How To Screen Record On iPhone 7?


Your iPhone screen can be recorded very usefully for many situations, including recording games you’re playing or a live stream, or you’re creating a video to share with your friends. Video clips can be sent directly to friends and family, uploaded to Twitter, or shared on Instagram. You can record your iPhone screen in the following ways, regardless of whether you have an older or newer model.

Screen recordings are available in Apple’s iPhones, but you must check your Control Center before you can use them.  The Control Center is accessible by swiping down from the top-right corner if you’re using an iPhone X or later, or by swiping up if you are using an iPhone 8 or earlier. You can record your screen by clicking the icon of a circle around a dot. The following steps can be taken to add it

Screen Recording Will Allow You To Keep Track Of Everything That Happens.

If you are interested in helping others with their PubG skills, you are probably a gamer.  Alternatively, you could also be a content creator interested in creating tutorials. In some cases, you may just want to record something on your device and then save it later.

All of these needs, though, can be met by a screen recorder. We have compiled a list of useful guides below that can help you learn about ” how to screen record on iPhone 7″? for detail read this article.

How Does Screen Recording Work? 

In keeping with its name, it captures whatever appears on the screen of your phone. In spite of the fact that some manufacturers include screen recorders in their devices, the feature does not compare to an actual app.

For iOS and Android, you should use a screen recorder specifically designed for those platforms. Video and sound can be recorded with these apps, and you can create and generate all kinds of content, including content for other apps in shorter formats.

How To Enable Screen Record On iPhone 7?

Finally, the iPhone 7 has arrived. You are sure to be amazed by the next-generation technology of the new iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 plus has rear dual cameras, the phone has no headphone jack, and a new and improved screen.

A game-changer is the iPhone 7 plus, according to Apple. The phone was redesigned to have a variety of colors, including ‘Jet Black’  and is also waterproof.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on “Control Center”.

3. Click on “Customize Controls”.

4. Control Center menu items can be added or removed here. To move the screen recording from the “More Controls” section at the bottom to the “Include” section at the top, scroll down and press the green button with an plus sign next to “Screen Recording.”

How To Screen Record On iPhone 7?

Your screen is now ready for recording. The following apps block screen recording. (Note that there are a few apps that do this.) Let’s start:

There are several ways to record

1. The Control Center is accessible with a swipe up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 8 and earlier) or by pulling down the menu from the top-right corner (iPhone X or later).

2. Activate Do Not Disturb by tapping the crescent moon button. Calls and notifications will be temporarily paused. You can capture everything that appears on your screen, including notifications, when you record your screen.

By holding down the Do Not Disturb button, you can access more options, such as pausing notifications for an hour or scheduling a time for when you’d like them to stop.

3. The Control Center allows you to start recording while you are still logged in. You will be given three seconds before the recording begins after hitting the button to record the screen. Hide Control Center by tapping the screen.

  • You are now ready to record video and audio of whatever you’re watching or listening to on your phone however, the audio from your phone won’t be recorded.

    In addition to recording the audio that you’re playing on your phone, you’ll also need to turn on your microphone in order to record yourself speaking (or any other sounds external to your phone).

4. Recording your screen requires you to hold the recording button for a few seconds before you begin. By tapping the microphone button on the pop-up screen, the microphone will be switched on.

In this window, you will see a countdown indicating that the recording has begun. Using a tap anywhere on the screen, you can close the Control Center.

5. It is important to keep in mind that when you turn on the microphone, it will stay on unless you go into the settings again and turn it off

6. Sliding up (or down) will return you to the Control Center, where you can tap the record button once more to stop recording

7. In most cases, you will see a red bar at the top of your screen (or top left if you have a newer iPhone) showing that you’re recording, unless a  media player is open (for example, you’re watching a video on YouTube or checking Instagram).

You’ll receive a pop-up window asking if you want to stop recording when you tap on those bars. Select “Stop.”

8. Using Photos, you will be able to view the video along with all of your other photos and videos.

3 Ways To Record Screen Of iPhone 7 Using Third-Party Apps

1. Installing Apowersoft iPhone Recorder

This iOS screen recorder allows you to stream the screen of your iOS device straight to your PC without the use of a lightning cable or  Jailbreak. Windows and Mac users can use it. You can also record sound from the microphone and the system sound with it, in addition to recording the iPhone 7 screen. If you follow these steps, you can record the iPhone 7 screen using this tool.

  • Prior to running the application on your computer, ensure that your iPhone and PC are connected to the same network.
  • Click the “AirPlay” icon on your iPhone.
  • It will pop up with your PC’s username. Select “Mirroring”. Your iPhone will be displayed on your computer.
  • Your iPhone 7 will begin recording screen activities when you click the start button. When the recording is complete, the video will appear in the open folder.
  • You can also take a quick screenshot from your iPhone 7 using the screenshot button in addition to the screen recording function.

2. Using QuickTime To Record The iPhone Screen

The iPhone 7 can also be recorded with QuickTime, a method widely used by iOS users. The program provides official support for recording iPhone screens in a Mac video player. This includes recording iPhone 7 screens as well.

You can watch videos on a bigger screen and record anything that happens on iPhone 7 by casting the screen to your Mac. To do this, just follow the instructions.

  • Lightning cable to connect iPhone 7 to Mac.
  • If “Trust This Computer” appears, you should trust your Mac.
  • You can start a movie recording by clicking “New Movie Recording” in QuickTime Player. The screen will appear on your Mac if you choose iPhone 7.
  • You can record your iPhone 7 operations by pressing the recording button. Once your recording is complete, click “File” and “Save.”.

Mac users can easily record the iPhone 7 screen. However, it can only record the microphone and not the audio. If you want to keep your distance from the computer, you’ll need to use a lightning cable to capture the screen.

3. Installing AirShou

There is no need for a PC or a lightning cable to use this app since it can capture any activities on your iPhone 7 directly. You can also choose the orientation and resolution to suit your needs. Although it is not directly available from the App Store, you will have to install it manually. Here are the steps to help you get it done.

  • Access on your iPhone 7 through Safari.
  • Tap AirShou once you’ve found it. Select “Get” to install.
  • Hit the record button once the installation is complete, then slide up to select “Airplay Mirroring”. Once the recording begins, hit the record button once again.
  • You would be able to see what’s happening on the screen of your iPhone.
  • After the screen capture is over, your videos can be viewed in “Recordings”.

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