How To Take SIM Card Out Of iPhone 5C?

how to take sim card out of iphone 5c

In this detailed guide, you will learn How To Take SIM Card Out Of iPhone 5C and how to put it back in. There is a special tray inside your iPhone that houses your SIM card, which can be removed with a special SIM eject tool or by using the pointy end of a paperclip to lift the tray out of your iPhone. Having removed the SIM card tray, you are now able to quickly pop it out of its holder and force a new SIM card into its place.

What is a SIM Card?

Is it the little plastic thing you take out of the tray on the right side of your iPhone? It’s a smart card, called the Subscriber Identity Module, that communicates with the carrier. An iPhone uses a nano-SIM. SIM cards in iPhones are called nano. SIM cards have unique identification numbers, and they also contain personal information that only you can access. When you use SIM cards, your data plan and phone number follow you from phone to phone.

Type of SIM Card for iPhone

SIM cards are available in three types in iPhone models:

  • SIM: This is the first type of SIM. A full SIM card is about the same size as a credit card, but you can pop out the part with the important data and use it in your phone.
  • Apple’s iPhone 4 used the micro-SIM format for the first time when it launched in 2010. Micro-SIMs are smaller than their original versions.
  • The Nano-SIM was introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5. Nano-SIMs are 12% smaller than micro-SIMs.
  • In an eSIM, the SIM card is built into the phone and can be programmed for different purposes, such as having two phone numbers or companies on one phone.

What kind of SIM card size for my iPhone?

Identifying the type of sim card included with an iPhone is easy. If your device is not taking the correct size SIM card, insert a different-sized SIM card into the slot and check for any differences in functionality such as no connection or no service.

Also, you can test your iPhone with a sim from another device that is known to use a different size.

How does a SIM card work?

Do you know that little piece of plastic that sticks out from the tray on the right side of your iPhone? SIM cards or Subscriber Identity Modules are smart cards inside most mobile phones that allow them to communicate with your service provider. Apple phones use Nano-SIM cards. A SIM card in your iPhone is called a nano-SIM card because of its tiny size. SIM cards contain a unique identifier that you alone possess, as well as personal information that is yours alone or should be. Your number and data plan remain the same when you switch SIM cards between phones.

How to take sim card out of iPhone 5C?

  • You must turn off your iPhone before you remove or insert a SIM card. Slide the Power icon to the right after pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button.
  • In order to remove or insert a SIM card, you must turn off your iPhone before removing or inserting the SIM card. Slide the Power icon to the right after pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button. To remove the tray, you can use your fingernails or a flat object such as tweezers. Care must be taken not to break any pieces in the process.
  • To remove the SIM card, insert a paperclip into the hole on the top of your phone and pull it up until it is just open enough to allow your SIM card to slide out.
  • You will be able to slide the SIM card into your cellphone when you are ready to put it in
  • Please make sure that the tray does not stick out when closing your iPhone. It may be necessary for you to push the tray back into the phone.
  • One finger should be pushed down on the phone tray, while the other finger should be pushed up on each side of the phone (near the top buttons). You should be able to pop this out easily. Ensure secure closure by pressing firmly around the edges of the case as necessary.”

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