How To Pause Video On iPhone?


Although the stock iPhone Camera app is among the best, there is still a lack of features that we would like to see it have despite all the improvements it’s undergone since the original iPhone was released.

It is possible to pause a recording in progress, thus allowing the user to change some settings or create some interesting compositions. The feature isn’t likely to be added to Apple anytime soon, if only because it would add complexity for a company that likes to keep its apps as uncomplicated as possible, but we’d of course like to see it.

Rather than continuing, let’s go straight into the issue. Please take a moment to sit down comfortably and use your Apple-branded smartphone to read this article. I hope that at the end of this experience you will be inspire and satisfied with what you have learned. Here is the complete information about “How To Pause Video On Iphone? Read it out below!

How To Pause Video On iPhone?

Users can use an app called PauseCam to achieve the capability of pausing videos until Apple considers the ability to pause videos in their next few updates.

1. Search¬†an app called PauseCam Video Recorder from Apple’s App Store.

2. Once the app has been opened, customize it to your liking.

3. Make sure you have enabled the camera; this is a necessary step. If you would like to use a microphone, select Enable Microphone. Enabling both may be a good idea.

4. In the Video Recorder, you will find the same controls like those in Camera. You can start shooting by pressing the Red Shutter Button.

5. Your screen will now display a small red button. This button is always available for pausing and resuming your video.

6. Upon completion of the recording, press the Tick icon at the top right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to save the recording. The X button on the top-left of the box can also be used to discard the item.

7. Click on the Share button at the top-right of your screen. After choosing the quality of the video you wish to save, the app will automatically ask you for your preferences.

8. Go with Low, as everything else is paid, unfortunately.

9. On the right-hand side of the page, you will see options for sharing and saving the video. To save the video, click Save to Photos.

10. Using the More option on your iPhone, you can store it in multiple folders.

Using Third-party apps pause video recording on the iPhone 

1. PauseCam Video Recorder

PauseCam is one of the most popular video recording apps for iPhones aside from the traditional and professional ones. It allows users to pause and resume video recording without interrupting it through their phone.

As I explained, the actual video quality you’ll get with this app is definitely going to be lower than what you’ll get when you use the iPhone’s camera app, but that’s just one small sacrifice you have to make in order to get an important feature that should have been built into the iOS system on its own, so, you can blame Apple again this timeUsing the iPhone’s PauseCam video recorder app, here is how to pause and resume recording.

Using the iPhone’s PauseCam video recorder app here is how to pause and resume recording.

1. You can install the PauseCam app from Apple store.

2. You must open the downloaded file after it has been installed, and grant it any necessary permissions it requests.

3. There is a large red record button on the app’s camera interface that you can tap to record.

4. You can record a video by tapping on this button.

5. The pause button is located at the bottom of your phone screen, where you can tap it to restrain the video.

6. One more time, you can tap on the record button to resume recording.

7. Once your video has been recorded, you can stop it by tapping the checkmark icon at the top right corner of your phone screen.

With the PauseCam video recorder app, you can pause and resume the recording of video on your iPhone.

2. VideoCam+ Pause and Edit

Though it’s not as popular as the PauseCam, the VideoCam+ still does the job when it comes to stopping and starting video recordings on your iPhone.

It comes with a watermark on every video you record, and the only way to remove these watermarks is by purchasing the Pro version. Just as with the PauseCam, you might see a degradation of overall video quality, and the app includes a watermark on every video it records.

It’s about the same as the PauseCam+ app when it comes to using VideoCam+;

1. The link above will let you download the app.

2. If permissions are requested, open them and grant them.

3. You should be able to record by clicking the large red button on your screen.

4. Recording can be started by tapping it.

5. Pause with a second tap.

6. Continuing the sequence is as easy as tapping again to resume recording.

7. Your screen will display an arrow pointing to the right if you wish to save your video recording.

8. When you tap this button, you will be taken to the page where you can save the recording.

The iPhone allows you to pause the recording of a video while it is in progress. That’s all for today. Leave us a comment down below about these apps and if you find this post helpful, please share it, and as always, let us know what you think of it.


Are you looking for a way to pause a video while it is playing on your iPhone? Below you will find instructions on how to do just that.


1. As a starting point, let’s investigate how to pause a video on the iPhone using the Gallery application, the native iOS application for displaying photos and videos.

2. Therefore, you simply need to unlock your iPhone, access the home screen and/or the App Library, select the icon for Photos (the one with the white background and multicolored flowers), then browse through the gallery to choose the video you want.

3. For easier navigation, you can use the tabs Anni, Months, and Days, or move directly to the section Album (by choosing it from the list at the bottom of the screen), then click on the wording Video that you find placed in the Types of Multimedia section at the top of the new screen. By tapping on the search icon in the bottom right corner, you can carry out a direct search by typing your search terms into the field provided; or you can choose a category.

4. In order to pause the movie once it has begun playing, you should press the Pause button at the bottom center of the screen (if the iPhone is vertically oriented) or the top right (if it is horizontally oriented). Tap anywhere on the display to see the playback controls if they are not visible.

Press the Play button at the bottom of the screen to resume playing the video if and when you desire. Could it be any easier?


1. When a video is played on an iPhone with other apps for watching movies, it is also possible to pause it. VLC is a popular free video player and audio player on the square that plays virtually any video file format (and none but AC3), as well as being incredibly easy to use.

2. Install VLC from the App Store in order to use it for your purpose. In the subsequent step, open File or any other application where the video of your choice could be saved, select it, tap on the share icon (usually a square with an arrow) and, from the menu that appears, choose VLC as the player.

3. Alternatively, you can use VLC to view the video, you can access it from the Web, or you can use your local network servers as an alternative. To access video, first, select the icon on the home screen and / or in the App Library that represents the relevant icon, then tap on the word Network located on the bottom of the screen and select and configure the option, on the new screen that appears, that corresponds to your interests.

4. Using VLC, import the video into the app, then go to the section Video of the app and select the appropriate category at the bottom, then play the movie from the preview, and, if needed, pause it by clicking the Pause button at the bottom center. Tapping anywhere on the screen will restore visibility of the playback controls if you cannot see them.

5. Tap the Play button at the bottom of the VLC screen to resume playing the video when and if necessary. If you are looking for another app like this one, check out my tutorial.

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