How to turn on iPhone 12 Pro Max?


There are a few changes that you should be aware of if you’re considering an upgrade. It’s important to know how to maneuver the basic controls on the new iPhone if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 8 or lower model with Touch ID. It is one of the simplest controls that come in handy from time to time to turn off your phone. That’s exactly what we’re here for if you don’t know how to turn off your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

Among its new features are a new design and a new model name. Several new display sizes are available, but the notch is the same size, and all models are edge-to-edge. Apple introduced a whole new realm of gestures with its iPhone X when it disassociated Touch ID from its handsets. It stands to reason that if the Home button is gone, there will be some differences in how certain operations are performed. You cannot force-restart your iPhone without having a Home button. New ways for turning off and restarting your iPhone 12 or older models with Face ID have been introduced by Apple.

If you are unable to turn on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro max don’t feel dumb or embarrassed. Below you will find instructions on how to turn on iPhone 12 pro max.

How to turn on iPhone 12 pro max?

One press of the Side button will turn on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The device may need charging if it doesn’t display the Apple logo. Connecting it to an electrical outlet and letting it charge for a few minutes will let you try again. As soon as two sliding buttons appear on the screen, hold down the Side button and the Volume Up or Volume Down button simultaneously.

How to turn on iPhone 12 pro max Via AssistiveTouch?

How about using a digital button if you’re looking for a more unconventional method? iOS 11 includes a convenient “Restart” feature within the AssistiveTouch accessibility feature. By choosing this option, you will be able to restart and shut down your iPhone almost instantly.

Make sure “AssistiveTouch” is enabled by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. To restart, tap Device > More > Restart, then tap AssistiveTouch.

Activating or disabling AssistiveTouch can be sped up by switching on “AssistiveTouch” in Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, then triple-clicking the Side button.

¬†This way you don’t have to go to settings every time you need it. If you want to be even faster, in the AssistiveTouch preferences, go to “Customize Top Level Menu,” tap “Custom,” then “Restart.” Instead of going through Device > More > Restart, it will be the first option.

How to turn off iPhone 12 pro max with buttons?

The “slide to power off” screen will never appear if you hold down the Side button. You can instead use one of two methods to shut down the device using the Side button.

  • By holding down one or both Volume buttons at the same time, you’ll unlock the phone.
  • As soon as the “slide to power off” bar appears, let go.
  • Turn off your iPhone by swiping on the bar.

In the second option, you will find a slider for turning off the computer. Although it won’t display an Emergency SOS bar, unlike the first method, you won’t have to worry about accidentally dialing 911 when using this method.

  • Press the Volume Up button.
  • Once you have clicked Volume Down, quickly click Volume Up.
  • After pressing the Side button, hold it for a few seconds.
  • When you see the “slide to power off” bar, let go.
  • Turn off your iPhone by swiping on the bar.

How to turn off iPhone 12 Pro Max from the Settings Menu?

Know that you can trigger a shutdown right from Settings if you don’t want to mess around with buttons. Scroll down to the bottom of the “General” page in Settings. Slide your iPhone to turn it off by tapping “Shut Down,” followed by “Power Off”.

Bonus Tip: How to Restart iPhone Using Voice Control?

Apple’s iOS 13 update overhauled the Voice Control feature. With accessibility, you can restart your iPhone by speaking commands rather than using Siri.

Make sure that Voice Control is enabled under Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Control. If you are using Voice Control for the first time, tap “Set Up Voice Control,” then follow the set-up steps. Then, you can ask Siri to enable Voice Control if you’ve already enabled the feature in the past.

In order to reboot the device, all you need to do is speak “reboot device” when the blue microphone appears in the top left.¬†

A pop-up with a confirmation prompt should appear when iOS displays the “Reboot device” command. You can restart your iPhone by tapping “Restart”.

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Users

1. Is it possible to turn on a frozen iPhone 12 Pro Max?

If the touchscreen on your iPhone does not respond, you can force it to reboot by following these steps:

Hold and release the VOLUME UP key.

By pressing and releasing the VOLUME DOWN key, you will lower the volume.

Using the PWR/LOCK key, hold it down. As soon as you see the Apple logo, release the PWR/LOCK key. You will see your iPhone restart.

2. Which buttons are on the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

To turn on the phone, press the Side button. Turn on the screen lock by pressing the Side button. Turn on Siri by pressing the Side button. By swiping right or left on the Silent mode key, you can turn on or off silent mode.

3. How does your iPhone 12 Pro Max freeze?

Try Force Restarting your iPhone 12 Pro if it is frozen. This will not delete your data, but it will force your phone to restart. Hold down the power button until the screen turns off, then release it.

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