How To Pin Location On iPhone?


If you’re at a location with an address, it’s easy for a friend to find you. I understand this if you’re trying to find each other in a huge park, but what if you can’t find each other? Are you trying to direct them to that unnamed dirt road where you camp secretly?

Here is the complete detail about ” how to pin location on iPhone? “. Below are instructions on how to share your location with others and how to pin your location.

What Does Pin Location Mean?

 When you place the pin, you save the location’s GPS coordinates.

In that case, your friend will know precisely where you are and not the street address (which might be miles away).

 The location of your Google Maps on the web. You can drag a pin icon to a location on a map and locate the location on a map. The location will then be saved in the user’s “My Maps” area after adding a title and description.

How To Pin Location On iPhone?

An iPhone’s Maps app displays markers such as green, red, and blue pins, each representing a different location: a green pin marks your current location, a red pin represents a search result, and a blue pin represents the search result. A drop of a pin appears purple if you drop it yourself.

  1. The map will contain the location where you want to drop a pin so you can find directions to or from that location.
  2. In order to get a better understanding of the location you want to pin, you can zoom in on the map to a more detailed view.
  3. Your finger should be held on the screen at the location where you want the pin to be placed. The information bar will appear alongside the pin.

4. Information about the pin location can be viewed by tapping the Information icon in the information bar.

Tips: When the information bar appears, tap the Information icon when you see a dropped pin to remove it. This method only works for pinned sites that aren’t bookmarked. Tap Remove Pin in the Information dialog that appears. A pinned site that is not bookmarked will work with this method.

How Do You Drop a Pin On Apple Maps?

Do you know that in Apple Maps you can drop a pin on any location and return to it at a later time? I would say you can use it in any way you desire, from saving the location for a future trip to finding the exact location’s latitude and longitude.

That’s pretty cool, right? How does it work, and what is it? Now that you know everything about pinning locations to Apple Maps, here is the all-inclusive guide.

When Apple Maps Marks a Location, What Does That Mean?

Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad shows your current location as a blue pin. By dropping a pin over any nearby or faraway location, you can mark it.

With the red pin, you can get directions and distances, share addresses with contacts, and find directions.

There is a limitation to how many pins can be dropped at the same time. The good news is that you can save them to your favorites or guide for later use.

Steps For Using Apple Maps To Pin a Location

  1. You can drop a pin by tapping and holding the location you wish to mark.
  2. You can view the satellite image by clicking Edit Location when a red marker appears.
  3. Select the location of your pin by dragging the image and clicking Done.

If you know the address, you can use it to find the location. Hold down the long-press key on the screen for long enough for the pin marker to appear on the screen to mark the desired location.

Tips: If you have trouble marking a location, zoom in a little more on the map and try again.

You Can Save Pins As Favorites On iPhone

  1. You can access the options menu by tapping the pin.
  2. As you slide your finger upward, it will come up.
  3. You can add this to your favorites here.

Tap the pin and select Remove from Favorites to remove it from your favorites. This page also gives you some interesting options:

  • Adding the marked location to Guides is as easy as tapping + Save to.
  • Create a new contact by selecting Add to Existing Contact or Create New Contact by selecting the address.

How Does Apple Maps Allow You To Drop Multiple Pins?

There is no way to pin more than one location at a time in iOS Maps, but I have a clever workaround.

  1. You can add the first location to your favorites by pinning it.
  2. As well as the previous location, mark the next one and add it to your favorites list.

If you want to mark multiple locations on Apple Maps, repeat these instructions.

How You Can Share Your Pins?

You can let your friends know where you are by leaving a drop-pin. As well as the Favorites page, you can access the Share option.

  • Pick a favorite location or tap a pin to save it.
  • Navigate to the Marked Locations pane by swiping up.
  • Choose Share.

Select Message to send a text message with the location and direction attached as an iMessage or SMS.

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