How To Take A Screenshot iPhone 12?


Today, taking screenshots is a very important feature of a mobile phone or tablet, that is, capturing in an image what appears on the screen at that precise moment on your Apple iPhone 12.

The conversation you captured over WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram story, Facebook photo, or video frame can be saved in the memory of your Apple device.

You need to capture the exact state of your iPhone screen sometimes, and this is how you do it by taking a screenshot. There is no difference between taking screenshots on an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Mini from those on other iPhone models. Here is the complete information about “How to take a screenshot on an iPhone 12?” Read it below!

How To Take A Screenshot iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 features a screenshot feature that’s perfect for remembering a meaningful message, a great joke, or another important moment. Despite the fact that there are third-party screenshot apps, you don’t need them. iOS provides a mechanism for taking a screenshot on the iPhone 12. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open your iPhone and take a screenshot of whatever you want. You may be sending a text message, browsing a website, or interacting with an application.

2. Hold down the Side and Volume up buttons simultaneously.

3. It means you have taken a screenshot when you hear a camera noise and the screen flashes. The screenshot is displayed as a thumbnail in the lower-left corner.

4. It is recommended that you swipe the screenshot off the left edge of the screen in order to save it and not do anything else with it after that. The thumbnail on the screenshot can be tapped to edit or share it.

5. Are you interested in finding out how to take a screenshot on any other iPhone model? We have instructions on how to do it, starting from the very first iPhone.

What are the steps for taking a screenshot of the iPhone 12 without buttons?

If you own an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Mini, you may want to take screenshots without pressing any hardware buttons as there are several ways to do so. In case of a broken button or if you have difficulty taking a screenshot using the hardware button, the following methods can help.

Using Back Tap, an accessibility feature designed to maximize accessibility is one of the most enjoyable ways to do so. You can take a screenshot by tapping the back of your iPhone two or three times while it is in sleep mode, so opening your Settings and navigating to Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap, and then assigning “Screenshot” as a tap option, will let you take a screenshot.

In addition to using AssistiveTouch to capture a screenshot, you can navigate to Settings and select Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch, and then assign “Screenshot” to a custom action. AssistiveTouch users can also open the Device > More > Screenshot menu and take a screenshot without buttons at any time using the Device > More > Screenshot window. Cool!

How to Share iPhone 12 Screenshots?

It is the same as sharing any other photo on social media: you can send a message, send an email, post it on social media, etc. as soon as you have taken a screenshot on your iPhone 12. In addition to being able to delete it or sync it, you can also share it with others. To share a screenshot of your screen, follow these steps:

1. You can find the screenshot in the Camera Roll or the Screenshots album within the Photos app. When you find it, tap on the image to open it up.

2. You can tap the Share button (the box with an arrow pointing out of it) to share the picture.

3. You can share a screenshot by tapping the app you want to use. As an example, let’s take the picture and copy it so that it can be pasted into a different app.

4. You will be able to open an application if you tap one in the second row. Follow the instructions that are specific to the application you want to share. Let’s take the example of pasting into a tweet to share.

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