How to share a photo album on iPhone?


Keeping your friends and family up to date on your life is easy when you share photo albums with your iPhone. Furthermore, they can also share the video and photo albums they’ve taken with you from their iPhones.

It is part of Apple’s iCloud service, which offers free photo storage for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. With this app, you can create shared albums that your friends, family, and coworkers can view, comment on, and even add to. In iCloud Images, your pictures and videos are stored in iCloud accounts, but non-iCloud users can access photos and videos through a private website.

Rather than using a site like Instagram or Facebook, why not create a shared album? The actions you take on Apple’s iCloud Photos are only shared with the people you’ve invited to your groups, and not with the broader public, as they are on both services.

The iPhone’s photography capabilities continue to improve with each new update. The days of waiting for friends to upload a photo album to Facebook are over. So it’s only natural that we want to view and share the amazing iPhone photos we snap of each other as soon as possible. iOS 8 now allows iPhone owners to share their photos with other iPhone users. The only thing you need to do is use your iPhone’s Photos app once you’ve enabled permission. Our article shows you how to share a photo album on iPhone.

How to share a photo album on iPhone via iCloud?

  • Go to the Settings app. 
  • To reach Apple ID, iTunes, iCloud, and the App Store, tap your name at the top.
  • On the new page, tap “iCloud“.
  • iCloud-compatible apps will be listed here. To access Photos, tap the top button.
  • If you have not already done so, you can enable “Shared Albums”.

How do I create a shared album?

  • Launch the Photos app.
  • Click on the blue plus sign in the top-left corner.
  • Click “New Shared Album.”
  • Choose an album, then tap “Next.”
  • You can invite your friends to see the album. However, they must be iPhone, iPad, or Mac users.
  • Click the “Create” button.

How do I create a shared album and add photos?

Once you’ve created a shared album, you can add images to it in the same way you would any other iPhone album. The All Photos album or other albums like “Screenshots” or “Favorites” are among the choices.

One of the main differences is that your friends and family can share photos inside the album, resulting in a one-of-a-kind photo portal that is easy to use.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. How about making a new shared album?

Tap the Add button on the Albums tab.

  • Click New Shared Album.
  • Choose a name for the shared album, then tap Next.
  • Alternatively, you can type a phone number or email address to invite your contacts.
  • Press the Create button.

2. How do I delete a shared album?

Share the album with others.

  • Click on the People tab.
  • You can delete shared albums by tapping the Delete Shared Album button.
  • Additionally, you can delete a shared album by tapping Edit and then deleting it.

By deleting an album, you are automatically removing it from all the devices on which you are signed in, as well as your subscribers’ devices. Shared albums are also removed from the web if they are enabled for Public Websites. When an album is deleted, all the photos within are permanently deleted. Ensure that you save any photos you want to keep before continuing.

3. How to Delete photos, videos, and comments from a shared album?

To delete photos or videos and comments from a shared album, you must be its owner.

  • In an album shared with others, tap Select to remove photos and videos. If you want to delete photos or videos, select them and tap the Trash Can button.
  • Comment can be deleted by touching and holding the comment while viewing it in a shared photo and then tapping on the Delete button.

4. How do I rename a shared album?

  • Select Shared Albums in Albums, and then tap the See All option.
  • You can rename an album by tapping Edit, followed by the album’s name.

5. My iPhone does not let me share an album?

These steps will explain how to do it if you’re unsure. Select Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Disable Shared Albums. As soon as you turn this setting back on, all albums and photos will be automatically added.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now understand how to share a photo album on iPhone. I would be most grateful to you if you shared this article with your family members and friends so that they can benefit from it as well. If you have any questions, please let me know below in the comments section.

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