How To Send Balloons On iPhone?


Messages on iOS devices provide animated message bubbles and the ability to display your chats in an impactful manner with animations that take over the entire screen.

With five fullscreen animations and four built-in effects, conversations can be animated with different expressions. Here are some tips on how to bring style to your chats with these animated effects.

A 64-bit processor and iOS 10 or later are required for bubble and screen effects in Messages. In addition to the iPhone 5s and iPad Air and later, as well as the iPad mini 3 and later, all iPhones have these chips.

Any Apple Watch running watchOS 3 or later has bubble and screen effects that animate. With the exception of Invisible Ink, screen and bubble effects do not animate on Macs with macOS Sierra.

As part of SMS and MMS messages, bubbles and screen effects are not animated. The effect is described in parenthesis (e.g. “Sent with Balloons”, “Sent with Slam”, etc.) for Mac users and non-iMessage users.

Here in this article, we discuss about “how to send balloons on iPhone?” both manually and automatically. For the complete guide, the instructions are mentioned below.

iMessages are no longer boring! Never send them again!

I enjoy texting. It is even better to text while carrying a bunch of balloons! That’s not a picture of you holding balloons in your hands while texting. If you send balloons to your loved ones’ iPhones when you text them, you’ll make their faces light up!

Even the most typical messages becomes something special with balloons and other effects included in iMessages.

How To Send Balloons On iPhone iMessage Automatically?

When you begin or respond to a new conversation, type “Happy Birthday” and click send. Either exclamation points or emojis can be used in the text to automatically send balloons. Sending just the words “Happy Birthday!” will result in balloons appearing on your recipient’s screen when they open the message.

How to Send Balloons On iPhone Manually?

Any message does not need to simply consist of the two words – Happy Birthday. It can also include balloons or other effects that you wish.

Tap and hold the send button (the blue arrow) when the message is typed to reveal the Effects Screen.

Afterward, tap on the Display tab to access iMessage’s full-screen effect menu.

To send a balloon screen effect, swipe left until you find it on the left and press Send.

Tapping the arrow will send the message when the effect is applied while tapping the ‘x’ will close the effects screen.

In addition to Echo, Spotlight, Confetti, Heart, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, and Celebration effects, they also provide the option to send a message. By just swiping left and right on the screen, you can By pressing the send button, you can select an effect. In order to return to a normal screen, press the little ‘x’ beside the send button if you do not wish to send the message with an effect.

What Are The Ways To Add Effects To iMessage?

This tutorial will walk you through adding effects to your iMessages manually. Open the Messages app and type your message to add cool effects to your iMessage. Then, long-press the blue arrow which usually appears when you send a message. After the screen pops up, you can select between two categories: Bubbles and Screen effects.

Which iPhone Phrases Are Animated?

Codes for screen effects in iMessage

  • Laser light show “Pew Pew”.
  • A balloon with the words “Happy birthday”.
  • Confetti – “congratulations”.
  • New Year’s fireworks – “Happy New Year”.
  • The red explosion of Chinese New Year wishes you a happy new year.
  • Confetti – “Selamat”.

What Is The Best Way To Send a Floating Emoji On The iPhone?

Bubbles can be added

  1. You can start a new message by tapping the Compose button in Messages. If you’re already in a conversation, you can join it.
  2. Touch and hold the Send button after you type your message or insert a photo.
  3. The gray dot needs to be tapped. This previews the effects of bubbles.
  4. To send the message, tap Send.

How Does iMessage Effects Features Look Like?

One of the improvements to the iMessage experience was the addition of animated text delivery. So now you can send an entire message that takes over the recipient’s entire screen instead of just sending “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” with emojis and exclamation points. These balloons can literally stop someone from doing what they’re doing so they can take a moment to celebrate – stop because the entire screen is covered in these balloons!

Furthermore, you’ll find that you can use it seamlessly your new iMessage handles all of the work for you. Here’s how you can type “Happy Birthday” in a very sweet and celebratory manner:

Enter The Phrase

It’s really as simple as typing “Happy Birthday”. Please ensure that you include those two words along with a name, an emoji, and an exclamation point.

Send The Message By Clicking “Send”

It’s now just a matter of waiting. The animation will begin when the recipient opens your text message and the message registers as received.

As You Can See

We have balloons everywhere! However, they only last for a few seconds. There is enough length to cut while there is enough length not to occupy the recipient’s attention when they are doing other things on their phone.

Here’s how you can send balloons without a birthday note to your roommate who has just finished her market-bought produce before it becomes rotten mush in the refrigerator:

You Can Type Any Message Here

Anytime, anywhere! It does not have to be a birthday or congratulatory message. It can be anything you want.

More Information Can Be Found By Clicking “More”

After you click this arrow, you’ll want to send your message. You will then be taken to a page in which you can modify how your message appears.

Choose “Screen”

In order to get a full-screen effect, swipe to the bottom. Click a balloon to get the effect.

Confetti would be nice as well.

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