How To Remove Grey Bar At Bottom Of iPhone 11?


Switching between recent apps is done using the grey bar. As you scroll from one screen to another, the grey Home Bar will barely be noticeable. Swiping left will take you to the previous or next app. Browse your phone without selecting it or tapping on it.

Permanent thin bars on the screen are simply reminders of the need to swipe up from the bottom. Here is the most common answer to the question most often asked for that” how to remove grey bar at bottom of iPhone 11″?

What is the Purpose of the Grey Bar at the bottom of the iPhone 11?

On earlier iPhones, users were familiar with the home button. By removing the Grey Bar and replacing it with a grayish bar at the bottom of the screen, the iPhone X offered more screen space. Now, you can see more information on the screen, and it is easier to handle the iPhone due to new gestures. 

You will barely notice the grey Home Bar as you swipe from one screen to the next. It’s so easy to navigate your phone that you don’t even have to select it or tap on it. From the bottom edge of the screen, you can swipe up to reveal the permanent thin bar. As you wait for a moment, you’ll see a message that says Swipe up to unlock.

In both Portrait and Landscape modes, it appears on the screen of every app you open. However, some apps (like games and media players) and Dark Mode make it slightly intrusive. 

How To Remove  Grey bar At Bottom Of iPhone 11?

As of the release of the iPhone 11, there are now two flavors of iOS: one with a Home button interface and one without. With the latter, Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and, possibly, the highly anticipated iPhone 12 dispense with the physical. Increase the screen size to cover nearly all of the front surface and remove the Home button.

This new approach has brought with it the issue that the Home bar (the horizontal line at the bottom of the screen) is practically always visible. When using an application or playing a game, this can be frustrating when you are navigating the interface.

What’s the best way to remove the Grey bar on an iPhone 11? We find out.

Can You Remove The Home bar on iPhone 11?

Toggling a switch in the settings would be an easy way to hide the Home Bar. Apple has, however, decided it should remain for some reason that is inexplicable.

In the meantime, we’ll have to find a workaround for this glaring oversight until, hopefully, iOS 14 or a subsequent update will make it easier to manage the setting.

Use Accessibility Settings To Remove The Grey Bar

Only the accessibility settings can hide the Home bar, and that’s the only method we’ve found.  We don’t recommend Jailbreaking your iPhone. You have to do this per app, which is a quick and effective workaround.

You will need to vanish the Home bar again each time you leave an app and open another one.

Navigate to Accessibility > Guided Access in Settings and toggle the switch to on.

A menu of options governing how the feature operates will appear. Prepare the bar for hiding by doing a few things. Start by tapping Passcode Settings. The Face ID option should be enabled. It would probably be a good idea to set up a Passcode for Guided Access.

Toggle the toggle switch for Accessibility Shortcuts on the Guided Access page.

Once you’ve made these settings, you can start using an app without the Home bar appearing. Click on the side/power button three times (the one on the right-hand edge of the device) when the app is open.

There’s a possibility that you’ll be automatically placed in Guided Access mode, showing a notification, but without having to choose any other options.

Guided Access prevents you from leaving the app and returning to the Home page, so you won’t see the Home bar indicator. In order to leave, you will need to triple-click the power button again, and possibly enter a passcode.

The photos below were taken from an iPhone 11, because screenshots are not possible in Guided Access mode.

The only slight complication is that, when you do the triple-click, a Guided Access window might appear around the edges of the screen. You can enter Guided Access mode, in which the Home bar is disabled, by tapping Start (or Resume, if you triple-clicked a second time).

When you’re playing a game, reading an ebook, or whatever you’re doing, this is wonderful. But when you want to return to the Home page, you should press the power button three times and the Guided Access feature should be disabled. In any case, it’s supposed to be a triple-click, but we’ve found that double-click is sufficient.)

That’s all. Although not a perfect solution, you can now use it whenever you’re in an app by pressing the power button twice to start and three times to end. For

now, we’ll have to accept this as our normal way of doing things until Apple makes all of this available via the Settings menu. It is only to be hoped that the company will accomplish this within a reasonable timeframe.

Here’s a look at what innovations lie ahead for iPhone with iOS 14. Lastly, if you’re wondering what the background is in the screenshots, it is the game’s background Next Stop Nowhere is a charming point-and-click adventure available on Apple Arcade.

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