How To Send Confetti On Iphone?


As a result, if you’re using Messages on an iPhone, and you wish someone a happy birthday or congrats, they’ll have a little surprise once they see your words: A shower of confetti or a handful of balloons will float around freely on their screen while you’re writing them. You can trigger the feature yourself for any message you send through the messaging platform. It’s a neat little trick that’s embedded in the messaging platform. Here is the complete information about “How to send confetti on iPhone?” 

How To Send Confetti On iPhone?

Method 1: Manually Adding Confetti to Messages

I think it’s a great idea that the automatic trigger system is pretty cool, but there are many disadvantages to it. You should not hesitate to take matters into your own hands when it comes to sending confetti with other messages. The ability to manually add confetti to the content of any message you want is available.

  • Messages can be sent into the Canva app by tapping and holding the Send button (the blue arrow) until the How to Send with Effects window appears.

  • After selecting the “Screen” tab, you should be able to view a list of screen effects instead of bubble effects.

  • Using the left-hand side of the device, swipe left until you reach the confetti effect, the 4th in the number. Using the left-hand side of the device, swipe three times. Afterward, follow the prompts to tap the ‘Send’ button to send the message along with the confetti that falls on the screen.

  • You will be able to cover someone’s screen in colorful confetti as soon as they open your iMessage message in the Messages app. They will be delighted with your kindness.

Method 2: Automatically sending Confetti in iMessage

The iMessage effect is closely protect and has remained a secret when it has been years since iMessage effects were introduced, even when it has been years since they were first introduced. The iMessage effect is triggered by certain trigger words. When you include these words in a message, they are automatically forwarded to the recipient, without your need to take any action.

To send confetti automatically, type the word “Congratulations,” “Congratulations,” or “Felicitations” at the end of your message. Messages should not contain any other words, except for a punctuation mark or an emoji. It will automatically send confetti along with a normal message when you send it on to your loved ones.

It also works in other languages besides English, so type “Selamat” in Indonesian or “Felicidades” in Spanish, for instance, and the system will automatically send sprinkles of confetti to the recipients.

There are a number of languages in which You can translate Congratulations and see if it works with any of them.

You can also send messages with other screen effects, such as fireworks, confetti, balloons, lasers, spotlights, hearts, shooting stars, and celebration sounds, in addition to confetti. Each of these screen effects has its own set of trigger words. You can add new effects to your iMessage every time, which is nice; using the same effect every time can also get rather monotonous.

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