How To Turn Off iPhone XS Max?


Each Apple fan could not resist getting the iPhone XS (Max) due to the incredible features that come with it. It is natural that you would want to start using your new iPhone XS/XS Max as soon as possible. Likewise, turning your iPhone XS (Max) on or off is quite straightforward. In this guide, we have outlined “How To Turn Off iPhone XS Max?”  Read it below!

How To Turn Off iPhone XS Max?

Method 1: Using AssistiveTouch to turn off the iPhone XS Max

The shutdown slider may not appear if the side or volume buttons of your iPhone XS (Max) are broken and not functioning well, let alone being moved to switch off the phone.

Even if you cannot open any apps or the power button does not respond, you can still restart iPhone XS (Max) using AssistiveTouch. Activating AssistiveTouch is the first step. Turn on AssistiveTouch under Settings > Accessibility > Touch on your iPhone XS (Max). A white circle and a dark square will appear on your iPhone XS (Max) screen now.

After tapping the AssistiveTouch shortcut, you will be taken to the AssistiveTouch screen. You can either turn it off or restart the laptop by going to Device > More > Restart. Select Restart to confirm when prompted if you would like to restart your iPhone XS (Max). With this method, you can switch off your iPhone XS (Max) without pressing the Power button, and then it will turn back on.

Method 2. By pressing the buttons, turn off the iPhone XS Max

1. By pressing and holding either volume up or down and the side button at the same time, you initiate the process. Press and hold the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” slider disappears from the iPhone screen.

2. Then, you can switch off your Apple iPhone by dragging the power-off slider.

Shut down the iPhone XS (Max) and then restart it

Bugs in software can, more often than not, interfere with shutting off. The iPhone XS (Max) will then become completely frozen and unresponsive, preventing any taps, swipes, or button presses from functioning and even stopping responding completely.

Restarting the iPhone XS (Max) after experiencing these unexpected bugs is a safe way to resolve these issues without losing any data. You can easily shut off an iPhone XS (Max) when it’s frozen by pressing the Volume Up button quickly, then releasing it, then pressing the Volume Down button quickly, then keeping your thumb on the Side button. There will be no more life left for your iPhone XS (Max). After 10-30 seconds, let go of the Side button when the Apple logo appears.

Method 3: Turning your iPhone off via the settings can also be done

As another option, you can choose to shut down the iPhone or iPad through Settings, this way does not require pressing any buttons on the iPhone or iPad, however, it still requires you to use a slide to power off gesture:

1. You can find it under “General” by opening the “Settings” app

2. To shut down the iphone, tap on the “Shut down” link at the bottom of your General settings page.

3. To shut down your iPhone, slide to the “Slide to power off” button.

How to restore iPhone XS (Max) from iTunes or Finder?

You can update or restore your iPhone XS (Max) through iTunes or Finder through recovery mode, which is built into the device. You can still clean out the errors stopping your iPhone XS (Max) from shutting down even if the screen is completely unresponsive.

Make a backup of your iPhone XS (Max) first, then put it into recovery mode. Once you are in recovery mode, you can update or restore your iPhone XS (Max).

Rebooting your frozen device that won’t turn off when in recovery mode may not be enough to shut it down. Try restoring from DFU mode if your device won’t shut off using recovery mode. There are no exceptions: It will erase all personal and system data on your iPhone XS (Max).

How do I fix the broken side button on my iPhone XS (Max)? Apple will fix it

Following the software diagnosis, it is also recommended that you inspect the iPhone XS (Max)’s hardware components. Is the screen of your iPhone XS (Max) cracked or liquid damaged? Are the buttons jammed or burned out on the sides of the phone? How can I find out if the screen on the iPhone XS (Max) is broken? You may need to make an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service provider if you do not know enough about iPhone XS (Max) to perform the checking: Apple Authorized Service Provider Locations


Having explained how to power off iPhone XS Max and how to turn it on, you now know how to power on iPhone XS Max. We highly recommend that you share this guide with your friends who also possess the latest iPhone XS Max. They might also find the guide helpful.

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