How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 6

How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 6

The lifeproof case protects your smartphone from high drops as well as liquids, dirt, and dust.  Rubber and plastic are used to make this protective phone case. Life-proof cases offer many benefits over standard phone cases. 

Your device fits snugly into it. Because of this, you cannot remove it as you would when using a regular phone or tablet case. 

Let me tell you what the best and safest method is to remove lifeproof cases from smartphones and tablets.

Get 2 Methods For How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 6

METHOD 1: Removing The Back Of The Lifeproof Case Iphone 6 

How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 11

Step 1: Locate the charger port on your device

  • Many of the life-proof cases that come with a phone/tablet have an opening for the charger port at the bottom. 
  • This step is optional for life-proof cases that do not have charger port doors.

Step 2: Remove the headphone plug from the lifeproof case

  • It is important not to damage the headphone jack plug by treading

Step 3: Locate the slot next to the charging port

  • Approximately 2 cm wide is the slot
  • There is usually a slot located on the right side of the smartphone’s charger port (facing you when the phone is facing outwards).
  • Cases with two slots are sometimes found

Step 4: Place the case key into the slot and separate the case from the lifeproof case

  • Divide the front and back sides of the case with the thin plastic piece that is included in the case.
  • Rotate the key into the lifeproof case slot
  • You can slide the life proof case up to separate the top from the bottom
  • Once you have done this, you will hear a click. 
  • Whenever there is a click, it means that the front and back parts of the case are separated.
  • Continue the process for the other slot on your smartphone if it has two.

Step 5: Place your thumb between the protective cases, and separate them securely

  • Use your thumb to separate the two sides of the case by putting your case key or coin between the gaps on the front and back of the cover

Separate the back of the case carefully with your thumb.

METHOD 2: Remove the Lifeproof case’s front

Remove the Lifeproof cases front

Step 1: Set up your smartphone on a soft surface (such as a couch, sofa, or bed)

  • Taking the smartphone out of its case can cause it to fall

Step 2: Place your thumbs on the front of the lifeproof case

  • Switch the orientation of your phone’s display

Your thumb should be gently pressed into the middle of the case.

Step 3: As you pull one end up, you will hear a click

  • Hold your thumbs on top of the smartphone’s screen and pull the sides of the lifeproof case up.
  • The case will easily pop off your phone at this point. It is for this reason that I asked you to work on a soft surface.

How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 6 Without Bubbles

  • If your phone has screen protectors, remove them and clean it with a cloth
  • Placing your phone’s bottom in the front cover of the lifeproofing case
  • Ensure that all sides of the phone are securely covered by the case cover (without any air bubbles)
  • In the front area of the case, press the case backpack and set it in place.
  • You need to close the charge port door

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How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone 6 Without Keys ?

  • Open the charging port door
  • Remove the headphone jack plug from the lifeproof case
  • Near the charger port are some small slots/slots
  • You can use the same coin or tool (you can use the US Neco coin)
  • The coin should be rotated clockwise and the lifeproof case separated
  • Put your finger in the gap between your back and front cases
  • Touch the case with your finger and it will easily separate from the phone
  • Apart from the lifeproof key, you can also use plastic or other steel materials. But make sure that this tool does not damage your phone or your lifeproof case.

Final thoughts

I hope you learn How To Take Off A Lifeproof Case Iphone. I hope this article can be of help to you, so please share it with your friends if it is. We’d love to hear from you through our contact us page if you have any questions.


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