How To Turn Off Bedtime On iPhone?


To make an iPhone more capable, Apple releases regular adjust and upgrades. Several of those updates make life easier for users in some way or another. One of the most convenient updates with iOS was the Bedtime feature.

With Bedtime, you can set a fixed sleeping schedule instead of just an alarm that wakes you in the morning. As a result, your iPhone wakes you up at the same time every morning and reminds you when it’s time to sleep.

The function is not useful to everyone, regardless of how convenient it sounds. You can turn it off if you’re one of them. Here is the complete information about “How To Turn Off Bedtime On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Turn Off Bedtime On iPhone?

  • You should open the Clock app that you can find on the home screen of your mobile device. Unless you have made changes to the layout, the app should be on the first page if you haven’t made any changes. If you open the application, you will automatically see the Alarm section. The top of the screen will have a Bedtime section.

  • The right switch on the wall can be toggled to turn off Bedtime. The Bedtime feature will be turned off immediately, and you won’t receive any notifications or alarms associated with it.
  • On its own, the dedicated Bedtime pane can be used to disable Bedtime. Your schedule and a sleep analysis are displayed in the bedtime pane.

  • Toggle off the Bedtime Schedule switch by going to the Schedule section of the app. This screen also allows you to choose the days when Bedtime will be active and set your sleep time. As soon as you turn off the Bedtime Schedule switch in your Alarm screen, you should also see the Bedtime switch turned off.

How to turn off the iPhone’s wake-up alarm?

When you disable bedtime on your iPhone, the Wake-Up Alarm is automatically turned off. While still using the Sleep Schedule feature, you can turn off the Bedtime alarm and the Wake-Up Alarm.

Remove the sleep wake up alarm on your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Select Sleep from the Browse menu in the Health app.
  • On the Your Schedule page, select “Full Schedule & Options”.
  • You can remove the Bedtime alarm from specific schedules by tapping the Edit option next to them.

  • Click on the toggle for “Wake Up Alarm” under Alarm Options and turn it off.

  • Click the Done button in the top-right corner.

If you turn off or delete the bedtime schedule alarm, no alarm will sound to wake you up.

TIP 1. The “Next Wake Up Only” feature allows you to turn off the wake-up alarm. If you do not wish to remove the wake-up alarm for the entire week or for certain days in the week, this can be useful. Follow these steps.

  • You can open the Alarm tab by tapping the Clock app.
  • Change your Wake Uptime for the next day by tapping the Change button.
  • Turn off the “Wake Up Alarm” option under Alarm Options.

  • Tap Done in the top-right corner.

The bedtime alarm will now only be skipped for the following day.

TIP 2. The next morning’s alarm can simply be skipped from the lock screen if Sleep Mode is enabled. The schedule wake-up alarm time can be found in the middle of your iPhone’s lock screen by tapping the button (see image below). Tap Skip Alarm to silence the next day’s alarm.

How to turn off Wind Down mode on an iPhone?

Sleep Mode comes with Wind Down so you can wind down before sleep and prepare for the night. To avoid distractions, Wind Down mode starts 45 minutes before your bedtime. The Do Not Disturb feature is also enabled in Sleep Mode, and it shows shortcuts to apps you might want to use before going to sleep to help you calm your mind.

The Wind Down feature can easily be turned off if you aren’t going to use it. follow these steps.

  • Open the Health app and select the Sleep category.
  • To view the full schedule and options, tap the “Full Schedule & Options” button.
  • Tap “Wind Down” in the Additional Details section.

  • Wind downtime can be changed to 0 hours and 0 minutes by swiping across. Wind-down shortcuts can be deleted, too.

How to disable Sleep Reminders on iOS?

During the wind-down or bedtime reminder, you will be informed when it is time to wind down for the day. The notification appears on your lock screen. If you do not want the sleep reminder, you can just disable it.

  • Within the Health app, open the Sleep category to disable the Bedtime Reminder notification on iOS. Click the Options icon at the bottom to turn it off. The toggle next to “Sleep Reminders” should be turned off under Notifications.

How do I remove bedtime from the alarm screen?

Bedtime can be turned off easily. However, iPhone users often experience another problem. Most of them do not want the Bedtime section to be at the top of the Alarm pane. This takes up a lot of space, making fixed alarms hard to see.

The iPhone SE is an example of a smaller device that requires more storage. There is not much room on the screen for the Bedtime section, so users have a difficult time reaching their alarms.

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