How To Type Degree Symbol On iPhone?


As well as representing degrees of arc, hours (in the medical field), degrees of temperature, or alcohol content, the degree symbol or degree sign, °, is also used to represent degrees of proof. A small circle is superscripted over the symbol.

Your iPhone or iPad requires you to type the degree symbol (i.e. °C) before you can type the centigrade symbol. In this article, you can find the right solution if you don’t know how to directly type it with the help of a keyboard on your iPhone. Here is the guide about “how to type degree symbol on iPhone?”. Read this complete tutorial for the complete process.

How To Type Degree Symbol On iPhone?

1. Open the number keyboard by clicking on the 123 buttons on the screen keyboard.

2. Select the degree symbol (i.e. °) by holding down the zero (i.e. 0).

Following these two easy steps, you’ll be able to easily type degree symbols on your iPhone.

Remapping Keyboards By Third Parties

You can remap a key or button to perform different functions. Installing apps, or setting up a keyboard shortcut, so that a degree symbol is typed out when you press a specific key.

The best app for creating custom keyboard shortcuts (like the degree symbol) is probably CatchChar as it enables you to create shortcuts for special characters. Once you figure out how inserting any special character is as easy as pressing a keyboard shortcut.

How To Type Degree Symbol On iPhone 7?

You can type a lot of different characters and symbols on the iPhone, both with the standard language keyboard and with the third-party keyboards that you can download.

Nevertheless, if you don’t know what degree symbols are available, you should learn about them. Using this symbol, you can specify the temperature of something to someone. The degree symbol can be used without installing an additional keyboard, but up to now you have been typing the word “degrees.” 

Steps For Type Degree Symbol On iPhone 7 (iOS 11)

We tested this approach on an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.3. This method can be used to add a degree symbol to any app that uses the iPhone’s default Keyboard, so you can use it with Mail or Messages too.

  1. Start by opening a keyboard-based app. This time I’m selecting Notes App. There’s a key on the iPhone that you didn’t know about.

2. The cursor should be over the point where the degree symbol should be added. The symbol for degrees on the iPhone.

3. On the bottom left corner of your screen, tap the number button. The number 123 will appear. iPhone symbol for the degree.

4. Hold down the 0 button and select the degree symbol on the left side of the pop-up window.

Where your cursor was positioned in your text field, you should now see a degree symbol.

This short tutorial covers how to insert a degree symbol on an iPhone so that you can easily add those symbols whenever you need them while typing on your device.

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