How To Remove iPhone Battery?


There is no universal method for removing iPhone batteries. It is a very similar process, but depending on the model, you will need to use different tools. The arrangement of components may differ slightly from one model to the next.

Learn how to remove the battery from an iPhone and above as well as how to remove the battery from an iOS device.

Somewhat older iPhone series smartphones. You will likely know how to remove it from a newer iPhone too if you know how to remove it from one. Details about this can be found here  “How To Remove iPhone Battery?”. You won’t have much trouble following the process. Simply follow the instructions and you’re done.

What You Need to Know to Remove an iPhone Battery?

 When your iPhone is at least 25% charged, it is best to remove the battery. Otherwise, if your phone’s battery is punctured accidentally, it has a greater chance of catching fire or exploding. Whenever possible, drain the battery before using a tool.

Tools Required to Remove an iPhone Battery

Here are the tools you will need to complete the project at home:

1. Spudger Plastic Tool

3. Pentalobe P2 screwdriver

4. Tri-point Y000 screwdriver

While the tool list can seem overwhelming, you can approach it with caution.

How to Keep Your Phone from Being Damaged?

  • In a coherent pattern, place the screws in the same positions as when the screws are removed, i.e. On a mat, etc., you place the top right screw of a bracket. You’ve got to love Apple design for making it so easy to screw the screws in the right spots.
  • Always leave out the screw when in doubt. In order to protect your phone, you must return the screws to their original positions.
  • After removing the battery cable, press and hold the phone’s power button to drain the phone. If you don’t drain the residual power in a phone before disconnecting other cables apart from the battery cable, chips, etc. can be shorted out.
  • Before attempting to work on an iPhone, wear gloves and ground yourself. ESD mats and bracelets protect sensitive electronics from being fried by charge differences between surfaces; it’s definitely worth the investment.
  • If you will be in contact with carpet flooring or other materials that conduct static electricity, do not try the repair. You can prevent ESD from transferring by putting on rubber-soled shoes or using a plastic mat.

How to Remove the Battery From My iPhone?

In the United States, the iPhone continues to be a bestselling smartphone device. At the beginning of 2011, the iPhone had a market share of 24.7%.

In the iPhone 4, you can enjoy video conferencing capabilities, a 5-megapixel camera, and 16 gigabytes of memory. Thousands of third-party apps are also available in Apple’s App Store.  After removing the phone’s glass front panel and the logic board, you can remove the battery.

1. Position the iPhone flat on the ground with its power button facing up. The small hole on the top of the iPhone can be closed with a paper clip.

2. The iPhone’s SIM card will pop out if you press lightly into this hole. After you remove the SIM card from the slot, place it to the side.

3. You should first place the iPhone on a smooth surface. The iPhone’s dock is secured with two small screws. Those screws are located beside the power button. Once the screws have been unscrewed, keep them on one side.

4. If you have a thin metal tool or letter opener, insert it between the silverback cover and the glass panel. Remove the silverback cover from the glass panel by carefully prying it apart.

5. Since its components are very delicate, pry the iPhone open as carefully as possible. Separate the front glass panel from the phone.

6. The inside of the phone is covered with a thin metallic cover. The seven tiny screws surrounding this section should be removed.

7. The metallic cover will have a black ribbon attached to one corner. Gently remove the ribbon from the device. Remove the metallic cover and set it aside.

8. Exit the iPhone casing gradually by pulling it up on the logic board. There will still be a small cord connecting the logic board to the iPhone camera. You must unplug the cord from the logic board to remove it from the phone.

9. There will be a silver tab near the edge of the battery. Pull out the battery from the iPhone’s case by holding the tab between your index finger and thumb.

10. Here you are done!.

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