4.
  • If you have an iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G or an iPad 4th generation, 3rd generation, or any iPad, this method will work, but the SIM tray will be on the left side instead of the right.

2. On the right edge of the iPhone, locate the SIM tray. Unlike earlier iPhones, the iPhone XS Max, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max all have the volume slider near the center of the right edge. With the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, it is closer to the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Use a straightened paperclip or SIM eject tool to eject a SIM card from the tray. On the bottom of the SIM tray, you should be able to easily spot the hole. You should be able to gently push it out.

4. The SIM card can be removed by pulling out the tray. Taking the SIM card out of the tray should not be too difficult. Be careful when removing the current SIM card before putting in a new one. The new card will be easy to insert if you know how to do it correctly.

  • NANO SIM cards are available in some X and 11 models instead of just one. Make sure you remove the unwanted SIM card from your tray if you have dual SIM cards. The SIM card will normally be labeled with the carrier’s name.

5. Reinsert the SIM card tray and insert the new SIM card (optional). SIM cards will only fit into the tray in one direction and in one orientation due to the notch if you have to force them in, then they are probably upside down or backward. Likewise, pressing the tray gently back into place should be easy.

How to Open iPhone SIM Card With a Paper clip?

If you don’t have an ejector tool, you can use one of the most common and easiest objects a paper clip.

  • Take a paper clip that is small or medium in size.
  • Take one straight side and fold it so that it sticks out.
  • The straight edge of the paper clip should be inserted into the hole where the SIM card ejector is located.
  • Then, insert your thumb into the hole and press firmly until the tray pops out. This should be a gradual process rather than a sudden movement.

Where to find iPhone SIM Card Ejector Tool

Depending on your country and network-specific iPhone, the SIM card tool is included in the packaging to eject the tray from the side of the phone.

Getting-started guides and legal notices are included with iPhones in the U.S. These papers may conceal the SIM ejector tool. There is a small piece of metal attached to a sheet of white paper, which makes it easy for you to throw it away accidentally.

Adding or replacing a SIM card can be done in other ways if you cannot find the tool or bought the iPhone secondhand.

You Can Eject the SIM Tray With These Items

SIM card tray ejection holes have a very small diameter. However, a strong object with a narrow dimension is required for the SIM hole, which is not easily available.

Don’t push your thumb into your phone when you use any of these household tools. A lot of them are sharp and could cause you injury.

These ideas have proven successful in the past:

1. Paper clip: 

Paper clips of average and small size work by bending one of their sides. You can use a paper clip instead of a SIM removal tool if you don’t have one.

2. Earring: 

In an emergency, you can use an earring. Put the post through the SIM tray hole after removing the earring back. Gold, which is a soft material, bends easily.

3. Staple: 

Despite its thin and flexible nature, a standard staple can get the job done in a pinch but may prove difficult to use. Industrial staples are recommended.

4. Mechanical pencil:

The lead of a mechanical pencil should be extended a few clicks before use so it will reach a greater distance when writing. Just push the lead into the hole and the pencil will reach further. The lead is brittle so it’s hard to use, but most people have it around the house or in their backpacks.

5. Toothpick:

The iPhone SIM hole is a little too big for most toothpicks. Cut off the tip and take off some of the wood so that it will fit.

6. Fishing hook:

You can use one of these if you’re on a boat and need an emergency SIM swap. Fishing hooks come in various sizes and shapes.

7. Keychain:

Consider using a keychain instead of an ejector if yours is a bit lose and thin. This is similar to using a paperclip. Make your keychain stick out a bit by bending it a bit open. Then slide out your SIM card tray by inserting it into the hole.

8. Safety Pins:

The safety pin is last but not the least. Most safety pins have a large diameter, so it might not be a good idea. However, if you find one small enough to fit in the hole, then it would be worth your time to try it.

If you’d like to use a proven and guaranteed method of SIM card removal, many cellphone carriers have ejector tools available for sale.

How do I open the SIM Card on my iPhone 4?

SIM modules are used to connect your iPhone 4 to your wireless carrier’s network. In order to protect potentially sensitive information, you should remove the SIM card before reselling your company’s iPhones. Your business will reap the benefits of reselling your iPhones and your employees will benefit from the latest technological advancements.

  • Paperclips should have one straight end. The SIM tray has a narrow pinhole that can be fitted with a small paperclip that is made from wire. An Apple SIM removal tool is also included.
  • Your iPhone 4’s SIM tray is located on the right side. An internal hole is visible in the shape of a rounded rectangular recess.
  • The straightened end of a paper clip or Apple SIM tool should be inserted into the pinhole. The SIM tray in the body of the phone will start to pop out as a result.
  • Lightly press between your fingers to grab the SIM tray. The micro-SIM card should no longer be present in the SIM tray.
  • Pull the micro-SIM out of the SIM tray. Ensure that the gold surface of the micro-SIM card faces down if replaced with another micro SIM card. Slide the SIM tray into the body of the iPhone and press until it is locked.

Sim Tray Locations and iPhone Models

iPhones are usually equipped with a SIM tray on the right side of the phone. For the earliest models, the button is located on the bottom edge of the phone. Sim cards are held in trays that are narrow ovals with a tiny circle underneath. The tray slot sits flush against the edge of the phone, so any phone case will hide it.

For the first time, the SIM card rested on the SIM tray in the opposite direction on the iPhone XS Max. SIM cards are positioned on the back of the tray rather than facing you.

Here are some frequently asked questions by users

1. My iPhone’s SIM card slot won’t open. Why?

There might be a SIM tray tool included with your iPhone, depending on the model. In the absence of a large paper clip, attempt to push one into the tray hole. The paper clip will have to be forced out quite forcefully. If you can’t return it to an Apple Store or an authorized service center.

2. How do you open the iPhone SIM tray?

In the retail packaging, the iPhone SE comes with a SIM ejector pin. Gently poke your finger into the small circular hole located below the power button on the SIM card slot. As a result, the SIM tray will lift up, which you can now remove.

3. How do you remove the SIM card from the iPhone 12?

The following steps will show you how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone 12.

  • Turn off the iPhone 12 completely.
  • On the device’s outer frame, cut an eject hole.
  • Push the SIM eject tool (or paper clip) inside the SIM slot and eject it.
  • There will be an ejection of the tray.
  • Removing the tray from the frame should be done with care.
  • Take the SIM card out of the tray.

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