How To Remove Sound From iPhone Video?


There is no sound when there is silence. In addition to improving psychological health, silence also improves emotional health. You may forget about background noise when you record a video. In case you have questions about how to mute videos quickly, here are three tools you can use. You will receive help from our guides throughout the entire process.

Using an iPhone or iPad, do you want to get rid of the audio track? You might be able to remove unwanted sounds or music from the video, such as background noise or a recording of a conversation you didn’t want. If you’re looking to remove background music from your video clip, or just mute it before sharing online, you may find a solution in this online tool. You can use iMovie for iOS and iPadOS to easily remove audio from video clips.

Below is our tutorial on “how to remove video sound from iPhone video?” with iMovie or by Apps. You will find that removing video sound is a very convenient and easy way to remove audio from videos as soon as you become familiar with the process of the iPhone video.

3 Methods That How To Remove Sound From iPhone Video?

Method 1. Using iMovie On iPhone, You Can Remove Audio From Videos

Since iMovie doesn’t come pre-installed on iOS devices, you need to download it from the App Store. Following these steps is easy once you’ve done it.

1. Use your iPhone or iPad to open the “iMovie” app.

2. Launch the app and click on “Create a New Project” to begin a new video editing project.

3. Once you are asked what kind of project you would like to create, select “Movie”.

4. The Photos library will be opened. By scrolling through your videos, choose a clip to incorporate into the project. Once you’ve made your selection, tap the “Create Movie” You can find the menu at the bottom.

5. A timeline will be added to iMovie once the video you selected has been selected. You can access more options for a given clip by tapping on it in your timeline.

6. A video editing tool will be available to you. You will find the volume slider here, at the bottom. You can mute or turn off the audio by tapping on the Volume icon. It is also possible to reduce the volume by adjusting the slider.


7. When the audio level is muted, the Volume icon will change. Click on the “Done” button to save your project at the top-left corner of the screen.

8. Exporting your project is the next step. For an example of where the “share” icon can be found, please view the screenshot below.

9. You will see the iOS share sheet when you click this. The final video clip can be saved without any audio by choosing “Save Video” in the Photos app.

10. That’s it. The process of removing background audio from a video clip shouldn’t be too difficult once you know how to do it.

In order for iMovie to export the final video, it must be in the foreground. Exporting a video can take a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the length and quality of the video.

iPhone and iPad users often share videos with other people. There is however a possibility that the audio captured along with the video might contain distortions or data we do not wish to share. There is a question here as to whether iPhone videos can be edited by removing the audio so that only the image can be displayed.

As a matter of fact, you can delete the audio track from any video on your iOS device. There is one thing many people do not realize, however: it isn’t sufficient to do this on its own necessary to install third-party apps as the editor built into the default Photos app offers us the necessary feature.

These guidelines will be followed in the following example on removing audio from videos on iPhones or iPads without the use of third-party apps because we will be working directly with the device Photos app:

Method 2. Using iOS, You Can Remove Audio From Videos On Your iPhone:

  1. Start by opening the Photos app.
  2. Using your browser, find the video you wish to remove the audio from.
  3. You will then need to select the option: Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen as soon as this is in full screen.
  4. You will be prompted to access the video editor.
  5. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will find an icon appearing in the form of a speaker.

  1. By doing this, the video audio will automatically be muted.
  2. The final step is to select the option: OK to save your changes.
  3. The icon that indicates the audio of the video will now be gray when playing the video on your iPhone since we have already deleted the audio.

The receiver will be able to view the video without the audio if we decide to share it with them. For those who wish to, the option of reactivating the audio and video locally on their iPhone or iPad is available.

Method 3. Apps to remove audio from videos on iPhone: What Are The Best?

The camera roll, also known as the photos folder, is where videos shot with an iPhone are automatically saved. This is why all recorded videos are typically located under the camera roll or the photos app.

Here I will be introducing you to a few apps I have tried to find that remove the sound from video on iOS. In any case, how about we start by talking about the strategy that really worked for me? Once we have explored other apps, we can explore others if you like variety. I recommend reading all the way through. You may be surprised. This is a hidden gem.

1. Using MuteVideo

This is a fairly straightforward explanation, isn’t it? What the app does is pretty obvious from its name. With a mute video app on your iPhone or iPad, you can remove the audio from videos.

As far as the app is concerned, it is straight to the point and has the potential to work well for anyone.

However, the ratings on the app store are not encouraging. When rating this app 2.9 out of 5 as when this article was written, it may be difficult to decide whether or not to try it out.

After giving it a try, it accomplished exactly what I was seeking. By removing the audio, I was able to view only the video. Then I can upload it to any of my social media profiles without worrying about comments about background noise or sound. The video will have no sound, so they cannot hear anything. No problem.

For that reason, the mute video app is definitely an app to try if you wish to mute the audio on your iPhone.

1. Open the app after the download is complete.

2. To send notifications and access photos, permission will be needed. Select OK to grant the permission. Video contents can then be accessed by the application.

3. Click on the next screen to view all videos saved to your iPhone.

4. Tap on Choose after you choose the video you would like the audio removed from.

5. Using the screenshot below, tap on the volume mute icon and then tap on the download icon.

There you have it. The sound should have been removed if you exit the app, go to the video file in the camera roll and play it.

Changing the audio volume is simple enough if you just want to lower it. Repeat steps as necessary. The soundbar should now be positioned to the left of the screen.

As well as the export quality, you can change the video quality. For example, if you want the quality to be changed from its highest point to a medium or low point, then this is necessary.

To access the quality settings, tap on the settings gear icon. There are a number of other options there. Most of those options aren’t necessary for basic use.

2. Using LightMV:

  1. Install the LightMV app from the App Store first. You can access the app’s main interface by launching it after it has been installed.
  2. The second step is to select your theme and upload your video from your gallery by clicking the “+” icon.
  3. The video file will be uploaded once you tap the “Volume” icon. The audio can be muted by dragging the volume to zero.
  4. Drag also the volume to zero by tapping the “Background Music” icon below the right corner. After clicking on the “Try it for free” button below, the video will be rendered.

After it is rendered, you can download it to your iOS device by clicking the “Download” button. Thus, you have effectively removed the sound from your iPhone video.

3. Using AudioFix

It’s another app I came across while searching for apps that muffle video sounds on iOS devices.

In addition to removing audio from your iPhone video, Audio Fix can also enhance the volume, remove wind sounds from the video, reduce hiss noises, and smooth the audio.

Choosing to export a sound can be compared to the original sound before exporting. On the app store, the app is listed as free, but it isn’t really free.

There’s not much of an advantage to being able to export any changes to audio without needing a subscription, other than playing around. It’s best to pass on this one.

4. Using iConv

That’s right, you read it correctly. This is iConv, not an icon. iConvertVideo is included in the name and, based on instinct, I assume this is iConvert Video. Honestly, I don’t really know why the I is there, but it seems to be a normal part of the Apple ecosystem.

Technically speaking, iConv is an iPhone app for converting videos. Video formats can be converted using this app. Besides being able to convert videos, you can also do the same with audio files via the app. It is possible to convert only the video or audio file when presenting the option to convert videos.

By doing so, you can either output a video without accompanying audio or an audio-only output without accompanying video. As well as audio and video, there is a possibility of having both in place. Your choice of outputs will depend on what you want to accomplish with the app.

For those who would like only an audio file, you can export it as an MP3 file, m4r file (which is what iPhones use for ringtones), wav, and quite a few other formats.

Furthermore, the app is available for free. If you want the pro version, you can upgrade, but generally, the free version is fine. It’s especially useful if you’re converting just one or two videos within a short period of time.

What’s the Best Free Software To Remove Audio Sound From Videos?

I’m sure by now you know which are the best apps after having looked at all the apps I’ve been able to explore above. Or at least what I personally like.

Unless you’ve figured it out already and you’ve reached this point in the guide, the best free apps to remove audio from videos on your iPhone are iConv and MuteVideo.

Due to the extra things you can do with the app precisely for free, iConv would be ranked first in my opinion. Aside from advertisements, of course. Despite this limitation, you are limited to converting only a certain number of files during a given period of time. You must upgrade in order to get around this restriction. You may not need to upgrade if you are patient.

On the other hand, MuteVideo creates a video without sound by removing the audio.

That’s all I have to say. Can you recommend another iPhone app for iPhone users who want to remove sound and audio from a video without distorting the video quality? Comment below if you have any suggestions.

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