How To Take Multiple Pictures On iPhone?


With iOS 14, the burst mode is a bit hidden on the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and newer devices, making it harder to capture any action shots. You can find instructions in our guide.

If you want to take a continuous shoot on your iPhone but don’t know how then. This article helps you with” how to take multiple pictures on iPhone?”.

How To Take Multiple Pictures On iPhone With QuickTake?

Apple’s iPhone features a new feature called QuickTake, which allows you to take short videos while shooting photos. The camera app behaves more like Instagram and Snapchat’s built-in cameras.

Hold the “Shutter” button down to record a short video. Once the recording is complete, release the button. Keep holding the shutter button while you drag it to the padlock on the right if you would like to record a longer video. If you tap “Stop Recording”, the recording will remain locked until you release it. By pressing the “Shutter” button, you can continue to take photos even as you record.

You’ll remember how you used to take burst shots with your iPhone if you’ve used it for a while. For a burst of pictures, click and hold the “Shutter” button while dragging it to the left. When you let go, the iPhone keeps shooting.

In order to make your iPhone start recording video, you need to drag the shutter quite quickly.

You have to get used to it if you are like and enjoy shooting in burst mode. Here’s another way to do it.

Activate Burst Mode On The Volume Button?

When combined with QuickTake, your iPhone’s volume buttons function as shutter releases. The “volume up” and “volume down” buttons can be tapped to take a picture or held down to record a video.

With your iPhone, however, you can establish a setting for “Volume Up” to shoot photos, and “Volume Down” to shoot video. You can control your camera like a professional.

Activate “Use Volume Up For Burst” in Settings > Camera.

How To Take Multiple Pictures On iPhone 11 Pro With Brust Mode?

This article shows you exactly how to take multiple photos continuously using the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11.

You can also use this on devices running iOS 13. It can be useful for capturing action shots, especially when there are multiple people in a scene and it’s difficult to get a comprehensive shot in one go.

After taking several shots, you can pick the best one.

How does Burst Mode work?

As the name implies, the burst mode is a mode that allows users to take multiple pictures at the same time without having to repeatedly click the shutter button. This is useful for capturing subjects that are in motion.

Steps for Taking Multiple Photos With Burst Mode

  1. Take advantage of your iPhone camera’s Photo mode by launching the app.
  2. Next, point the camera at the subject you want to capture.
  3. Slide the shutter button left and then drag it back to the right. Several photos will be taken this way.

Notice the counter indicating the shots have been taken. As soon as you think you have captured enough of the subject, let go of the camera.

4. Please review the photos in the gallery. Pick the photos that appeal to you most.

Using the Camera Shutter Button For Taking Multiple Photos On iPhone X and Older iPhone’s

  1. Open the camera app (no matter what device you’re using).

2. Below the round button, press and hold it to take multiple photos.

3. You can see the total number of photos you took on your screen with the touch of a single button. Here it displays 004 (four photos at one time) and you can take up to 999 photos in one go. The photos app can be saved.

4. As you can see in the below picture, the Burst tag is visible on all the pictures (a bunch of them in the Photos app).

5. Tap on it. Delete the rest of the pictures and choose your favorite.

Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will store the photos you want.

6. Tap on Done. Then, delete any remaining pictures.

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