How To Take A Picture From A Video On iPhone?


Video can be shot and played on your iPhone. It is possible, however, to find some wonderful images within a video that you would like to extract and add to an album. You can also simply post a frame from a video on your blog with a frame grabber for your iPhone.

As a consequence, the question arises – how do I take a picture from a video on my iPhone? You no longer have to wonder about that. You can take a picture from any video on an iPhone in several ways. Here is the complete information about “How To Take A Picture From A Video On Iphone?” Read it below!

How To Take A Picture From A Video On Iphone?

1. The simplest method to capture a screenshot

How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

In order to access the settings menu of the iPhone X or later version, press the volume up button and the left-upper side button simultaneously. Press them both quickly again to exit.

You must press the Home button and the button on the right simultaneously on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 in order to make them work.

Does iPhone 5 allow you to take pictures from videos? Sure, it does. Click the lock key along with the home key simultaneously. Once you are done, release your fingers. The captured photo has to be found in Photos, then you need to go to Albums, and then Screenshots.

Despite how easy this method is, it is more likely than not that you will screenshot a blurry image using this method. Consequently, taking screenshots isn’t the best option due to the number of pixels lost.

Method 1: Taking a Screenshot

1. Press play on the video. It doesn’t matter what video you choose. YouTube videos or other internet videos can be played, or videos stored in your camera roll can be played. Videos on iTunes or Apple TV, for example, may be protected by DMR copyright, which prevents you from taking a screenshot.

2. Slide the video to the center. Now the controls for playback are visible.

3. Stop the video by pressing the pause button. A couple of vertical lines can be found on the icon if you want to pause it. The icon appears in the middle of the screen on YouTube videos. In the upper-right corner of the video playback window on videos from your camera roll, there is a pause icon.

4. Select the frame you wish to capture by dragging the playhead to it. Played are the lines, bars, or dots on the screen that show the location of the video when it is being played back. You can scrub the video by tapping and dragging the playhead from left to right. To capture the frame, tap the desired frame.

5. Playback controls will disappear after a short delay. Several seconds after you wait for the playback controls to disappear on YouTube and most video-playback apps, they will return.

6. Capture it with a camera. Some are instructions for taking screenshots of specific models of iPhones and iPads. Apple’s iPhone or iPad screen that is flashing white makes a clicking sound. You can take a screenshot by following these steps.

7. The latest version is compared to iPhone X. When this occurs, keep the Volume Up button and Side button pressed simultaneously.

  • iPhones from earlier versions. 
  • Press the Side and Home buttons simultaneously on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Using the tablet. To turn your iPad on, press the power button and the home button simultaneously on its top right side.

8. Retrieve the screenshot. Take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below.

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose an album from the list.
  • Screenshots are available by tapping.
  • Tap a picture.

Method 2: Video to Photo Grabber

Is there a better approach to getting still pictures from the iPhone video? You can use an iOS app instead of a video converter to convert video to the image on your iPhone. Download our Photo Grabber app. With this app, users are able to extract full HD pictures from videos on their iPhones in a quick and easy way.

It’s also compatible with iPad and iPod touch, so it’s the best video to photo app in the world. There are also many other features to choose from. If you have saved images on your computer, you can email them to friends or share them via the iTunes file. The user interface is very intuitive. Let us find out how it works.

This video grabber can be used to grab photos.

Here are only a few easy steps you need to follow in order to understand how to make a picture from a video on your iPhone.

Step 1. The app may need to be downloaded from the Google Play store and then installed on your iPhone.

Step 2. Browse your Camera Roll to select your preferred video.

Step 3. You can then browse the frame-by-frame video. The video can also be played by selecting individual frames.

Step 4. The export of still images will be directly saved to your Camera Roll after you press Save.

Features of this app

1. You are probably familiar with the ease of use of this app

2. iPhones allow you to take full-quality pictures from videos.

3. In addition, the video scrubber can be sped up or down.

Having learned how to take a picture from a video on the iPhone, you can now take a picture from a video. What if you wanted to take photos from videos on your computer instead of taking photos from videos on your iPhone? In case you happen to have a similar question, you can continue reading to find the answer.

Viewing videos on a computer is still more enjoyable than watching them on an iPhone, although it is convenient. Because of this, you should be aware of how to convert video to pictures on your computer. DVDFab Toolkit may be able to help you accomplish these goals if you are looking for software to accomplish this task.


People are becoming increasingly concerned about how to capture a picture from a video on an iPhone in today’s social era. We have written this article to address those concerns. You can take pictures from videos with the iPhone’s most popular video-to-photo application, Video to Photo Grabber. If you’re wondering how to get still pictures from iPhone videos, there are certainly other apps that you consider working well.

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