How To Split Screen On iPhone 11?


The screen has two panes when in split-screen mode. Navigation takes place in the left pane, while the right pane displays the selected content. It’s possible to swipe up and down on one pane without affecting the other. Here is the tutorial below about ” how to split screen on iPhone 11?”

How to Use Split Screen on iPhone 11?

To swipe left within an app, swipe left from the middle right corner of the screen. All applications you’ve installed on your iPhone will now be displayed

On the screen, you’ll see all the apps that are installed on your iPhone.

The one you tap slides over and gains focus. This works exactly like the Slide Over feature on iPhone 11. Rather than leaving the app, you’re using, you can interact with another app. To switch back to your previous app, you can simply swipe back.

A search inside an app can be particularly useful if you need to quickly look something up online. You can make a web search using Safari (or any other web browser for iPhone) directly from the current app, without closing it. Safari (or Google Chrome) can be used to conduct a web search.

Split-screen mode can be accessed by rotating your iPhone to landscape mode. Slide Over mode is accessed by swiping left from the middle-right corner of any app. Select the app you wish to open. When you tap the small drag bar, you will now be able to use both apps in parallel.

The app list can be accessed by swiping down from the top white drag bar.

With the middle drag bar, you can simply drag the app away to end split-screen mode.

While using Gorgone on my jailbroken iPhone 11, I did not experience any bugs. Its rotation across all installed apps is the only thing that bothers me. While this may be a boon for some, some apps may look terrible due to this factor.

In future releases, we’ll hopefully be able to disable rotation for some apps. Other than this issue, Gorgone is quite stable. If you need to temporarily turn Gorgone off, simply tap “Disable”, or if you no longer need it, consider uninstalling it from Cydia.

How To Split Screen On iPhone 11 Using Gorgone App?

Install Gorgone from Cydia

  • Browse to the Search section of Cydia on your iPhone and look for “Gorgone”. Unlike other tweaks in Cydia, this one is hosted on the BigBoss repo and will be included by default.

  • Click “Install” > “Confirm”.

  • The installation process will be completed by tapping on “Restart SpringBoard”.

  • Gorgone should now have been successfully installed on your device after a few seconds of restarting.
  • Take a moment to adjust Gorgone’s settings. Turn “Enable Rotation” on in “Settings” > “Gorgone”. On the home screen as well as in most apps, rotation is enabled.

  • As of right now, the second option, “Enable Lock Screen rotation”, is only available for iOS 9 and does not work on iOS 10.

Using Gorgone, iPhone users can enjoy one of the greatest iPad features on their iPhone. It can save you a lot of time if you are constantly switching between different apps.

How to Use the Split-Screen on iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Xs Max, or Plus Models?

Split-screen capabilities are available on most of the largest iPhones, including the 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xs Max, 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max (although not all apps provide split-screen support).

Rotate your iPhone so it’s in landscape orientation to activate the split-screen. In apps that support this feature, you will automatically see a screen split.

The screen has two panes when in split-screen mode. Navigation takes place in the left pane, while the right pane displays the selected content. There are two independent panes, so you can swipe up and down on either side without affecting the other.

The left pane allows you to browse for the information you need. The right pane lists that information. The Settings app, for example, lets you choose a setting from The controls for the phone can be used in the right pane just as if the phone were on a single screen.

By using the left pane, you can jump to different areas more easily and quickly (as opposed to having to tap back (*) once or more times to switch to the right area).

You can open or close the split-screen in some apps which support this functionality by selecting an icon. Each app has a different icon. In the Mail app, you can open or close the left pane by tapping the Full-Screen icon (two diagonal arrows pointing away from each other).

Setting, Mail, and Messages are preinstalled apps that support this functionality. Split-screen apps are better viewed on the opposite side if your phone supports them.

You see the pages of the Home screen on the left while the Dock moves to the right side of the screen when you are using a model that supports split-screen horizontally. In spite of the different look, this makes no difference to how an iPhone works when held vertically.

How to Use Splitting Mode on Your iPad?

Open Split View Mode

Slide Over mode is a good option when you don’t have to view a lot of information in the second application. If, however, you wish to expand the size of the app in order to see greater portions of the screen, you’ll have to enter Split View mode, in which two apps can be made larger or smaller.

Hold to the right of the Mail window in an app and move it to the left, but not too far, if you have the Notes app on the left and the Mail app on the right side in Slide Over mode. The Notes window shrinks, allowing for the Mail window to slide in so that both apps can share the screen with a split view.

You can also alter the size of both windows you are in the Split View mode. Press the small horizontal gray bar that is in the middle on the boundary between both windows, and shift it to the left. The window’s screen on the right decreases. Release your hold once each window is at the size you prefer.

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