How to turn off silence calls on iphone?


In this Guide, you’ll learn how to turn off silence calls on iPhone and adjust ringer volume settings to make calls not silent.

How to Turn Off Silence Calls on iPhone?

When Do Not Disturb mode is configured to block all notifications, you will need to turn it off to see incoming calls and other notifications.

  • The Do Not Disturb option can be found in the Settings menu.

  • Default settings for Do Not Disturb are to the left.
  • By swiping up from the bottom of your device, you can quickly access the Control Center, which allows you to allow incoming call notifications. Turn off the Do Not Disturb feature by tapping the moon-shaped icon.

Note: In order to receive notifications from only people you know, you do not necessarily need to turn off Do Not Disturb Mode. Then under Groups, under Settings > Do Not Disturb > Phone, choose the contacts you prefer to receive calls from.

How Can I Unsilence Calls?

Turn off Silent Mode and increase your ringer volume to ensure you notice incoming calls.

  • Make sure the orange disappears from the left side of your iPhone by moving the switch. Additionally, you may see a notification saying Silent Mode Off on your display.

Note: Under Sounds & Haptics > Ringer And Alerts, you can change from a volume bar indicator to an actual ringer volume bar indicator by turning on Change with Buttons.

  • When Silent Mode is off, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics to manage the sounds that are used to signal incoming calls and other notifications.
  • You can enable Vibrate on Ring under Vibrate.
  • Under Ringer And Alerts, you should not have the volume slider all the way to the left (and muted).

Note: Be sure to enable notifications under Settings > Phone > Notifications > Allow Notifications if you don’t see missed calls notifications.

How come my iPhone’s calls are being muted?

The switch controlling Ring and Silent Mode may have been accidentally turned to Silent Mode if you are suddenly not receiving call notifications.

Additionally, you may want to verify that the Do Not Disturb button in your Control Center has not been activated by mistake.

Call silencing may also be justified for the following reasons:

1. Setting your bedtime and sleep mode: 

The Bedtime feature on iOS 13 and earlier does not enable Do Not Disturb During Bedtime by default. If you have this setting enabled, you can access it in the Clock app > Bedtime > Options. Select Health > Sleep > Options > Sleep Mode in iOS 14, and turn on Turn On Automatically from the toggle.

2. You may need to replace your headphones:

Make sure the volume bar is not muted or too low in the control center. It is possible that your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode if you see a Headphones volume indicator on your screen, even after you remove your headphones. Apple Support needs to inspect your iPhone.

3. Unknown callers may be blocked by your device: 

You can turn it off by going to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers. 

Tip: How to block spam calls and marketing calls manually?

The Silence Unknown Callers application by Apple can be manually blocked if you do not find it suitable for your needs. The steps below explain how to block a specific caller or number on your iPhone.

  • You can find the Recents tab by opening the Phone app.
  • Choose the Contact or Phone number you wish to block and tap the Info button.
  • You can block this caller by scrolling down and tapping “Block this Caller”.
  • You can add the contact again by tapping “Block Contact”.

NOTE: Once you block a number or contact, you will not receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from that particular individual anymore.

Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts to manage blocked contacts or numbers on your iPhone.

Some frequently asked questions by users

1. Is it possible to unmute text messages on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Sounds and Vibration Patterns and check what you’ve selected next to Text Tone if you don’t hear text message notifications after disabling Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode. You can set it to your preferred vibration pattern or alert tone by tapping it if it is on None.

2. Is it possible to unmute an iPhone while it is locked?

On your iPhone, turn the Silent Mode switch to the left. To unsilence your phone without having to unlock it, move it to the off position.

3. How do I unmute a contact on my iPhone?

Your iPhone lets you unblock a number that you previously blocked. Swipe left on the blocked number and choose Unblock under Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts. A similar method can also be used to unblock contacts in FaceTime and Messages.

4. How can I make my iPhone stop silently calling?

You should check your Ringer volume if your phone is in Ring mode, but you are still hearing your calls. This is usually caused by either low or zero volume settings. If your iPhone’s settings allow it, you can generally adjust the volume of the ringer by using the volume buttons.

5. When I receive a call or text, my iPhone does not ring?

The most common reason for an iPhone not ringing for incoming calls is that the user accidentally turned on Do Not Disturb (iOS 14 & older) or Focus (iOS 15 & newer) in Settings. Turn off Do Not Disturb and Focus on your iPhone to silence calls, alerts, and notifications.


Make sure you understand how to turn off silence calls on iPhone. This article is helpful if you learn completely how to turn off silent calls and text messages. If you have any questions or concerns, you can let me know in the comment section below.

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