How To Transfer Passwords To New iPhone?


Are you using a new phone? That’s awesome! There’s one task that you need to accomplish before you can enjoy its features. The passwords from your old phone have to be transferred from your old device unless you want to use it from scratch. 

This can be achieved by backing up your old device and restoring the backup or using AirDrop to share different passwords. For detailed instructions on “How To Transfer Passwords To New iPhone?” Read below.

How To Transfer Passwords To New iPhone?

Method 1: Using iCloud Backup for password transfer 

You don’t have to connect your phone to a computer to backup your data with iCloud. You can backup your data as follows:

1. Simply select your name from the list of options in Settings and tap iCloud.

2. You will be taken to the Backup screen after tapping on iCloud Backup. 

3. Back up your data to iCloud. You can start the backup procedure by selecting Back Up Now. When the backup is in progress, you should be connected to WiFi.

4. You’ll be prompted to restore from iCloud backup when setting up your new phone. When you are prompted to do this, select Restore from iCloud Backup.

5. Your Apple ID should be used to log into iCloud.

6. You can complete the process by selecting the required backup and following the instructions on the screen. 

Method 2: Passwords transferred with AirDrop

With AirDrop, you can transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone easily, or even share content face-to-face. If you set up a new iPhone, you can also transfer passwords.

Using AirDrop to transfer passwords:

1. Ensure that both iPhones are connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Hold them close to each other.

2. Ensure the passwords you created in section 1 are correct.

3. Specify the password to be transferred.

4. Tapping the password and holding it for a few seconds will unlock it. Choose AirDrop from the menu.

5. Specify a recipient on another device.

6. Your new iPhone will display the password.

Method 3: Passwords transferred with iCloud Keychain

Data can be shared between iPhones using iCloud sync, the most convenient method. It lets you upload iPhone data to the server and then access and download that data in real-time from all of your iOS devices.

ICloud would protect your passwords carefully, and won’t read them. Passwords are very important and personal data, so iCloud would protect them carefully. iCloud also allows easy downloading of passwords.

Using iCloud Keychain, import passwords from your computer to your iPhone:

1. Make sure you have internet access on your old iPhone.

2. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone.

3. Scroll down and tap your profile.

4. Choose iCloud.

5. Choose the Keychain option.

6. You will need to enter your Apple ID password or passcode to enable iCloud Keychain. Please wait a few moments.

7. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and activate it.

8. To enable iCloud Keychain on your new iPhone, follow these steps. The passwords will be downloaded to your new iPhone after several minutes.

If the Touch ID or Apple ID password is requested every time you open an app and the account and password are asked, the autofill will be the Touch ID or Apple ID password.

How do you access iCloud passwords? Which passwords will be transferred?

In addition to credit card numbers, iCloud Keychain saves passwords for Safari, Wi-Fi passwords, and accounts and passwords for other apps.

Apple’s Siri provides access to your password in the simplest way. Ask Siri to display all your passwords or the passwords for a specific site. Manually checking your passwords is also possible.

Passwords on your iPhone can be viewed by following these steps:

1. Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone to access the settings.

2. Under Passwords & Accounts, select Passwords & Accounts.

3. You can access all your accounts and passwords using Touch ID by selecting Website & App Passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find instructions on syncing my keychain to my new iPhone?

The iCloud Keychain can be enabled on iOS devices via the Settings app by tapping the Apple ID banner at the top of the Settings menu. Navigate to iCloud.Slide down the list and select Keychain. Enable the iCloud Keychain by enabling the switch and entering your Apple ID password if prompted. 

What happened to my saved passwords?

Passwords can be viewed via your Google account at Listed here are the accounts whose passwords you’ve saved. If you are using a sync passphrase, this button won’t let you see your passwords, but you can view them in Chrome’s settings.

Where have all my iPhone’s passwords gone?

Whenever you use the saved Safari user id and password on any of your Apple devices, you should be able to use this information across all your Apple devices if Keychain access is enabled on your iCloud account. 

In some cases, you may not have access to your Safari Passwords when you set up your new iPhone if they are missing or may not be accessible from your iCloud Keychain.

What happens if I get a new phone and my password doesn’t transfer?

Backups will include encryption and password for iCloud backups. Furthermore, if you had iCloud Keychain enabled on the old phone, enabling it will transfer your passwords to the new phone. 

Furthermore, if you enabled iCloud Keychain on your old phone, you will be able to transfer your existing passwords to your new phone as well.

Where can I find instructions on transferring all my data to my new iPhone?

Using iCloud backups and restoring data to a new iPhone

1. Using your old iPhone, go to Settings.

2. To display the Apple ID banner, tap it.

3. To use iCloud, tap the icon.

4. To access iCloud Backup, tap it.

5. Click on the backup now option.

6. Your old iPhone should be turned off once you have completed the backup.

7. If you want to move your SIM to your new iPhone, remove it from your old phone.

How do I move contacts from my old iPhone to the new one?

Use iCloud sync to transfer contacts between iPhones: Ensure that both devices are signed in to the same Apple ID (Settings > [your name]). Both iPhones should be opened by going into Settings > [your name] > iCloud. On both devices, turn on the Contacts toggle. You will see a message asking you to merge contacts. Tap Merge.

What happened to all my saved passwords on my iPhone?

Whenever you use the saved Safari user id and password on any of your Apple devices, you should be able to use this information across all your Apple devices if Keychain access is enabled on your iCloud account. In some cases, you may not have access to your Safari Passwords when you set up your new iPhone if they are missing or may not be accessible from your iCloud Keychain.

When exporting Apple passwords, what should I do?

It is not possible to access this app from a Windows or Android device.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. In the Keychain Access window, choose the items you want to export.

2. You can export files by clicking File in the menu bar.

3. Then click “Save”. You will need to select a destination location and a file type.

4. When prompted, enter the administrator password.

Does 1Password support importing Apple passwords?

Using, you can import your Safari passwords into 1Password. iCloud passwords can also be imported into 1Password. You will be able to log in to 1Password with your iCloud Passwords.

Backups of keychain passwords are made by Time Machine?

Keychains for Local Items are stored by Safari and Mail. There is no way to restore a Local Items Keychain from a backup (even Time Machine) since it only respects the original volume on which it was created.

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