How To Share Battery On iPhone?


Several smartphone devices offer wireless reverse charging as a new feature, and more advanced versions are expected to be available in the future. It is Apple’s flagship mobile devices that are the best buy for the money, even if they seem a bit more expensive than their competitors. 

Hence, people are often wondering how to share battery on iPhone? Does the iPhone even support wireless reverse charging? You can find helpful tips about how to share battery on iPhone in this guide that will teach you if sharing battery is possible

How To Share Battery On iPhone?

    1. The battery of your iPhone can be shared in a few ways.
    2. iOS includes a sharing feature that can be used for this purpose.
    3. You can do this by going to Settings > Battery and turning on Share Battery Percentage.
    4. If you place your finger on the top of your phone, others will be able to see your battery percentage.

On the iPhone XS Max, how do you share the battery?

It will then be possible for the iPhone to wirelessly charge the other device. A 2,658mAh battery powers the iPhone XS, while a 3,175mAh battery powers the iPhone XS Max. A 2,942mAh battery powers the iPhone XR.

What about the iPhone battery? Can you share it? An app called Battery Share for iOS has been launched by Calgary developer Terry Demco, which lets friends and family track how much battery life each other’s devices have. You might be waiting for a friend to answer, and their battery runs out before they can tell you about it-in these situations, Battery Share can help.

How about wireless Powershare on iPhone XS Max? Any Qi-compliant device can be charged using the wireless powersharing feature of the S10. The recently revealed Galaxy S10+ is compatible with Apple’s iPhone XS Max, which I can only describe as a ridiculous combination of high-end smartphones.

Also, some people wonder whether iPhone XS Max can be used to charge other devices. Reverse wireless charging is what it is. Keeping an iPhone charged while using other wireless-charging devices–such as smartphones and smartwatches–is an excellent feature. In order to charge wirelessly, the devices must be compatible with either the Qi or the MagSafe wireless charging protocols.

Are you able to share your battery’s life with another special dual-sided charging cable that can also be used to transfer batteries between phones by using a cable? Juicers are a great way to do this such cable that allows you to transfer battery power from one Transform one handset into another. A phone-to-phone charger that is the world’s smallest, thinnest, and lightest.

How Does Phone Power Sharing Feature Work?

A phenomenon known as electromagnetic induction occurs when a current changes direction and moves closer to another coil. Power Sharing is also based on this principle. When a mobile phone uses Power Sharing, it can charge another phone using its own battery without the need for wires or adapters. 

Using a phone with more battery, you can connect your low-battery device to a phone with more battery, and the batteries will exchange automatically. You can use the Power Sharing feature to charge your mobile phones, smartwatches, and Bluetooth devices.

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