How To Turn Off Vibration On iPhone?


A line of smartphones manufactured by Apple Inc. is called the iPhone. In terms of the phone itself, these are high-end devices that run different operating systems from traditional mobile phones (namely the iOS operating system). 

In order to improve the functioning of the iPhone devices, there are a number of tools available for the user. Although the phone can range from inexpensive to very expensive, it is a fine phone with a wonderful camera. The introduction of this line of Apple smartphones has made them stand out from the crowd of the usual smartphones. This is in large part because iPhones are typically updated more frequently than Android phones and as a consequence, they last longer.

There are millions of people who prefer iPhones to Android phones. Because the original applications of the device are integrated into the camera, this may be the reason for it. Its storage space is large, its voice control is unique, the iPhone keyboard and reception are excellent, and it has lots of features. Here is the complete solution of “How To Turn Off Vibration On iPhone?” Read it below!

How To Turn Off Vibration On iPhone?

1. How to change the device vibration settings

2. What to do to stop SMS messages from vibrating

  • How to remove vibrate from WhatsApp messages
  • How to stop Facebook notifications from vibrating

3. Can I create a custom vibration for my iPhone?

How to change the device vibration settings

  • It’s one of the unique characteristics of iPhones that notifications sound so different from the sounds we’re used to hearing. WhatsApp and other apps and games allow you to customize notifications according to your preferences.
  • Additionally, you can customize your phone’s vibrations as well, just like the app’s personalized notifications. It is perfect for when we cannot talk on the phone to alert us of an incoming message because we are in a class or meeting. We put the phone in vibrate mode and voila, the phone will vibrate when we get a message and not ring.
  • The vibration settings of the iPhone can thus be accessed by going to the settings option in the main menu, which is represent by a rotating gear icon. From here, you can make the changes necessary by clicking the Sounds and vibration tab.

What to do to stop SMS messages from vibrating?

You will learn how to remove your phone’s vibrations quickly and easily. In order to accomplish this, you will need to grab the iPhone and enter the settings, then choose “sounds and vibrations” from the dropdown menu. When you press, you can choose between the two functions, “vibrating when ringing” or “vibrating silently”. 

Although it is important to bear in mind that the iPhone mobile is programmed to send you an “emergency notification” in the case of climate change, a natural disaster, or if someone goes missing. As a result, the cell phone may vibrate if any of these options happen.

Since emergency notifications are independent in these types of phones, no one can control them. There is also the possibility of deactivating these emergency notifications so that your phone won’t vibrate at all. Your phone doesn’t vibrate when you choose this option, not even in an emergency situation.

This function can be disabled in the iPhone settings by searching for “Accessibility”, then pressing the “touch” option, then sliding the screen down and pressing the “vibration” button until it becomes gray.

When you press the button and it turns gray, the mobile device cannot vibrate in an emergency anymore. Before this function was available, it could vibrate in emergencies.

As for deactivating the haptic feedback vibrations of the iPhone itself, go to the settings, select “sounds and vibrations” and inside this menu, select the option “haptic system” (you feel a tap) that is found at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Once you do all of the above, your phone will no longer vibrate when you receive a text message.  You can easily activate and deactivate the vibrating feature of your phone by following these simple steps. You can deactivate these functions again by repeating the same steps as above.

How to remove vibration from WhatsApp messages

If you’d like to completely eliminate the vibration from WhatsApp messages, then simply go to the settings menu as we mentioned earlier and look for the Sound and Vibration option. Once there, you will see a number of options, including WhatsApp, so just de-activate the switch to eliminate the vibration.

How to remove vibration from Facebook notifications

It is possible to perform this procedure directly from the Facebook application, you simply need to locate Settings and Privacy in the settings. After selecting the option that says Activate or deactivate sound or vibration of notifications, choose the next option.

Can I create a custom vibration for my iPhone?

Many people love to have their phone notifications at full volume while others dislike the idea of having it at such a low volume or, even worse, in “vibrate mode”. This may be for medical reasons or for people who are sensitive to this and cannot have this feature active.

As a result of this, iPhone phones also have the option of deactivating all notifications and vibrations in order to make the device more user-friendly. Additionally, it allows us to create and customize vibrations, which can be invaluable for each person based on their particular set of circumstances.

The first thing you will need to do when you are trying to accomplish this is to go into the settings tab, as you have been taught before, and locate the Sound and Vibration section. Next, you must press the ringtone icon and then the vibration icon. By doing so, you will find that a new screen will pop up that says Create New Vibration and that will be the screen where you will need to enter your information.

The following process will allow you to set up a sequence of applications or functions that you want to vibrate and those that you don’t want to vibrate. It is recommended that you create an article name that will contribute to correctly saving the customization you have made and that you will be able to access it from the iPhone menu whenever you need to.

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