How To Share Wifi Password From iPhone To Android?

how to share wifi password from iphone to android?

By tapping the “Share Password” button on your iPhone to try connecting to the same network, you can share your Wi-Fi password with anyone using iOS 11 or later. If your friends use Android or another mobile operating system, this feature is useless. In this article, I will help you by guiding you on how to share Wifi passwords between iPhone and Android.

Wireless internet is something of a necessity in today’s world. If you’ve installed a WiFi network in your home, which many of us do, then like everyone else you may have set a tough password to prevent free-riders from connecting to your network. Here is the complete information about “How To Share Wifi Password From Iphone To Android?” Read it below without any further delay!

How to share wifi Password from iphone to android?

Using a QR code is more efficient compared to using Wi-Fi features on your iPhone, which you can use to share passwords. Today, it is quite common to see people copying and pasting their WiFi passwords into their wireless settings. You can also confirm that your password hasn’t been copied since the QR code method conceals your network’s password.

Step 1. Identify your network name (SSID)

You should first search for the Wi-Fi name or service set identifier of the device. You create SSIDs for wireless networks by setting up a WiFi name. Open the Settings app and click Wi-Fi if you do not find the Wi-Fi SSID. At the top, you will see the SSID of the network you are currently connected to. Remember the SSID you got after getting it, you will need it later.

Step 2. Activate Visual Codes

You can create QR codes using the app. You can download it from the app store or click here to access the link.

The App Store offers free downloads of Visual Codes. Install Visual Codes.

Step 3.  Creating Your QR Code

I suggest downloading the application from the app store, which you can use to create the QR code. Tap “Add code” at the bottom and you will be taken to the code creation screen where you can either code visually or code with actions.

A screen will appear for setting up network names, passwords, and security settings in the Visual Code application. SSID is the name of the router software and it generates a strong password that will be the password for your device’s wireless connection. It is always the correct option to use “WPA” for security on any device. The security of your network must be strengthened if it uses WEP or nothing at all!

Put a QR code underneath it. Putting a title on the code does not affect the way it appears or functions, but it may help you identify it one by one if you create multiple codes, such as ones for “Home” and “Work.”

Knowing that the information you provided is accurate is very important. Since the app isn’t able to identify if the information you provide is correct or not, this information can only be determined by you. Make sure you give the correct information next time and remember to keep it in mind. Tap “Create Code” at the bottom after filling out the information. You will be shown a screen, where you need to click “Create Code” again to confirm.

Step 4. Provide Ease of Retrieval for QR Codes

The QR code is stored in the QR code app’s visual code library after creation. The full size of the QR code is accessible by touching it. Select the share option to send this code. A restriction prevents you from using this feature; it costs $1.99 to unlock it. The print option will become available after you pay the $1.99. Take a photo of the QR code to avoid the developer helping out.

The QR code can also be opened by asking Siri to open it. You’ll need to turn this on from the Settings panel, in the upper right-hand corner of the Visual Codes panel. Press “Pinned Code” under the Siri heading, input the code you want to be your default code, and confirm that Siri can access your phone with “OK” (if you have not already done this). Then return to “Settings” and click “Done”, which completes the process.

Step 5.  Share your Wi-Fi login information with your friends

With the launch of the new camera, it’s so easy to share a Wi-Fi network. Just go to “Photos” and open any previously taken photos. You’ll never need to ask Siri again to show your visual codes, just pin this snap-in and say, “Show my visual codes”. The assistant will be more than happy to assist. Otherwise, you can show your codes manually.

You can help your friend if he or she has an iPhone and cannot use Apple’s “Share my Wi-Fi” feature because of some reason. Here are some alternatives. You can ask him or her to unlock their phone and scan the QR code.

A notification will appear after a QR code is scanned and ask them if they would like to join your network. You will now be connected to your network as soon as they tap the “Join” button.

You will need a QR code scanner app for Android devices if your friend is using one. Please use a QR Code Scanner and Reader developed by Kaspersky Lab. Your friend can connect easily to your Wi-Fi after scanning the QR code with a smartphone.

This system works best if you print out the QR code and then send it to the computer. Attach the QR code to a wall once it has been printed. Users will be able to log on easily.

Frequently Asked Questions related to “How To Share Wifi Password From Iphone To Android?”

Can iPhones share WiFi?

WiFi sharing is enabled on iPhones, but it only works between iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. iPhones and Android devices are not compatible with WiFi sharing. 

What are the options for sharing WiFi between phones?

It is possible. Sharing WiFi between phones can be done in several different ways. Each phone model will have its own unique method. An iPhone and an iPhone cannot share WiFi in the same way as an iPhone and an Android can or an Android and an iPhone. 

What if I can’t share my WiFi password?

It is possible to still be unable to receive or share the WiFi password even after following the right steps. Here are some suggestions to help:

  • It is a good idea to restart your iPhone and the other device.
  • In your Contacts list, you should find your Apple ID.

The devices should be updated with the latest software (if available). To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose Settings -> General -> Software Updates -> and click On Install.
  • There is no download option if you have the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS.

Connect to WiFi again after disconnecting. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Tap the name of your network under Settings -> WiFi.
  • Choose “Forget this Network” by tapping the “i” icon.
  • Enter the WiFi password later to rejoin the network.

On your iPhone, reset the network settings. Here are some instructions:

  • You can reset the network settings by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • You may need to reboot your router if none of these steps work.

Here’s how you can configure your iPhone to work with your WiFi network. If you share the WiFi password from one iPhone with another one or vice versa, then you will be able to do so easier.

What is the best method to send WiFi passwords from iPhone to Computer (Windows)?

The Wi-Fi Sense feature in Microsoft Windows is an innovative concept. This feature allows you to easily share the password of your WiFi network with other devices.

WiFi Sense provides the convenience of sharing your WiFi password. It only takes a few minutes to install the wireless network on Windows and share it with your iPhone. How can we share WiFi passwords between an iPhone and a PC/Laptop?

Windows computer set up for WiFi Sense:

  • Click the “Start” button on your Windows 10.
  • You can reach the settings app by going to the “Settings” app.
  • To access the network and internet, click on the “Network & Internet” tab. “WiFi” should be selected.
  • You can manage WiFi settings by clicking on “Manage WiFi settings”.

There are two slider buttons in your WiFi Sense window:

  • Open hotspots recommended connecting to
  • My contacts can connect to my networks

Connect iPhone to Windows and share WiFi password:

  • Check to see if your iPhone has WiFi enabled.
  • Next, open the “Settings” app on your Windows PC.
  • “Network & Internet” is the first tab you need to click.
  • “WiFi” should be selected.
  • Go to the WiFi settings menu and select “Manage”.
  • Select “Manage known networks” from the menu.
  • On the iPhone, you can now choose a Wi-Fi network that is enabled. The Windows computer will be able to connect to your iPhone’s WiFi.

Password sharing between iPhone and Windows:

  • Your Windows PC needs to have WiFi Sense activated.
  • Click on “WiFi” to connect your iPhone.
  • Your Windows PC must be connected to the WiFi network you enabled.

Using these methods, you’ll be able to share WiFi passwords between your iPhone and laptop (Windows) easily.

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