How To Turn On Vibrate On iPhone?


You’ll receive vibrations rather than ringtones on an iPhone when you receive texts, emails, or phone calls. 

Vibration can be enabled on your iPhone while the volume is on, but it provides a more discreet alert of any changes on your device. 

4 Ways To How To Turn On Vibrate On iPhone?

1. Activate Vibrate On Silent

Vibrate on silent mode is not enabled in the Settings of iPhones when they are in silent mode, which is the most common cause of the iPhone not vibrating in silent mode.

  • Tap on Sounds (or Sounds & Hepatics) in Settings on your iPhone.

  • Toggle the option for Vibrate on Silent ON on the next screen.

With Apple’s new Silent Mode system, your iPhone will vibrate when you push the Silent/Ring switch towards the back of the device.

2. Turn On Vibrate On Ring

The Vibrate on Ring option in Settings must be enabled if you want your iPhone to vibrate while it is ringing.

  • By dragging the toggle to ON, you can enable Vibrate on Ring in Settings > Sounds.

When you pull the Silent/Ring switch towards your iPhone’s screen, the iPhone will vibrate, when you disable silent mode.

The iPhone will not vibrate when Silent/Ring is flipped on if both Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent are off.

3. Click On The Accessibility Tab To Enable Vibration

Vibration Mode can be enabled in iPhone’s Accessibility settings by following the steps below.

  • Choose Accessibility > Touch from the Settings menu.

  • Vibration is toggled on, so move it to the ON position on the next screen.

Check to see whether your iPhone vibrates in Silent Mode and when it’s ringing (if desired).

4. Customize Vibration Settings On Your iPhone

  1. Click on the Settings icon. 
  2. Go to the “Sound & Haptics” tab. 
  3. Vibrate in Silent and Vibrate on Ring should both be enabled on your iPhone for vibration to work. The green bars on the screen will let you know when vibration is enabled.

  1. Tap on the appropriate option “Sounds and Vibration Patterns” to enable you to customize vibration tone for each individual iPhone notification (e.g. ringtone, text message, or new voicemail). 
  2. Vibration alerts for particular notifications can be changed by tapping “Vibration.“.

  1. The tap on the Vibration icon lets you pick a pattern from the default setting list. After selecting your chosen option, you will be able to experience how the vibration will feel on your iPhone. 

Your changes don’t need to be saved. Your new choice will take effect as soon as you exit the Settings app.

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