How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text?


You can be a guy as you are a boy, a man, or anything you want. A person, especially a male, is referred to in this way informally. However, a group can be referred to in this way informally. Men call out to a group of men as guys, but it’s a symbol of exclusion for some.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to talk to someone via text message and there are many tips to overcome it. To get the answer of how to play mind games with a guy over text?

How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Over Text?

  • While there are a few ways to do this, it basically comes down to keeping him on his toes, guessing, and making sure he’s very confused at all times. At that exact moment when you think he’s going to give up, you pull him back and charm yourself again.
  • In general, I generally do not believe in playing games in relationships and crushes. To be honest, I think the practice is rather wasteful. My mouth often waters at the thought of retaliation when I have been the recipient of text mind games in the past.
  • First of all, have a good relationship with the guy through text. A regular flow of back and forth communication is needed to make this work. To make this work, there needs to be constant communication back and forth. There are, however, a couple of rules that have to be followed.
  •  The first person to text or the first one to respond should never be you. If you do this, you make yourself look eager in a guy’s eyes. Now, for myself personally, I think it’s nice to text first and then reply quickly, but that is exactly why so many times in the past I have been thwarted by mind games. Do not repeat my mistakes.
  • You should wait a while before responding to his texts. Try to stay for an hour if you can, or even longer if you want to make fun of me. When you reply, try to remain professional. It’s important that you do not sound overly cold or aloof, as that might make him think you’re just not interested. As a result, he may stop texting you.

 1. How to get a guy to stop playing games with your feelings?

  • A bit of chit-chat, a little silence. Men have always played mind games with me when they have been overly chatty for quite some time. If I reciprocate the chattiness, they go quiet. How come they are so chatty?
  • The tables can be turned here as well. Using a text to play mind games means doing the same thing a guy has done to you in the past or that other guys have done to you. However, there is a time and a place for everything in life, and I don’t necessarily agree with the game-playing thing.
  • As a result, you might be as chatty as usual for a while and then go quiet. Take a little longer to reply. You might not need to be as detailed in your reply. Instead, be more chatty and lively. Be confusing but effective. Therefore, he keeps wondering what is going on in your life to keep you so preoccupied.

 2.  What’s okay and what’s not okay when you play games in a relationship?

  • Knowing when to stop and calm things down when playing mind games with a guy over text is essential. You are manipulating him by playing mind games. Not cool!  To determine if engaging in mind games is a healthy endeavor, it’s important to ask yourself whether you want to do so. If you follow the above tips, you are sure to receive a response but don’t expect it to be what you were hoping for.
  • The reason we play games so often is that we don’t know what to do. Simply communicating would be more sensible. We’re not all strong at communicating, however. Even though the above tips will definitely get you a response, be aware that it might not be what you are looking for.

3. Don’t make things easy for him

  • Act busy and make him wait for your attention even if you want nothing more than to spend time with him. It’s impossible for men who play games to make any of your tasks easy, so why should you? Is he asking you on a date or just chatting? Evade more than you feel comfortable with, to maintain the upper hand. Also, be vague with your reasons. 

4. Send mixed signals

  • When you know your way around words, playing mind games with men is simple. To make him feel like he was the best thing ever one day, and act completely indifferent the next.
  • Be flirtatious, use words of affirmation, or whatever else you know will make him feel special. Start treating him like any other random person when he becomes comfortable. When he brings up your mixed signals later, tell him it’s not him, it’s you.

5. Flaunt your options

  • When you flaunt your competition, the mind games start immediately. Keeping plausible deniability in mind, you don’t want to be too overt here. In the course of casually hanging out with your admirer, you can pick up their call.
  • You can also tell him about the new people in your DM who want to connect. Just knowing that there are other people around will keep him on his toes without you having to do anything extra.

6. Jealous who?

  • When a girl they like sees them around another, they enjoy seeing her act jealous. Never give this man that advantage if you’re playing games with him.
  • You wouldn’t give him attitude if he talked to another woman, or do anything else typically associated with jealousy, so instead do the opposite. It means you succeeded if he starts wondering whether you even like him after seeing that it isn’t getting to him.

7. Confuse him with your body language

  • Have you ever experienced a type of eye contact that communicates deep emotions to someone without having to speak a word? Sometimes, make that eye contact with him.Show him how you sway your hips when you want him with your second brain. Smiling and being friendly are important. When he starts to think you are into him after getting what you want, withdraw and resume your normal behavior.

8. Subtly talk up the ex

  • A good way to keep men on their toes is to talk up your ex, in the same way, you flaunt the competition. Consider casually ‘going down memory lane and mentioning a certain thing your ex did well if you think he’s dropping the ball without directly bringing it up.
  • Comparing men to one another can bring out their competitive side because men hate having their performance compared to others.

9. Never text first

  • One of the ways to maintain your advantage: don’t be the first to text. This particular game is favored by men since you reach out first to them and they gain an advantage. But now is the time for you to turn the tables.Even if you are connecting well or having exciting conversations, make sure you do not initiate them to give him the impression he wants you more than you do.

10. Flirt on social media

  • Additionally, you may not always get a chance to flirt with other people when you’re seeing someone. However, communicating on Social Media is another matter provided you follow each other.There are several ways to This will make your guy feel uncomfortable, from dropping suggestive emojis under other guys’ posts to generally acting single online.

11. Stay mysterious

  • You can toy with men’s emotions and give them something to think about by keeping your identity a mystery. For every mile, you cover in getting to know them, only divulge an inch about yourself. It will keep him coming back if you do this: curiosity and the feeling that someone is interested in him.

12. Be passive-aggressive

  • There is nothing more uncomfortable than a man who cannot read what is going on in your head. Would you wish to have a competitive edge over him?Ignore any criticism of why he acted the way treated him with attitude or silence to get him to mull over everything mull over all the possibilities. Then withhold yourself and tell him to leave you alone, while your actions say the exact opposite.

13. Remain unpredictable

  • You should never let a man get too close to you to predict you. Try to change things up now and then to keep the power between the two of you. That is, he shouldn’t be able to say how you feel about him regardless of hotness or coldness because then it wouldn’t be fun anymore, would it?

14. Never fully commit to anything

  • Where do you find the solution to the previous question? It’s easy. Always remain mysterious to him, change up the signals you send out verbally or otherwise, and, more importantly, never fully commit to anything with him.
  • You may be free and down to go out every weekend, but you shouldn’t say “yes” outright if he invites you. Include It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. If he asks you to do anything else, it will also be interesting.

15. Rinse and repeat

  • It is the object of these games to stay the catch; to have the deciding power in your interactions with others. It involves understanding when to show interest, how much of it to demonstrate, and when to hold back. All you have to do after you figure this out is rinse and repeat until one of you quits.

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