How To Share Wifi Password From Mac To iPhone?


Your Mac’s internet connection now allows sharing your wifi password with your iPhone so that your iPhone can browse the web. When traveling or away from home, this feature is particularly useful. In this article, we are going to discuss how to share wifi passwords from Macs to iPhones.

It was introduced as a feature to mac on iOS platform 11 as a way to share your Wi-Fi. Apple users were given the option of sharing their WiFi passwords with other Apple devices.

If you share your password with another iPhone user or another Mac, your wifi network can be accessed by both devices. You should check if they have the most recent versions of iOS/macOS since not all iOS and macOS versions support this feature.

Described below is a brief overview of “How To Share Wifi Password From Mac To iPhone?”. Please read this throughout for more details.

Make Sure These Things Are Checked Before You Start.

  • Your Apple ID should be saved in the Contacts app on your other device.
  • Check to see if Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on on both devices if they aren’t.
  • Within the range of wifi and Bluetooth, keep the two devices close. This distance is usually less than 50 meters.
  • Make sure both devices do not have the personal hotspot turned on.

Update The Software And Check The Version.

Make sure your iOS / macOS is the latest version. iOS 11 or later is required for this to work. High Sierra or later is required for macOS. Check the version number if you are not sure.

You can use an iPad or iPhone if you own one

  • From your home screen, go to settings.
  • Click on the General tab.
  • Check out the about section. You can view the iOS version that is installed on your device from this page.

Follow these steps to update your iOS if it is outdated

  • Select General from the Settings menu.
  • Under Software update, you will find the tab. A prompt will appear to let you know it is time to update iOS.
  • Prior to updating the device software, ensure you have backed up all device data.

For Mac users,

  • Click on the About This Mac option in the Apple menu.
  • This will display the macOS version number.

You may need to update your version:

  • Go back to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Click on the Software update option.
  • In the event of an update, a message will appear there. Pressing the update button will inform you that you need to update your macOS.

Before you begin updating your system, please ensure that the system has been properly updated and that the device has been restarted.

How To Share Wifi Password From Mac To iPhone?

If your system is up-to-date and you checked all the items in the above list, you can proceed to share your wifi password without worry.

  • Before you begin, please ensure that your Mac is unlocked and connected to the internet. You will also need to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your iPhone. Then connect the iPhone to your Mac using the wifi network option.
  • Once the password has been shared, a notification will appear. Click the share button. You will not receive the password if you decline.

These things should also be checked if this isn’t working.

  • It is recommended that both devices have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on.
  • You should turn off any wifi hotspot on either device.
  • You should make sure both devices are connected to the cloud with an Apple ID. Click on the System Preferences menu in the Apple menu.
  • The same WiFi and Bluetooth device must be connected.
  • Try again after restarting both devices.

It’s possible to do it both ways as well. If your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network, you can share the password with your Mac. Below is a guide to sharing the password.

We mentioned something earlier, so check it.

  1. Connect to a wifi network with your unlocked iPhone.
  2. The macOS Menu Bar has an icon for wifi. Click on that. Ensure that the iPhone is connected to the same wifi network as the WiFi network selected from the list.
  3. The password for the network will be required. It should not be entered.
  4. Click on the share password button under the wifi settings on your iPhone.
  5. It will fill in the password for you automatically if you are using a Mac. Once you are connected, tap done.

For some reason, if sharing a password doesn’t work, you can set up a hotspot on your Mac. While it will be a slower connection and have a limited range, it will be better for you than using a mobile connection. This technology only works when your computer is connected to a wired internet connection rather than to a wireless connection. Having a cable connected to the internet instead of a wireless network is best for your Mac.

Follow these steps to accomplish this.

  • You can access System Preferences by selecting the Apple menu.
  • You will see the sharing icon if you click on the icon with a dot if you don’t see it.
  • An array of checkboxes will be displayed on the left side of the sharing dialog box.
  • Check the Internet sharing box by clicking on it.
  • The Ethernet network will share your connection if you choose it.
  • Click on the option “to computers using” under “to computers”.
  • Configure your wifi network by clicking on the wifi options link.
  • You can now choose a password to secure the network and give it a name. Press OK to complete the process.
  • You will now be prompted with a dialogue box after you check the box next to internet sharing. You can start your wifi hotspot by clicking on Start.

After that, you will see the new wireless network that you created in your Mac’s wifi settings on your iPhone. Click on it to connect. You will not be able to use this method if your Mac is connected to the internet via WiFi.

How Do You Use This WiFi Sharing Feature?

The process is pretty straightforward and there are a few steps to follow.

Consider this scenario: you want to be able to connect your iPhone and home. Get connected to your friends’ Wi-Fi networks with your iPod Touch.

  1. To add them to your Contacts application, all you have to do is drag and drop.
  2. Both your iPod Touch and your friend’s iPhone need to be enabled for Bluetooth.
  3. Once everything has been set up, ensure your devices are close enough to each other and ask both of them to join your WiFi network.

How To Share The WiFi Password From Mac to iPhone With Same iCloud Account?

The user doesn’t have to do anything to connect to WiFi with this method. The iPhone automatically establishes a WiFi connection when the following conditions are met:

  • Every device connected to WiFi and that will be connected to WiFi must have an active iCloud account. Find out what account is being used by going to the iCloud settings on your device.

For Mac:

In The Case Of iPhone:

  • Your Mac and iPhone must be configured to use iCloud Keychain. This feature allows you to save and access passwords entered on one device on another. Moreover, the device stores all WiFi passwords it has access to previously.

Mac Users Should Use:

  • Click on Settings -> iCloud.

  • Choose the “Keychain” item from the list. An iCloud password may be required to activate this feature.

In The Case Of iPhone:

1. In Settings, go to Passwords and Accounts -> iCloud. There you can browse your iCloud account.

2. To access the keychain, click the “Keychain” button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Activate the option if it is disabled (by opening the appropriate menu).

You’re done! As a result, your devices are configured to use the “iCloud Keychain”, so you can share a WiFi password between Mac and iPhone and vice versa.

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