How To Soft Reset iPhone 12?


Your iPhone 12 needs to be reset every now and then. Resetting the iPhone 12 can be an effective and simple way to get the most out of it whether it has frozen or developed a software problem, or whether it simply needs a reboot. So, we explain how to soft reset an iPhone 12, including the standard iPhone 12, as well as the Mini, Pro, and Max models. In addition to explaining how to perform the normal “soft” reset, we show you how to perform a force restart and a factory reset.

We have an article on resetting other iPhone models that can be helpful if you need a more general overview of how to reset another iPhone model. Here is the complete information about “How To Soft Reset iPhone 12?” Read it below!

How To Soft Reset iPhone 12?

1. In order to perform a soft reset, press and hold the volume up + side buttons simultaneously until the power off slide button appears.

2. You will then be able to power off your smartphone by sliding it to the right.

3. When you have finished, press the Side button to turn it back on.

That’s fantastic!

Why does a restart not work? Enter DFU mode manually by force restarting:

You can now interact with iTunes on your iPhone 12 without having to boot up iOS in Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode. The DFU mode can usually be entered on an iPhone 12 whose OS is failing so that you can no longer operate the phone.

If you ever need to bring your iPhone 12 back to life, this is the only way to do it. It will delete everything on the device, but in some cases, it will be the only option. Here is what you need to know before proceeding. We will show you how to backup your iPhone with or without iTunes, and how to recover your data after the iPhone 12 is restored.

Using DFU mode is simple.

1. Turn on your computer and connect your iPhone 12.

2. Follow the steps outlined in the preceding section to force restart the system.

3. Remove your finger from the Sleep/Wake button.

4. To continue, hold down the Volume Down button for 10 seconds.

5. You should see a black screen on your iPhone 12.

6. iTunes will inform you that an iPhone is in recovery mode on your computer screen.

7. When the message appears, click OK to start the restoration process.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Soft Reset iPhone 12?

How does a soft reset differ from a force restart or a factory reset?

Your iPhone data will not be lost if you use the software option – a soft reset. A force restart is also possible when the touchscreen isn’t responding using the hardware keys. Unlike restoring or wiping, a factory reset is a completely different procedure. You want to do that because it restores your iPhone 12 to the way it was when it was new: all the content, settings, and personal data are erased.

As a last resort, if you’re experiencing problems that you cannot solve, we recommend factory resetting your iPhone. However, you should also use it if the phone has been lost or stolen, or if you’re trading it in. Using a previous backup, however, doesn’t have to be a permanent process, since you can restore everything that was once on your phone. You can also find a detailed breakdown of the various reset options in Settings > General > Reset if you need to perform a factory reset of your iPhone.

What are the steps for factory resetting an iPhone 12?

You need to factory reset the iPhone 12 if you want it to be like it had just come out of the box. Whenever you need to resolve a problem by deleting all your data and settings, you should do this before sending your iPhone in for service or selling it. The steps are as follows:

1. It is vital that you back up your iPhone 12 data before factory resetting it. You should always back up your data before doing a factory reset so you do not lose it.

2. By going to Settings > [your name] > Sign Out, you can turn off iCloud and Find My iPhone. Apple will Activation Lock your iPhone 12 if you don’t do this.

3. To return to the main Settings screen, tap on * Settings in the top left corner once you have completed signing out.

4. You are now on General.

5. Reset the device by tapping the Reset button at the bottom of the screen.

6. Delete all content and settings by tapping Erase All Content and Settings.

7. Your iPhone passcode must be entered if prompted.

8. After you click “OK,” you are warned that all of your music, other media, data, and settings are going to be deleted. To continue, click Erase.

9. Allow your iPhone to clean up in a minute or two. You’ll notice that the factory settings have been restored when you restart your iPhone.

When the iPhone 7 is hard reset, will everything be lost?

There is no data that will be erased by a hard reset. Don’t release the on and volume buttons before you see the Apple logo on the side of your phone.

What are the steps involved in resetting a locked iPhone?

The power off slider will appear when you hold the Side button and a volume button together. Use the slider to turn the iPhone off. Hold the Side button down while connecting the iPhone to your computer. You will see the iPhone in recovery mode once you hold the Side button down.

If an iPhone does not have a passcode, how do you wipe it?

Apple’s iCloud service allows you to erase your iPhone without a passcode:

1. You have to sign in with your Apple ID and password at If you have the same Apple ID as the one you use on the locked iPhone you can open the Find My [device] app on another Apple device.

2. The device should be located and erased.

3. Observe the process until it is complete.

If I forget my iPhone’s passcode, how do I reset it?

You can download it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1. It is recommended that you update your iOS or iPadOS to iOS 13.4.

2. Select Screen Time from the Settings menu.

3. After tapping Change Screen Time Passcode once more, tap Change Screen Time Passcode again.

4. Using Forgot Password? will let you reset your password.

5. Screen Time can be accessed using your Apple ID* and password* that you used when you set up the account.

What is the purpose of asking for a passcode on my iPhone?

Because your iPhone may be running an outdated version of iOS, it keeps asking you for your Apple ID password. Check to see if there is an iOS update available via Settings -> General -> Software Update. If you see a download option, tap it to install an update!

Is iPhone has a default passcode?

Default passcodes on iPhones are not available. Users must create their own. The Six-digit code will only be required if you’re using two-factor authentication. In addition, iOS 9 automatically generates six-digit passcodes.

Why do iPhone 7’s need to be reset?

Hard Reset on iPhone 7

1. To enable this feature, hold down the Volume Down button on the left side of your device, while simultaneously holding down the Sleep/Wake button on the right side.

2. Once the screen has darkened and the Apple logo appears, hold the buttons for approximately 10 seconds.

3. Restart your iPhone after releasing the buttons.

When I try to hard reset my iPhone 7, it won’t work?

There may be a chance that you cannot hard reset your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus if the power button or volume down button is broken. You might be covered for the cost of repair if your iPhone is still under warranty. To schedule an Apple Store appointment, visit Apple’s support page.

Do I need to erase data from my iPhone 7 before resetting it?

You can reset your device’s settings by going to Settings >> General, scrolling to the bottom and tapping the Reset button. The Reset screen will appear. Just ensure that you choose Reset All Settings – not Erase All Content and Settings – then you will need to confirm that you want to do it twice. If the process takes a short time, it should be fine.

What are the steps to refreshing my iPhone?

The iPhone should be restarted

1. The power off slider will appear after pressing and holding either the volume button or the side button.

2. If your device does not turn off automatically after 30 seconds, drag the slider again.

3. The Apple logo appears when you hold your iPhone’s side button (on the right side of the device) until you see the Apple logo.

My phone isn’t refreshing. What should I do?

Where can I find Android updates?

1. Wi-Fi should be enabled on your device.

2. Settings are now open.

3. You should select About Phone.

4. Press Updates to see if any updates have been made. A button to Update will appear if there are any updates available. Touch the button.

5. Installation. It may be Reboot and install, Install System Software, or Install Now, depending on the OS. Press the button.

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