How To Remove Otterbox From iPhone?


Founded in Fort Collins, Colorado, OtterBox distributes cases for mobile devices that are water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant. Water-resistant boxes for electronic devices were created by this company in 1998 for outdoor enthusiasts. The company has since then specialized in protecting smartphones with both waterproof and non-waterproof cases.

You can buy Otterboxes for smartphones and tablets that are among the most durable. However, due to their durability, they are difficult for you to remove from the device.

Different techniques and tricks can be used based on the type of case you have to pry off the phone or tablet without damaging it. You can get your case off quickly and without a lot of frustration with a little bit of patience and some elbow grease.

If you are looking for how to remove otterbox from iPhone?. Then you are at the right place here we briefly describe in which ways you can remove otterbox from your iPhone’s with ease and without damage.

3 Methods For How To Remove Otterbox From iPhone?

In terms of protecting iPhones and tablets, Otterbox offers adequate protection. Even though otterbox does offer some protection, removing it can prove to be a challenge. some otterboxes that remain stubborn require you to use objects to help unravel the casing, unlike less superior phone protective covers, which removed with your fingers is often possible.

Throughout this article, you will find instructions for opening the otterbox sleeve. An otterbox needs to be removed with a flat screwdriver or rigid object like a credit card.

Method # 1 Commuter Series Of Otterbox

Using a small screwdriver, remove the plastic cover of your iPhone.

  • The buttons on the top of the phone, pull the plastic out of the rubber.

  • You can use your thumb, start by removing the rubber casing. You should be able to partially remove the casing by pressing on the corner.

  • Creating a work around for the ports is next. Since ports are usually thin and prone to tears, you should pay particular attention to them. You should follow this procedure methodically and systematically.

  • There is no other way to put it

Method # 2  Defender Series Of Otterbox

Snap holster to be removed

  • Make it a habit to remove all attachments from your phone before you do this.

The process of applying it is especially important to pay attention to tension clips, as there are tension clips in this series of Otterboxes.

  • Access the silicone slipcover
  • Find opening part.

This can be a challenging process of removing silicon cover.

  • As you remove the camera, begin it from the charging port then move onto the corners since removing items is easy with plenty of space available. It’s up to you which point you prefer.
  • Gaps may occur be difficult to squeeze with your finger. To take off the cover, use to lift the surface, use a screwdriver or an old credit card, allowing your fingers to pass through. Be patient when you do all these things. You can make this space by wriggling the card or screwdriver.
  • Especially from the corners, you can use your finger to navigate the phone. Make sure you are careful when opening the covers port as they often tear if you put too much pressure on them. Around the corners and a central part of casing, you’ll find tension clips. Fortunately, clips can easily be placed on these be untied with your fingertips.
  • Release tension from the clips by using a credit card and screwdriver. These clips usually pop off at the top down. (Pulling down the clips may break them). Lift the clips from the top down toward the case front.

If you encounter difficulty in removing a particular clip, next move on next step that is easier to remove. Removing clips until both halves are separated is the next step. Once that is done you can remove the clips and then remove the case to release the phone.

It is that simple! I hope this helped you to remove your otterbox from your iPhone.

Method # 3: Symmetry Series Of Otterbox

  1. With your thumb, push one of the corners away from you. Among Otterbox’s simplest cases, Symmetry is a silicone enclosure that wraps around your phone. If you’d like to lift the case off the edge, you’ll need to start from a corner.
  • The top edge is where Otterbox recommends you start.

  1. In the event that a hard plastic card is needed, use that sary. Squeeze the card beneath the edge of the flexible case. The case can be pried away from the device by leaning it back and forth.
  • Using your hands won’t work so you may want to try this.

  1. Investigate the case from every angle case. You can remove the case by working your way around the edge once a corner is off. Port covers should be handled with care so that they don’t tear.

What’s The Difference Between Symmetry And Defender?

While Symmetry cases are slimmer and have a one-piece design, they can still handle high drops. There are a total of two layers of protection on this stylish case. You can rest assured that your new Galaxy S9 will be protected, but not to the same extent as the Defender series.

Is Otterbox Defender Compatible With Screen Protectors?

Not at all. As a result of the design of the protective case, a screen protector is not necessary. During operation, the clip can be snapped onto the back casing when the phone is in use and covered with the screen when not in use.

How Much Protection Does Each Otterbox Offer?

Any OtterBox case offers more protection than the Defender Series®. Choose from a wide selection of smartphone and tablet cases. A polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer, and a strong, swiveling belt clip holster make it the only series with 3 layers of protection.

What Is The Value Of The Otterbox?

OtterBox isn’t growing in popularity by accident, it really delivers on its claims and does what it promises. Additionally, it provides long-term protection that lasts for the life of your phone, rather than just protecting from one incident at a time.

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