How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12 Pro?


When the iPhone was first released, it was incredibly easy to display battery percentage. You just toggled one switch in the Settings app and the percentage indicator would appear in the top right corner of the screen. On the iPhone 12, it is a little more complex. You can display the battery percentage on iPhone 12 pro using the method below.

You can never really know how long your iPhone’s battery will last just by looking at its estimate. Apple no longer shows the exact percentage of the battery alongside the battery icon in the top right corner of the screen in recent models like the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. Luckily, iPhones with newer models come with a handy gesture that shows you the battery level. Tap the top right corner of your screen and swipe down to reveal the battery level. Here is the complete information about “How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 pro?”  There you go.

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12 Pro?

Method 1: Add battery widget to iPhone 12 pro

You can now always see the battery percentage on your home screen with the new widgets in iOS 14. In addition to monitoring the iPhone’s battery, the widget also shows the battery levels of any Bluetooth devices you have connected, such as AirPods and the Apple Watch.

The following steps will enable Your iPhone 12 home screen can now contain a battery widget.

1. You can do this by holding your finger over an empty area within your home screen.

2. You can do this by tapping the + icon at the top-left corner.

3. You can find the Batteries widget in the section Search Widgets.

4. It is possible to choose between small, medium, or large widget sizes. iPhone users are advised to select the 2×2 widget size. The medium or large widgets, as well as the battery percentage, will be displayed if you have other devices connected.

5. You can add widgets by tapping “Add Widget”.

The method below can be applied if you want to display a battery percentage permanently on an iPhone 12.

Swipe left on the home screen to avoid adding a dedicated battery widget. Below you can see the Widgets page with battery widgets.

Method 2. Using Siri to find out the battery percentage on the iPhone 12

The iPhone is most notable for its advanced and exciting Siri feature. Siri can tell you the percentage of the iPhone’s remaining battery if you love to use it.

When Siri has already been set up, you need only say Hey Siri to bring it up. In the alternative:

  • Select the Type to Siri option and the Hey Siri option under Settings > Siri.
  • Siri will now appear when you say, Hey Siri.

If you wish, you are free to combine words as you see fit such as:

  • What’s left of the battery?
  • The proportion of the battery.
  • Where is the battery on my iPhone?
  • The state of the battery.
  • How is my iPhone’s current charging?

  • Your remaining battery will be displayed by Siri.

Method 3. Use the bottom right corner of the iPhone 12 to swipe down

Using this method you can learn how to put battery percentage on iPhone 12 Pro quickly and easily. Follow these steps:

1. Turn the iPhone to the home screen.

2. You will see the remaining battery if you swipe down from the top-right corner, as shown below.

Method 4: View the remaining battery in Control Center

1. No matter which app or screen you’re in, you can swipe to see the battery indicator in the Control Center.

2. Use the Control Center to open the top-right corner of your screen and swipe down to see the battery level. Now you can view the remaining battery life of the device by swiping left.

3. In addition to the fact that this method can show you the condition of your battery even if your iPhone is locked, it also has two advantages. Even if your device is locked, make sure you can access your Control Center.

4. For more information, open Settings > Face ID & Passcode. You will need to turn on the “Control Centre” toggle after scrolling down to the “Allow access when locked” section.

Method 5: Go to the iPhone 12’s battery settings

1. In comparison with the other two methods, this is the least efficient because you cannot see the battery percentage left on the iPhone 12. Your iPhone will instead show the maximum percentage it was charged to last time. Follow these steps:

2. You can find out what % your iPhone was charged by going to settings > Battery. For instance, if 87% is displayed, it doesn’t mean you have 87% left in the battery until you remove the charge.

Method 6: During charging, verify the battery’s status

With the iPhone locked, tapping on the screen shows you the charging percentage for a short time as it charges. The new MagSafe charger will provide the same results regardless of whether you are using a lightning cable, Qi-certified wireless charger, or the new MagSafe charger.

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