How to reverse a video on iphone?


Although you cannot reverse recorded videos on the iPhone, you can install third-party apps to reverse recorded videos.

It can be very enjoyable to play videos backward. When you throw a basketball, it appears as though the ball is heading towards you. If you’re adventurous, you can do things you’ve never done before, like jumping backward, walking backward, driving backward, getting up, falling down, etc. 

Short-form video sharing apps that offer reverse videos, such as TikTok and Snapchat, are popular with reverse videos. A short video is usually more interesting and entertaining if you reverse the effect. Both Snapchat and TikTok have reverse modes, but Facebook and Instagram do not. As far as reverse video is concerned, iMovie for iOS does not allow this feature currently. If you have an iPhone, why can’t you reverse the story?

A reverse video software program can be downloaded to your computer in order to do the job. Nevertheless, this is not a feasible solution if you want to reverse a video right on your iPhone. Furthermore, several third-party reverse video apps can only be downloaded via a subscription. In this article, we show you how to reverse a video on iPhone.

How to reverse videos with this free iOS app?

There is a free and smart way to reverse videos using the video editing app “InShot.” Users of InShot can add a rewind effect to an iPhone or iPad video to play it backward. You can also reverse video, trim it, change its speed, remove or add music, and apply effects in addition to reversing it. You can also save drafts and edit them whenever you like in the app. The application does not require users to pay a subscription to use it, and the output video is saved in high definition. You can reverse videos on your iPhone for free by using the InShot app.

The InShot app for your iPhone makes it easy to add a reverse effect to your videos.

How to reverse a video on iPhone using InShot app?

  • Your iOS device needs to be installed with the InShot app.
  • Tap “Video” in InShot. Afterward, allow all photos to be accessed by the app.

  • From the video album, choose a video you want to reverse (you can preview a video by long-pressing on it).
  • You can trim the video you want to import using the Trim option (scissor icon).
  • The “Reverse” option can be found on the extreme right side of the tools strip by swiping left.
  • Tap “Reverse” and wait for the process to complete.

  • Optional: You can change the playback speed by tapping the “Speed” option. By selecting “Curve” you can revert the clip at a variable speed.
  • Tap “Volume” to mute the audio. You can also add or remove music (optional). The Music tool > Tracks > and import or use music from the InShot library allows you to add music to your video.
  • Click the “Share” button in the top-right corner.
  • Specify the frame rate and resolution for the video. Click “Save”.

Here we are! You will be able to save the video locally. The Photos app on your iPhone lets you playback a video in reverse.

Bonus Tip: Remove the InShot watermark

With InShot free, the videos are watermarked by a tiny logo. As well as removing the watermark, you can also apply changes to your photo. You can do this for free.

After making changes to a video, Tap the InShot watermark (at the bottom-right corner) to remove the watermark without paying.

Allow the video to process and select the “Free Remove” option. Finally, tap Share to save the video without watermarks.

How to Reverse a Video on iPhone Without Using App?

There are a number of ways you can reverse a video clip that you have on your iPhone. You can reverse video on the iPhone using third-party apps, as we discussed above. If you don’t want to install any apps on your iPhone, you can do it online without using a third-party app. You can do it as follows:

  • Go to Ezgif in your Safari browser.
  • Choose the video on your iPhone you wish to reverse and upload it.
  • Click on the Upload button.
  • Within a few moments, it will begin reversing the video and making it playback in reverse format. Simply tap on Download to continue.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. Is KineMaster capable of reversing video?

Definitely. Just download KineMaster and open it up. To load your video clip, first, tap the Add button to select the aspect ratio. For reversing the video, choose the Reverse option in the Editing options. If you are reversing a long video, it may take quite a while.

2. Do you know how to reverse a video on Snapchat?

Hold down the shutter button on your mobile phone to take a video with Snapchat. By swiping to the left, you will find three arrows pointing in the direction of the reverse filter effect. By selecting this, your video will be reversed. You can preview the reversed Snapchat video before saving it.

3. In QuickTime, how do you reverse a video?

Launch QuickTime Player to view the video. Click twice on the picture at the start of the video clip while holding down the Shift key. The video will start playing backward after that.

Final thoughts

This tutorial should be easy for you. Your ideas will turn into reversed videos in no time, and you will share them online with your friends and family. Take a video of a transparent container with someone drinking from it. This will result in the person spitting out the drink. In the comments section below, share your creative ideas on how to reverse a video on iPhone.

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