How To Paste On iPhone?


The purpose of this article is to teach you how you can duplicate text or images in one location and then insert those copies in another location on your iPhone or iPad. Here you will find the complete information about “How to paste on iPhone?” Read it out below!

How To Paste On iPhone?

A pop-up menu is available for copying and pasting. This feature is supported by most apps.

1. Find the text you wish to copy.

2. Simply tap a word or a section of the screen, then hold your finger down until you see a magnifying window appear. Once you see it, release your finger. In this menu, you can copy and paste, the text you highlighted in the previous step is highlighted.
3. If the menu appears, you may see different options depending on the application.

3. If you would like to select more text, you can select it by dragging the handles (circles) at the edges of the highlighted word. You can tap and drag either of the blue lines at the upper left or lower right side in the direction you would like to select. After you stop selecting, the menu reappears in its previous location.

4. Tap the Copy button when you have highlighted the text you want to copy. When you do this, a virtual clipboard is created where you can paste the copied text. As soon as you tap an option on the menu, the menu disappears from the screen.

5. There is no limit to the number of copied items that can be stored on the clipboard at a time (text, images, links, or other items). The item you copied when you copied another item will be lost when you copied another item.

6. The first thing you need to do is go to the app you would like to use to copy the text. There are two ways you can do this: either you copy the text into the app where you copied it from, such as from one email into another in Mail—or you copy it into a different app, such as from Safari into a to-do list app.

7. You will need to tap the location where you would like to paste the text in the app or document and hold your finger down until the magnifying glass appears. Once it appears, you simply need to remove your finger and the pop-up menu will appear. You can choose to paste the text by tapping the Paste button.

7. You can place the cursor where you want it to appear after the magnifier appears after pasting it into a document that contains words.

How to Copy Images on an iPhone?

On the iPhone, you have the option of copying and pasting images as well. This can be achieved by tapping and holding the image until a menu appears from the bottom offering the option of Copying the image. You will probably find that menu at the bottom of your screen, but it may also appear from the top, depending on the app.

How to Copying links on an iPhone?

A link can easily be copied by tapping and holding it until the Link Menu appears from the bottom of your screen, with the URL of the link at the top of the menu. Simply tap the Copy button. Once it has been pasted, simply follow the same procedure as you would do with any other text.

A set of advanced features that include lookup, sharing, and a universal clipboard

Copy and paste menus contain a great deal more options compared to the ones listed above. Here are just a few things you may want to pay attention to:

1. Look Up. A word can be selected for the definition by tapping and holding it until it appears in the dictionary. You can then tap Look Up to get a downloadable dictionary definition, a list of suggested websites, and more.

2. Share.  In addition to copying and pasting text, you can do a lot more with it after you copy it. If you were sharing it using another app, you might prefer to share it with Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, or another social media network. Select the text that you would like to share with someone and tap Share in the pop-up menu to reveal the sharing sheet at the bottom of the screen (as if you tapped the box with the arrow trailing out of it) and the other apps you can share with.

3. Clipboard universal.  You might find the Universal Clipboard convenient if you have an iPhone and a Mac, and they are configured to use the Handoff feature since you can copy text from your iPhone and paste it onto your Mac, or vice versa.

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