How To Sync iPhone To iPhone?


It may be beneficial to sync all your iPhones and iPads to keep all your contacts, reminders, files, photos, and videos in sync. Having this set up makes it possible to pick up any device to use FaceTime, view your calendar, check your emails, browse photos, or write on your iPad screen and complete it comfortably.

Your iPhone And iPad can sync wirelessly with iCloud so that you can access all your essentials from anywhere. Here is “how to sync iPhone to iPhone?”, if you are wondering how to do so.

Users of iPhones are often forced to swap devices due to various circumstances. Since the old iPhone contains numerous documents and other important files, it is inevitable that data must be transferred to the new iPhone. What matters most is how these data files can be transferred safely. Several possible methods exist to transfer data between iPhones, such as iCloud and iTunes, which is described in this article.

8 Best Ways For How To Sync iPhone To iPhone?

1. How To Sync iPhone To iPhone With MobileTrans?

In addition to its powerful features, MobileTrans-Phone Transfer is also a great tool for transferring data between Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Transferring your old phone’s data to the new one is as easy as pie because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface. MobileTrans-Phone Transfer lets you transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android, as well as Windows OS to Windows or iOS OS. You can transfer everything you need to your new device with just a few simple steps new phone. The following MobileTrans-Phone Transfer shows you how to transfer data between iPhones using these steps.

1. The application can be started by tapping the MobileTrans-Phone Transfer icon. Choose the Phone Transfer option from the list of options on the interface.

2. Utilize suitable media like USB to connect the two iPhones to the computer. As soon as an iPhone is connected to the program, both iPhones will appear as “Source iPhone” and “Destination iPhone“. You can align them by simply clicking the “Flip” button if they are in the wrong positions. As a result, only the destination and source will be transferred.

3. You can select the data files you wish to transfer from the file list provided to the new iPhone by ticking the boxes. In order to begin data transfer, click “Start” on either iPhone. You can select the “Clear data before copy” option to ensure no data will be transferred to the destination iPhone during the transfer. You must keep the two iPhones connected during the transfer process.

The entire process is completed within a few minutes. Confirm that you successfully transferred the files to the destination iPhone.

2. How To Sync iPhone to iPhone With iTunes or Finder?

A user can move his or her data from one iPhone to another by using Apple’s iTunes or Finder application. All the data and content you purchase on your old iPhone can be transferred to your new one. Restoring iTunes to your new iPhone is the only thing you have to do. If you don’t yet have your iTunes backup encrypted, iTunes will not be able to import your health and activity data. You can use the steps below to transfer data between your iPhone and iTunes.

1. Start your iPhone by turning it on. Your iPhone will show a “Hello” screen. Before going on to the next step, simply remove the setup if you have already set up the new iPhone.

2. The “Apps & Data” screen will appear when you follow the on-screen instructions. To restore apps from your Mac or PC, select “Restore from a PC or Mac”.

3. Using the same PC you backed up your previous iPhone, connect your new one. Click iTunes to choose the device you wish to restore.

4. Select the correct backup from the “Restore Backup” list. In order to determine which backup to restore, the size and date must be taken into consideration. Backups that are encrypted would require a password to be entered. You should enter the password.

5. Be patient while the restoration process is completed. Then, follow the rest of the steps to set up your new iPhone.

3. How To Sync iPhone to iPhone With QuickStart?

Without using iCloud, QuickStart offers an easy way of setting up and transferring information between iPhones. Quick Start allows you to transfer data from your source iPhone to a destination iPhone that is running iOS 12.4. Your data is wirelessly transferred from your source iPhone to a destination iPhone using iPhone migration.

While Quicks Start runs on both devices at the same time, make sure neither is engaged in any other task. Depending on your wireless connection and the size and nature of the data transferred, this process may take several minutes. Quick Start provides a simple way to move everything from iPhone to iPhone.

1. Ensure that the old iPhone and the new iPhone are in close proximity by turning on your new iPhone first. Transfer data via a wired connection if you are connecting two iPhones. You can set up your new iPhone by using the QuickStart screen displayed on your old phone Apple You will need to enter your Apple ID in order to continue. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is turned on if you do not see this option.

2. The old iPhone should be held over the new iPhone and the animation should appear centered in the viewfinder when you display an animation on your new iPhone.

3. Enter the old iPhone’s password if prompted by the new iPhone. Set up your new iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID as described in the following instructions.

4.  Choose the appropriate restore method after selecting the target backup. Depending on whether you are updating your current backup, files can be restored from an iCloud backup or from a current backup. When prompted, select the option to transfer the settings. If you are transferring information between two iPhones, make sure they are both near each other and have power until it is complete.

5. How To Sync iPhone To iPhone With iCloud Backup?

  • Using the old iPhone, open the Settings.
  • To access Apple ID, tap the Apple ID icon.
  • Choose iCloud from the menu.

  • Select iCloud Backup from the menu.
  • Now tap the Back button.

  • Once the backup has been completed, turn off your old iPhone.
  • If you plan to move your SIM card to your new iPhone, remove it from your old iPhone.
  • Make sure the backup has been completed before continuing.

6. How To Syncing Apps And Updates From iPhone To iPhone?

You’ll be able to download any free app or paid app purchased on one device to your other iPhone or iPad automatically if you follow the steps below.

  1. To access the App Store, open the Settings app.
  2. Turn on the App Updates and Automatic Downloads switch under Automatic Downloads.

7. How To Sync Books From iPhone To iPhone?

Following these steps, you can sync your Apple Books with all your devices.

You can enable Books from the iCloud settings by clicking your name > iCloud.

After that, tap on the Books icon in the main Settings screen. This screen enables The ability to purchase from other devices. Ensure that iCloud Drive and Reading Now are on under Syncing.

If you use the Kindle app or another book-reading app on your other iPhone or iPad, make sure you sign in with the same account that you use on this device.

8. How To Sync Third-Party Apps From iPhone To iPhone?

As a final step, if you need third-party apps on all your devices (like Canva, 1Password, payment apps, etc. ), open the App Store and download them. You can then sign in with the same account on all This information pertains to the primary iPhone you own. Your signed devices should now be able to access everything.

Here’s a guide to syncing your iPhone and iPad’s essential data. The guide I provided should have been helpful for you, and now you can seamlessly use multiple Apple devices simultaneously.

Final Words:

It seems like you are now surprised that iCloud has become a viable option for transferring your data between iPhones. However, thanks to this guide, you have been equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the best method of data transfer. From a neutral perspective, MobileTrans-Phone Transfer appears to be your best option. MobileTrans-Phone Transfer allows iPhone to iPhone data transfer without iCloud effortlessly, safely, and conveniently.

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