How To Tab On iPhone?


Apple devices and features make their keyboards easy to use and clean-looking, similar to how all other Apple devices work. Generally, you can use this keyboard to type anything you need to say. It even features emojis for that extra touch. However, unlike a regular desktop keyboard, the iOS keyboard lacks one important function – the Tab key.

Evernote and Pages, note-taking apps, have thought of this as well, and have integrated an indent feature. Then, how can you indent your text during the typing process in Notes or e-mail? With these apps, it’s not simple to insert a Tab functionality. Here is the complete information about “How To Tab On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Tab On Iphone?

Tabulate dictation by inserting a tab character

When inserted, the tab character will appear at the start of the document. Enable your keyboard if necessary. This is a simple email example just to illustrate. 

The steps to follow are listed below.

1. Move your cursor to the part of the document where you want to insert the tab character.

2. You can use your keyboard’s microphone by pressing the Microphone button.

3. The tab key is the key.

Your document will then be inserted with a tab character. There you have it! That’s what Six Colours teased us with.                                                       

With a shortcut, insert the tab character

You can also use a shortcut on your Mac to insert a tab character on your iOS device to use as a replacement text for text.

Your iPhone or iPad keyboards will not allow you to create text replacements using tabs directly. You will be able to create them using the shortcut on your Mac.

1. Open the System Preferences menu by clicking the Apple icon.

2. Click Text, then Keyboard.

3. Add a text replacement by clicking on the plus icon.

4. Name the object in the Replace field, such as “tab.”

5. Select the Tab character from the With box. The final character must be added to make this work.

6. Enter your keystroke.

From now on, simply use this text replacement when using the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Find the tab character in the document by navigating to the desired location.

2. Name the shortcut on your Mac according to what you gave it.

3. Click on the text replacement to insert it. Tap the spacebar to replace it. Backspace will let you remove the extra character you added.

Though this second method of inserting a tab is clunky on iOS, it does the job. Using this method is preferable to dictating, so try it out if you like it.

Method 3. Using voice commands

1. You can use the Tab key in any text document. Take an email as an example.

2. To give the command in Russian, change the keyboard to Russian (if you plan on giving it in Russian).

3. To the right of the space bar, click on the microphone icon.

4. Let’s say “Tabulation” for a moment…

5. You can turn it back on along the way (iOS Settings * Keyboard * Enable Dictation…) if the microphone icon is not next to the space bar.

6. As soon as iOS is activated, it will open up a “big” space, as we do on a “regular” computer keyboard using a tab.

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