How to slow mo a video iPhone?


There is a good chance that you have seen a slow-mo video shared on social media. At one point, making this type of video required skills, high-quality recorders, and editing software. These days, you can easily do it with an iPhone without using any third-party software or apps.

The appearance of slow motion consists of the action literally slowing down and everything moving much slower than it would in real life.

Does anyone know how to make normal videos in slow motion on an iPhone without specialized software and expensive licensed software? Here’s your answer: make videos using a free online tool!

It’s always a pleasure to record videos with an iPhone. There are a lot of amazing features on the iPhone. You can record videos in time-lapse and slow-motion modes in addition to the normal recording mode on the iPhone 5s and later devices.

The iPhone slow-mo mode is perfect for taking action videos such as explosions and water flowing. Take a look at how to slow mo a video iPhone with the slow-motion video feature. Here are some tips:

How to slow mo a video iPhone?

Apple now offers slow-motion video on iPhone 5s and subsequent models, a feature that was previously available only on expensive cameras. Users will appreciate its accessibility, affordability, and sheer fun. The following instructions will guide you through the process.

  1. To open the Camera application, click on its icon
  2. Below the screen, there are a few letters, including the words Photo, Square, etc.
  3. You’ll see Slow-mo when you swipe to the right
  4. Tap the red-colored record button to begin recording the slow-motion video
  5. To end the slow-motion video recording on your iPhone, tap the record button once more
  6. Slow-motion clips are stored in Photos app after you stop recording. The video can now be set to play at a normal speed or slow motion depending on the part of the clip.
  7. To find all slow-motion videos in the Slow Mo section of the Photos app, switch to the Albums section. To view a slow-motion video, tap on it.
  8. A video editing interface will be displayed at the bottom. Simply tap Edit to begin editing.
  9. Two black lines appear at the center of the clip. They indicate which portions of the clip will be slowed down. Using the right-click menu, you can shorten or lengthen the slow-motion.
  10. The edited playback is available if you tap the blue button located on the lower right of the screen

Things You Need to Know About iPhone Slow Motion Videos

Take a screenshot 

When shooting slow-motion videos on your iPhone, you can also capture still images. The white button on the bottom left corner of the screen automatically saves a high-resolution snapshot along with the video recorded.

Slow-motion shooting modes supported

Which iPhone recording modes support slow motion?

Only the iPhone 5s is capable of capturing 720p at 120 frames per second. 720p can be recorded at 240 frames per second on iPhone 6 (all models) iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. You can even capture 1080p HD at 240 frames per second on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The slow-motion video takes up space

Apple’s iPhone 5s and later iOS devices are able to record slow-motion video at 120 (fps). Video recorded at a higher frame rate will take up less space than video recorded at 120 frames per second.

A slow-motion video recording at 1080p resolution at 120 frames per second requires around 375 MB of storage for every minute, while a slow-motion video recorded at 720p resolution at 240 frames per second requires around 300 MB of storage.

A normal video can be sped up to slow motion

A slower frame rate is needed to record a slow-motion video. It is possible to reverse a slow-motion video, but not the other way around. Try to view a slow-motion video from normal and you’ll see frames skipping here and there. Rather than a constant video, it appears as a collection of still images.

What is the slow-motion speed of an iPhone video?

In normal viewing mode, an iPhone displays 60 frames per second (FPS). Shooting slow-motion involves capturing more footage by shooting it at a higher frame rate. Slowing down high-frame-rate footage gives the impression that it is moving slowly.

With Slo-mo, all iPhone models will record videos at 120 frames per second, which is half the speed of the normal video. A11 Bionic-powered phones (including the iPhone 8) can record Slo-mo videos at 240 FPS, which will play at a quarter of regular speed when played back.

Tip: How to crop, trim, and straighten slow-motion video?

For fixing up your slow-motion clips, you can use the Photo app on your iPhone. You can easily crop, straighten, and trim iPhone videos using these tools. Read on for instructions.

  • You need to tap Edit on the slow-motion video that you want to edit first.
  • The video can be trimmed by dragging the arrows at either end of the timeline slider towards the middle. It’s possible to shorten your video by trimming the beginning of the end.
  • If your video is crooked, you can crop it. Tapping the circle with the horizontal line through it allows you to access the straightening feature. Move the slider to adjust the video’s alignment.
  • To crop your video, you can tap on the crop icon and drag the borders to crop it to the appropriate size.
  • Click Done.

How to adjust contrast, exposure, and color for a Slow-mo video?

You can also edit the exposure, contrast, and color of slow-motion videos on your iPhone with sliders or ready-to-use filters in Photos. You can access these tools by following these steps:

  • You can edit a video in Photos by selecting it and tapping Edit.
  • You can edit the page by tapping the edit icon, which looks like a circle with dots surrounding it.
  • You can change the look of your video by clicking the icons above the slider.
  • An exposure icon consists of a circle with a plus or minus sign within it. By tapping and dragging the slider, you can adjust the exposure.
  • Tap the contrast icon, a black-and-white circle divided in half, to access the contrast slider. You can adjust the contrast by dragging the slider.
  • You can adjust the color saturation by tapping the saturation icon (a colorful circle) and adjusting the slider.
  • Choose your filter from the options and scroll through the options to apply them to your video by tapping the filter icon in three interconnected circles.
  • Click Done.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. Is it possible to slow down a video on an iPhone?

Select the speed tool, which looks like a speedometer, by tapping the video clip in the timeline and waiting for the video editing tools to appear. You can speed up or slow down your video by dragging the yellow slider at the bottom.

2. Is it possible to slow down timelapse on an iPhone?

The standard speed is 6x by default. A time-lapse video will be generated every 6 seconds of recording. You can adjust the speed by sliding the slider. Time-lapse speed can be slowed by dragging the slider to the left or made faster by dragging the slider to the right.

3. In iMovie, can I slow down the video?

Choose a high-frame-rate clip in the timeline of the iMovie application on your Mac. Click the Speed button to display the speed controls. Choose Slow from the pop-up menu. In order to match the frame rate of the rest of the movie, the frame rate of the selected clip is adjusted.

4. How do you make a video slow motion online?

Making Slow Motion Videos:

  • You can upload your video here. Select the video you want to slow down.
  • The video should be slowed down. To change the speed of the video, click on the video on the timeline and select ‘Speed’ under ‘Settings’.
  • You can download your video.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now understand how to slow mo a video iPhone. I would like to request your kind consideration to share this article with your friends and family members, and if you have any problems with this article, please let me know in the comment section below.

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