How To Speed Up A Video On Iphone?


There are two ways to speed up a video on your iPhone using the iPhone’s built-in features. For example, to increase the speed of video that was recorded at normal speed, you will need to install Apple’s free iMovie app, which allows you to increase or decrease the speed of videos.

Slow-motion videos can be edited in the Photos app on your iPhone, where you can speed up the slow-motion section back to normal speed or remove the slow-motion section altogether in order to speed up the entire video.

You can change the video speeds of slo-mo and regular videos using the Photos app on an iPhone. The slow-motion videos that you take with your iPhone can be stored in a specific place. The tools in Photos can speed up slow-motion videos.  Here you will find the complete information about “How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone?” Read it out below!

How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone?

Users of the iPhone can now create effects previously only possible with expensive video equipment using a slow-motion recording.  Can you speed up rather than slow down a video? It’s possible to use your iPhone for this. 

The type of video you are speeding up determines the method of speeding up that video. Using the Photos application, you can speed up a video you’ve recorded using the Slo-Mo setting on your iPhone. 

For speeding up a normal video, you need the free Apple app iMovie. Here’s how to do it. 

Method 1: Using iMovie to speed up a video on your iPhone 

  • Here is the perfect time to download iMovie if you haven’t done so already. 
  • As you enter the screen welcome, you will see an “iMovie” app with a “Continue” button.
  • A new movie can be added to a Project by tapping the plus sign.
  • “Movie” is the default project type in the New Projects window.
  • When a video is tapped, it will be increased. Tap the video you want to accelerate and then scroll to the desired video. Tap “Create Movie” after speeding up the video.
  • The video clip will appear on the timeline after you select it from the timeline. The video can then be edited using the tools at the bottom of the page.

iMovie, one of its video editing tools, allows you to adjust the video playback speed. 

  • Select the Speed button on the top of the screen, which looks like a speedometer
  • Drag the slider towards the rabbit by dragging it to the right. As you drag the cursor down, the faster the video will play, up to 2X its normal speed. It is possible to preview your changes by pressing On the top left, you’ll find a Play button.

  • After editing is completed, tap “Done” in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  • By tapping the Share button at the bottom of the screen, you can select how you would like to save the completed video. 

Normalize a slow-motion video on an iPhone

  • When you open the Photos app, tap the album icon at the bottom. 
  • The “Slo-Mo” button lets you view a list of videos you’ve shot in slow motion, and then you can choose which one you want to speed up.
  • You can edit the message by tapping the “Edit” button.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see the video timeline. The video contains a fast section with closely spaced dashes, as well as a slow section with dashes that are more widely separated. Sections with slow-motion appear with shorter drag bars. 

  • You can speed up the video by placing your first drag bar, finger on it on the left, and dragging it to the right. The video will run at full speed until the end. You should no longer see a slow motion.

  • When you are finished, click on “Done.”

Despite the fact that your video is now saved at full speed if you want you can always return later and use the drag bars to restore slow-motion anywhere in the video. 

Method 2: Speed Up Video In the Photos App on an iPhone

It might be simplest to change the speed of the video on an iPhone from slo-mo to regular speed by using the pre-installed Photos application. All slow-motion videos you take will be stored on your iPhone.

Slow-motion videos can be sped up by using the tools built into the Photos editing program. follow these steps:

  • Open the Photos app on your smartphone.
  • Choose an album from the list.
  • In the screen that appears, scroll down to the section titled Media Types and tap Slo-mo.
  • You can speed up a slo-mo video by tapping on the video that you want to rewind.

  • Tap Edit when the video is open in order to edit it.
  • There are several vertical lines along the bottom of the page. Each of these lines indicates the speed of the video at that specific point in the recording. If the lines are very close together, it indicates normal speed.
  • The line spacing, on the other hand, indicates slow motion if the lines are very far apart.
  • Tap the bar with the lines in it to move the finger along the slo-mo section of the screen. The lines will appear close together, which indicates that they’re moving at a normal rate.

  • After changing the speed, tap Done to save the video.

Here’s some advice. Is there anything you would like to see in the video in slow motion? By selecting the section on the yellow bar, you can slow down that portion. Next, drag the lines farther apart by dragging your finger across them.

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