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How To Screenshot On Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

Stories consist of Snaps that are played in the order they were captured. Stories cover the last 24 hours, so you can see what your friends have been up to. A Snapchat story is a photo or video that you post to your Stories feed. People may view stories as often as they wish. Stories are active for 24 hours. However “how to screenshot on the Snapchat story without them knowing?” is a common question most people asked for to get their solution read this article.

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

There are many different chat applications out there, each with its own unique demographic; Snapchat seems to be quite popular with the under-30 crowd. In the past few years, the app has become extremely popular because it enables users to share photos and videos that automatically disappear after viewing after a set amount of time.

It seems that Snapchat is mostly used by the under-30 set; there are a lot of chat apps available. Each usually attracts a different demographic. It has become very popular over the past few years because it allows users to share photos and videos that disappear once viewed after a certain amount of time. Though the feature was initially intended for unsafe-for-work photos and videos, over time it has been used more for other purposes. Teenagers and twenty-somethings use Snapchat to share photos and videos about what’s going on in their lives without worrying about the reactions of family members or employers because the images are private transient and self-deleting. Instead of focusing on the “permanence” of the Internet, which young people have been taught to be afraid of since the mid-2000s, Snapchat is meant to provide its users with a safe space to live their lives without worrying about being punished.

The reality is, however, that even the most advanced smartphones can capture a screenshot of what is displayed on the screen by hitting a specific key shortcut. Snapchat has been surrounded by the specter of screenshotting since its inception. There’s nothing you can do if someone screenshots those photos from the party you’re at. Your options are limited. Currently, Snapchat users don’t need to worry about people saving screenshots of their snaps since it delivers a notification to the person who’s been screenshotted.

Unfortunately, there are several ways to prevent screenshots from being detected when taking them. Here’s the place to come if you’re interested in learning how these methods work either so you can apply them to others or so you know what to expect from other, possibly malicious users. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, we’ve developed a guide to teach you how to covertly capture all of your friends’-or enemies’-photos. 

1. Screenshotting Snaps on Android:

As we’ve seen from Apple, Android is a bit more open than that platform. In Android, apps can be installed from outside sources rather than only from the Play Store, and apps can also have more control over permissions and information. It is easier to bypass restrictions on certain apps with Android, including taking a screenshot on Snapchat without the original poster’s knowledge. Here are our favorite Android screenshot methods.

2. Screen Recording Method Through App:

1. A snap can be saved in this way on Android, which is probably the most foolproof method. You don’t have to know how to hack, use any additional tools, or be at risk if you use a screen recording application. If you have the app running in the background when you access your snaps, you can save photos and videos without anyone noticing. Right now, only Android phones are able to record screens without the need to use an external recorder, so if you own a Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy S10, today is your lucky day. We will show you how to record your snaps inside Snapchat using a screen recorder.

2. We need an excellent screen recording app for Android in order to get started. AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen Screen Recorder are two of the best recording apps on Google Play. Our typical recommendation would be to browse Google Play to find a screen recorder that fits your needs, instead, we’re going to recommend our favorite: DU Recorder. It’s no secret that DU Recorder is one of our favorite Android recorders. We’ve talked about it on the site before, but we find it to be the best overall recorder overall. Besides being fast, easy to use, and absolutely free, it also doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases. We will be using DU Recorder for the remainder of the demonstration.

3. From your app drawer, launch DU Recorder after installing it. Due to the fact that you haven’t recorded a video yet, the main screen will appear blank, but once you have recorded a video, it will be displayed here. Across the top of the screen, you will find four separate tabs for displaying videos, photos, the recording editor, and settings and preferences. Before we record a snap, head into settings here so we can update a few settings.

4. Changing the recording resolution should be your first step. Some mid-range and high-end phones run on 1080p (the OnePlus 6T, for instance), but most flagship devices use a resolution of 1440p. We suggest The recording resolution of your device should be around 1080p or higher. In addition, you should allow DU Recorder to use your phone’s microphone to record audio for any video you decide to capture. Finally, you should set the recording speed to 6Mbps or better, and set the frame rate to “Auto.” When you’ve changed these settings and feel comfortable with the app, head back to the home screen. The first launch of the app was all that was required at this point.

5. The small, orange icon can be found on the right side of your display on your home screen. DU Recorder can be launched from the quick-launch menu by tapping the icon. Depending on what type of snap you’re looking to save – a photo or a video – this will be the tool you need. At the top of the wheel, you’ll find a red “Record” button that will automatically start recording your display as soon as you press it. You can take a screenshot by clicking the red “Camera” icon at the bottom of the wheel. Although that button allows you to take a screenshot of your display, the screen recording option is better for taking photos or for taking videos. The extra security provided by DU Recorder’s screen recording may take a bit more effort to save your photos than using the screenshot shortcut.



6. Once you’ve changed your device’s settings as outlined above, simply hit the record button on DU Recorder’s quick-launch menu. You’ll be able to begin recording your phone immediately. Jump into Snapchat after that. Tap on any snap or story to be permanently recorded. Do not use the hardware screenshot keys and just look at the snap for a few seconds before closing it. Keep doing this until the snaps are all saved. If it’s a video snap, make sure you watch the video to completion. We can edit these videos later, so don’t worry about stopping the recording to start a new one. Using the quick-launch menu, stop recording once you’ve recorded what you need.

Congratulations, you have saved your snaps! The easy part is to open DU Recorder again and you’ll find your video on the main screen. You can use this video for the following:

  • On your phone, watch the video again. Screenshot any snap you wish to save as a photo as the video plays, effectively copying the video as a still image and saving it to your phone’s internal memory.
  • If you’d like to save a video snap from this recording, you can use the included editor within DU to crop or cut out portions of you’re not sure how the editor works, take a look at our DU Recorder How-To guide here, which is much more in-depth. Delete the video you don’t need and copy the file. Your video can be edited in the editor by trimming the ends and beginnings, removing the middle portions you don’t need, or rotating and cropping them. If you aren’t clear on how the editor works, check out our full How-To guide for DU Recorder here, where we go much deeper into the included editor.

7. Once you’ve saved what you need from your recorded video, you can delete the original recording from the app and from your phone, removing any evidence you previously had of your Snap-saving while keeping your own copy and skipping the alert notification sent to you can read our complete How-To guide to DU Recorder, where we go into much more detail about the editor, here if you aren’t sure how it works.her users. To record a new snap, simply start a new recording before viewing your content. You can delete the original recording from the app after saving what you need, removing all evidence of the Snap-saving while keeping your own copy and skipping the notification. Read more about how to delete original recordings here. 

3. With the help of Google Assistant on Android:

In this trick, you don’t actually do anything; rather, your virtual assistant does. Using Google Assistant, you can simply take a Snapchat screenshot by asking for its help. The steps are as follows. Using Snapchat, begin by selecting a snap you’d like to save. Pressing “OK” will save it. Ask Google Assistant to take a screenshot by long-pressing the home button or by typing in “Google”. This can be done either verbally or through text.

You will not be able to save the screenshot directly to the gallery on your device, but you can choose to send it to other platforms instead. This will then be sent to your mail, downloaded, edited, and finally saved to your gallery.

4. With the help of Airplane mode:

Using the Airplane mode is another way to take a Snapchat screenshot. Just open Snapchat and make sure the snaps are fully loaded before switching on Airplane mode. It is now time to turn off the Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Bluetooth. Lastly, switch on Airplane mode, open Snapchat, and take a screenshot of the snap you wish to save.

Just remember to turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi after taking a screenshot for at least 30 seconds after turning off airplane mode.

5. With the help of Mobile Screen Recording Feature :

Some Android (OnePlus, Google, Xiaomi to name but a few) and iPhone smartphones and tablets come with a screen recorder.

Screen recorders can either be found in the notification panel or in the Settings menu on Android.

Screen recorder on Android



The iOS device’s Control Center is where you will find it. You can add this option to the Control Center by going to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls and choosing the Start Screen Recording option.



If your device doesn’t have a built-in screen recorder, you can download third-party screen recorders on Google Play, such as AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, among others.

6. With the help of a Secondary Device

Taking a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing is one of the simplest ways to do it. Just go to Snapchat, open the snap you want to download, take a picture or video of it with another device, edit it, and you’re done.

7. With the help of Third-Party Apps

Additionally, you can download third-party apps to accomplish the task. You just need to download SnapSaver (for Android) and Sneakaboo (for iOS) to get started.

You can use SnapSaver by downloading it, opening it, and choosing the appropriate option (Screenshot, Screen Recording, Burst Screenshot, and Integrated). SnapSaver lets you take a screenshot of a Snapchat story without notifying the other person. Go to Snapchat, open the story you want to screenshot, click on the SnapSaver camera icon that will appear on your screen, and the Snapchat screenshot will be sent to you.

Snapaboo can also be accessed through your Snapchat username and password. As soon as you play the snaps, they will appear on the app and can be saved.

8. With the help of Screen Mirroring

In this case, you will need to mirror your device to a computer or TV, which can be done from the Settings menu. Record the snap with another device and then open Snapchat and the snap you want to save. Final step: upload your edited video or photo to your gallery.

How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing For Mac Users?

The Mac’s QuickTime recording can be used for this purpose. Simply connect your device to the MacBook, open QuickTime player, select ‘new movie recording’ from the file menu. You may select any recording option from the available options and your iPhone will be the video recording output.

Choose the record option, go to Snapchat, play the snap you want to save, then edit the recording.

Screenshot on Snapchat using simple steps

We hope the steps mentioned above help you take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. Make sure the methods do not intrude on anyone’s privacy and all is done in a light and fun manner.

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