How to turn off iphone without screen?


Apple iPhones have a fixed shelf life, just like all other devices. Over time, repetitive use may cause damage to parts of the iPhone and even render them unusable. A good example of this is the power button. A number of reasons may lead to the power button becoming damaged over time. A software problem can cause the power button to be disabled, or dirt and grease may prevent it from working entirely. You might need to know how to turn off iPhone without screen in these types of situations.

Your device may not be able to be turned off at any time or locked at any time if this applies to you. This is an unfortunately common occurrence that you don’t have to worry about anymore if it is you. Although this method will only be temporary, it will allow you to fix your phone screen until the issue can be resolved. Our guide will walk you through the steps to be able to shut off your iPhone without turning the screen off.

How To Turn Off iPhone Without Screen?

Do you have a problem with your iPhone? Does it have any software problems or are you experiencing unresponsiveness? You should try powering off and rebooting your device if this is the case. When the power off slider cannot be accessed on your screen, what should you do? In this guide, we will explain how to turn off an iPhone without a screen.

There may be instances when you need to turn off your iPhone for some reason, such as a hardware problem or a replacement. There is no power button on iPhone, unlike other mobile phone devices. On the screen there is a power slider that can be slid to turn it off the traditional way. You cannot access the on-screen power slider if your iPhone screen is broken or unresponsive, so the question is how to turn off iPhone without screen.

Here is a useful article that shows you how to turn off iPhone without a screen. Keep reading to find out how.

Using the traditional method to turn off your iPhone 

The iPhone doesn’t have a power button you can press to turn it off. In order to turn off an iPhone the traditional way, you have to long-press the sleep/wake button, then a slider appears and must be slid to turn it off. Nevertheless, if the screen fails to function because of an external problem or an internal software issue, then we are not able to turn off our iPhone. Your iPhone will shut down by itself once its battery runs low. Of course, you can wait until the battery runs out. It would take a long time, however, and nobody has that kind of time.

Without using the screen, you can turn off your iPhone

There is a hidden feature in the iPhone designed specifically for cases where the screen becomes unresponsive. If this happens, you can follow these steps to shut it down.

  • Simply press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button on the iPhone.
  •  Continue to hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button on the iPhone at the same time.
  • To turn off the iPhone without the screen, let go of the buttons after the screen turns off. You don’t want the device to reset if you keep holding the buttons down.

Turning off iPhone without a screen power slider is done in this way. When the iPhone’s screen is unresponsive, you can still turn it off using this method.

How do I turn off my iPhone without using the Home Button?

Using Assistive touch allows you to turn off your iPhone without pressing either the Home button or the lock and unlock button. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Go to General Settings.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Find Assistive touch.
  • Click the Assistive touch.

Your iPhone is now set up with Assistive Touch.

You will see a new concentric circle button display on your iPhone screen.

  • The Assistive Touch menu can be opened by tapping the button.
  • The label Device will appear next to the iPhone image. Click it.
  • Lock the screen by pressing and holding
  • You will see the Power Offscreen.
  • Turn off your iPhone by sliding the power button.

On the phone’s display, you can move the Concentric circle icons. You can move them wherever you like. Whenever you launch an app, this Assistive Touch overlays it.

People who need access to it all the time find it easier to use.

Can iPhone X be turned off without a screen?

Because of its edge-to-edge display, iPhone X had to incorporate quite a few new features to accommodate the removal of its home button. Instead of showing Slide to power off the screen, you can now summon Siri by pressing the side button. So, users are having a difficult time understanding the new functionality for turning off iPhone X.

There are so many solutions to the problem of turning off the iPhone X without a screen in this post. So, read on to find out how you can turn off iPhone X without the screen and without pressing any buttons.

How to turn off iPhone X without a screen?

The device is powered off using the hardware button. It is not possible to turn off the iPhone X by pressing and holding the side button, as it brings the Siri interface. The Slide to power off slider is accessed instead by using a two-button combination. If you don’t know the button combination to turn off iPhone X without the screen, follow the steps below.

  • The “Side + Volume Up/Down” button must be held down until the “Slide to Power Off” screen disappears.
  • Swipe the power off slider to turn off the iPhone X.

Can iPhone X be turned off without buttons?

Apple’s iPhone X can be turned off using one of the three methods described above. The Settings app also lets you turn off iPhone X without buttons. It can be used when your side button or volume buttons stop functioning properly for whatever reason, and you need to shut down your device. Find out how to turn off iPhone X without buttons by following the steps below.

  • Click on “Settings”
  • Select “General”.
  • The Shut Down option is located at the bottom of the General menu.

On the screen, you’ll see an off slider. Simply slide it to turn off the phone.

iPhones are powerful devices that allow their users to perform the same action in multiple ways. Now that you know how to turn off iPhone without a screen or home button, you can go ahead and do it.


While the process may differ slightly, turning off an iPhone and an iPhone X is still fairly straightforward. As using the button combination is faster and takes less time than going to the Settings application, you might be interested to know how to turn off iPhone without screen and iPhone X, and this post is intended to teach you how to do so. I hope you’ve understood the power down process for your iPhone after reading this article. Please share this article with your friends and family members, and let me know if you have any problems turning off your iPhone in the comment section below.

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