How to turn off silent mode on iPhone?


When you turn on silent mode on your iPhone or iPad, some apps don’t play audio on TV. You must turn off silent mode on your iPhone or tablet in order to stream audio from such apps. In this article, we show you how to turn off silent mode on iPhone. Follow the instructions below.

Here’s how to turn off silent mode on iPhone?

1. Using the ring / silent switch on the left side of the device

Some iPads and all iPhones have a ring / silent switch on the left side (above the volume buttons). You can move the switch so that its background is not orange, as shown in the following image.


2. Using the control center

If you have one of the following situations, you can turn silent mode OFF using the control center

It does not have a ringer/silent switch on it. (For example, an iPad)

In your device, orientation lock is enabled using the silent or ring switch

When this happens, you can turn the mute off in the control center. You can open the control center by dragging from the top or bottom of your iPhone or iPad. In the image below, we’ve shown that the ringer icon should be white.


How to turn off silent mode without a switch in iOS 14?

When your iPhone’s button is broken, there are two ways to turn off silent mode.

As of today, all iPhone models have the Ring/Silent switch. It is a physical switch on the left side of the iPhone, located above the volume buttons. By turning off the ringtone and alerts for incoming calls and messages, you can avoid distractions with the iPhone’s Silent Mode.


Apple’s iPhone has only a hardware button for control and a silent call/camera sound option. It may be easy to switch between ringing and silent mode when you have a dedicated mute key, but it can also be cumbersome. Suppose you have a broken silent button or the silent switch doesn’t work. It can also be difficult to flip the mute button when you are using a case. Unless your iPhone is repaired in such scenarios, it is nearly impossible to get your phone out of silent mode.

Perhaps a silent/vibrate mode shortcut could be added to the Control Center. As of now, this feature does not exist. The most surprising part is there is no way to determine whether your iPhone is in silent mode. The mute button must be explicitly checked. You can either visually check the position or simply touch it with your finger.

Happily, it is possible to disable silent mode on iPhone without turning a switch. iPhone users can switch the device to silent using the AssistiveTouch feature in iOS. Despite the fact that this isn’t the best way, it’s still better to have a workaround in hand than nothing at all. It’s possible to do so on iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and more.

How to turn on or off silent mode without a switch on your iPhone?

The Back Tap in iOS 14 (using double or triple taps)

Back tapping in iOS 14 and later provides you with options for taking a screenshot, locking the screen, opening the Control Center, toggling Mute, and opening a shortcut.

The following steps will show you how to assign a silent mode shortcut to toggle the silent mode on and off using just the back of your iPhone.

  • Click on Settings > Accessibility > Touch.
  • Go to the bottom and select “Back Tap”.
  • Choose Mute from the System category by tapping on ‘Double Tap’. Triple-tapping can also perform the action.
  • The silent mode can be turned on or off by double-tapping (or triple-tapping) firmly on the iPhone’s back.

Note; Back Tap works only when your device is unlocked.

AssistiveTouch on (iOS 13 and iOS 14)

  • Click on Settings > Accessibility.
  • Select “Touch” from the list of Physical and Motor options.
  • Toggle “AssistiveTouch” on and off at the top. An edge-dragging button will now appear on your screen.
  • You can open the AssistiveTouch menu by tapping the virtual button onscreen.
  • You can put your iPhone in silent mode by tapping the Mute option under “Device.”. Likewise, you can disable silent mode by tapping the Unmute option.

To confirm your selection, check the pop-up message at the top of your screen.

NOTE: The AssistiveTouch will override the physical silent switch action when you toggle silent mode on or off. Consequently, if you unmute your iPhone through AssistiveTouch while the silent key is ON, the silent mode will be OFF. The reverse is also true.

Using both the physical and virtual buttons to control ringing and silence can create confusion. In particular, iOS does not display a silent or mute icon anywhere in the status bar, Control Center, or the lock screen, so you don’t know if the silent mode is enabled or disabled. Don’t miss out on important calls and alerts by being aware of the active setting.

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