How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max?


The Screen Recorder extension lets you record directly from your computer screen. The toolbar button on the toolbar allows you to use this addon. Please click the – Start – button when the recorder interface appears and then adjust desired options. Using the recorder, you can record video from your screen, window, or tab. It is possible to use audio from a variety of sources, such as on the system, from microphones, mixed audio, or even without sound. When you select the start button, the interface will display a popup window. Select the screen, tab, or window you want using this popup window. You can begin by clicking the  “Share” button to record the video. Once the screen recording start is through, please press the stop button in the toolbar (or on the app interface) to stop the recording. The recorded video will be automatically downloaded to your computer (to the default download location). Here we  discuss below “How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max?” For detail read this out 

How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Taking a video with sound to record your PDA/variable screen Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is extremely helpful for a lot of different reasons, including instructing colleagues on how to carry out specific tasks on an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, save in a video document, and send or transfer it to YouTube or informal communities.

Occasionally, we may want to record an Instagram story or a phone call or video call (FaceTime) with a loved one in order to keep it as a reminder, as proof, or as a TikTok video.

The following procedures will show you how to record it on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max:

1- First Method:

Our first priority should be to ensure that we have initiated screen recording on our iPhone 12 Pro Max (in the event that we already have this, continue to point 5). On the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11, the Screen Record icon appears on the home screen when you go to Settings.

2-Second Method:

On the left, we navigate through the menus until we find the “Control Center” section and then click on “Redo controls”.

3- Third Method:

We can adjust the place where the screen recording control is shown by tapping on the three horizontal lines next to the control and hauling up the screen recording control if it is currently actuated in the main rundown that we see on our iPhone 12 Pro Max. The red button to the left can also be tapped to eliminate the control.

4- Fourth Method:

To add it to the board, click on the green + button Add to board icon in the “MORE CONTROLS” section if the enacted control does not appear. We are now ready to exit the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max settings after working our way through the above steps.

5- Fifth Method:

From the screen where the video needs to begin, swipe from the base up (iPhone 7 and lower, iPad with iOS 11 or prior). You need to swipe from the upper right corner of the screen to begin the video on an iPhone X or iPad with iOS 12 or iPad OS.

6- Sixth Method:

If you want to record video in your Apple iPhone 12, Pro Max, without utilizing the microphone, press the record icon, after three seconds the recording will be started. You will see a red line across the screen and the word “Recording,” indicating that everything happening on the screen is being recorded.

When recording a video, you could also record the sound from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, (for clarification purposes while Screen Recording on iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 11, to record a message or to show the operation of an application, hold down the Record screen icon, then release it, then press the microphone icon to activate or deactivate it and press “Start recording” a 3-second beginning will occur at which time the recording will immediately begin.

7- Seventh Method:

It is possible to quit recording by going to the Control Center (Point 5 in this instructional exercise), clicking on the button Quit Recording, or pressing “Stop”.

8-Eighth Method:

On your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, a message will appear at the top of the screen confirming that the recording has been saved to the “Photographs” folder (formerly the Camera Roll).

In the Photos app, you will find the video you recorded of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen in the last position, where you can see and share it.

How To Screen Record On iPhone 12 Pro Max with Sound?

  1. In this tutorial, you will learn how to capture your screen on your iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as the audio that is coming from the microphone.

2. The Screen recording option on the iPhone 12 Pro Max must be enabled in order to record videos.

3. Open the Settings app. Choose Control Center from the list.

4. By clicking on the plus sign to the left of the feature, select the Screen recording option by clicking on Customize controls.

5. You can access it by swiping down from the right, then clicking the round screen recording icon to start recording.

6. Default settings on an iPhone do not record the audio sound from the microphone.

7. To enable the microphone, press and hold the screen recording icon in the control center for two to four seconds until the recording options appear.

8. To enable the microphone audio, click the microphone icon. A red icon appears on your iPhone 12 Pro Max when you enable screen recording with audio.

9. The screen will be recorded for 3 seconds after clicking on the Start recording button.

10. In the top left corner of the screen, you can now see the recorded screen recording time displayed in red.

11. On the pop-up window that appears, click “Stop” to end the screen recording.

12. A notification will appear notifying you that your screen recording has been saved.

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