How To Turn On Airdrop On iPhone 11?


The majority of new users do not know what AirDrop is on the iPhone and how it works. Users can do such things as transfer files, videos, pictures, and other content between iOS and macOS without having AirDrop on iOS.

In the latest iOS, the AirDrop has been relocated to Control Center so that it’s easier to find. Apparently, AirDrop isn’t showing up in Control Center for the first time after the iOS update.

The following steps will explain how to enable AirDrop on an iPhone running the latest version of iOS with the redesigned Control Center. After the iOS update, you may notice that the App Shortcuts Menu is now a single-page, rather than the two-page layout from the previous iOS.

From the screenshot, it’s clear that AirDrop isn’t visible in Control Center or customizable. It appears that there is a problem. As well as providing all your contacts with access to AirDrop, I will also explain how to unlock it.

You don’t have to worry. The latest iOS native update mentions AirDrop as it does currently, but you’ll have to perform a 3D touch action to access it. We’ll get you started asap.

In this article, we briefly describe “how to turn on airdrop on iPhone 11?”. For the detail, guide read this throughout.

What Does AirDrop Do?

AirDrop permits the creation of WiFi connections via Bluetooth when two Apple devices are connected. Apple estimates the Bluetooth range is about 30 feet for AirDrop so you need two Apple devices within Bluetooth range to use it.

Bluetooth and WiFi need to be enabled on both devices, as well as AirDrop.

How to Turn on AirDrop on iPhone 11,11 Pro Max?

You must enable Bluetooth and WiFi on your iPhone/iPad before you can use AirDrop. Turn them on in the Settings app by going to the app’s settings. Toggle on WiFi settings in Settings > WiFi. Either toggle the WiFi on or off. Selected Settings > Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth. Now, Turn on AirDrop.

Step #1. Click the Home Button to access Control Center on iPhone and earlier models. 
Step #2. Touch any of the toggles included in the connections tile, you can toggle between Airplane Mode, Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with the touch of a finger.

Airdrop is turned on by default in Control Center on iPhone XR, XS Max.

Step #3. The pop-up menu here contains two additional features, Personal Hotspot and AirDrop are also available.

The iPhone and iPad can now use AirDrop very easily.

How To Turn On AirDrop On iPhone 11 Without Control Center?

You can also enable AirDrop through the Settings app, even if AirDrop isn’t available in Control Center now. Could you please explain how to do it?

  • Step #1. Access your iDevice’s settings.
  • Step #2. Click on General and Next,
    • Tap AirDrop appears above the Handoff.

  • Step #3. I tap on the options given either Contacts Only (which means you can share data instantly with that nearby contact) or Everyone (which means you can share data together with another nearby iOS or macOS user).

Make your iPhone or iPad visible to nearby iOS devices, macOS laptops, iMacs, and other nearby digital devices by tapping on the AirDrop icon and selecting Contacts Only or Everyone.

Using a Mac or an iPad you can share and receive files between two devices.

How to AirDrop From Your iPhone To Your Mac?

AirDrop allows you to share files between iPhones and Macs or from iPhone to iPhone with a click. You can do this by selecting AirDrop from the Share menu. You can then choose the device to which you wish to send the file.

  • Choose the file you would like to AirDrop from your iPhone. You can open the Camera or Photos apps to share a photo, for instance.
  • After selecting Share, tap it. In the above image, there is an arrow pointing up at the bottom of a box. According to what you’re trying to share, you’ll find this icon in different places on your screen. In addition to tapping and holding text, you can also find it by holding images and other objects.
  • Click on AirDrop next. Among other apps, you’ll see it listed in a row.

  • Once you have chosen the device, choose the files you wish to send. The recipient’s name and photo will be displayed next to their device if it is in your contact list. The only thing you’ll see is a gray circle with the owner’s initials underneath it. 

What Are The Best Settings For AirDrop On iPhone 11?

Three options are available when using AirDrop:

  • Received off. You will not be disturbed. AirDrop files and data will still be able to be sent to others, but you won’t appear as an available destination for anyone nearby, and the AirDrop service will not be available to you.
  • Contacts Only. The device only displays when it is associated with contacts in your iPhone’s address book.
  • Everyone. All nearby devices can see your device. Considering AirDrop’s range is similar to that of Bluetooth, it should work with anybody in the same room as you.

If you are not using AirDrop, it is best to leave it set at Contacts Only or turn it off completely. When sharing a file with someone not on your contact list, you should use the Everyone setting, but once the file is shared, you should use the Permissions option turn it off.

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