How To Unlock Iphone Passcode Without Computer?


In order to prevent the device from being accessed by unauthorized users, Apple has designed three security measures that include Face ID/Touch ID, Screen Passcode, and Activation Lock technologies. In the case of devices that cannot recognize your fingerprint or face, the screen passcode is used. Whenever you restart your device, reset your iPhone, or have not unlocked your iPhone for more than 48 hours, you need to enter the passcode.

It is possible to lose access to your iPhone if you forget your passcode. The iPhone pops up a message that says “iPhone is disabled for X minutes” when you enter the wrong passcode 5 times continuously. Additionally, it is frustrating when you don’t have a computer to unlock the locked iPhone.

How do you recover your iPhone passcode if you forget it? You can follow this post to see how to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer if you’re in the same situation. You don’t even need Face ID with AnyUnlock. All four methods will erase your iPhone. Make sure you have a backup so you can restore it without a computer. Here you will find complete information about “How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer?” Read it below!

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer?

Method 1: Unlock your iPhone using Siri

Utilizing the power of your virtual assistant, Siri, is one of the fastest ways to unlock your iPhone. The Siri voice assistant provides voice activation, search bar assistance, and a hands-free, responsive interface for your smartphone.

iPhones running iOS versions 8.0 to iOS 10.1 may be able to unlock the iPhone passcode by using a Siri bug. Utilizing this Siri bug is as simple as following these steps.

Step 1

Activating the virtual assistant is now possible. Pressing the home button and holding it down is one way to launch Siri. A keyword can also be said, such as “Hey Siri!”

Step 2

Now is the time to decide what to do. Siri searches your iPhone’s graphical user interface using the search bar feature to locate and display the world clock when you ask it, “Is it time yet?” or “What is the world time?”

Step 3

A second clock feature can be added by clicking the world clock icon. Likewise, Siri can be asked to add items to the display by tapping the plus sign or the add sign.

When you click the share button after selecting the new clock, you will have the opportunity to share the new clock feature.

Step 4

Clicking the share button lets you compose a new message. If you want to send a message, just type something using the virtual keyboard in the “To” field, no need to type anything in the “Message” field.

Step 5

Adding an icon or tapping the plus button lets you ask Siri to make a new contact. A new interface appears. 

You can enter some text by clicking on the button “Add Contact,” which will allow you to enter the contact’s name and contact information.

An image from your photo library will be added instead of a new message.

Step 6

The “Add Photo” button adds a photo to your account. From the media library interface, when creating a new contact you can select an item from your photo album by selecting “Add Photo.”. Thus, you unlock your iPhone.

Step 7

The home button must be selected, the return key, You may also use the return key when you are in the media library, you will be able to access your unlocked home screen.

Step 8

Your iPhone password can be unlocked as soon as possible by updating your credentials using the unlock screen!

This article disclaims the ability to access any smartphone whose home screen you have no authorization to access. We urge you not to use the loophole described in this article to access an unauthorized smartphone. Furthermore, this may be illegal as well as an infringement on the privacy of the device owner and other authorized users.

Method 2: Unlock using Find My Phone

Siri can’t always be of assistance, so if the first option doesn’t work for you (e.g., your device doesn’t run iOS 10.1), you’ll have to find an alternative method of unlocking your iPhone. It is possible to bypass a locked screen without a computer if you can run the Find My app on a different smartphone.

The iCloud website can only be accessed using another device (iOS or a secondhand smartphone, for example) to use this surprisingly simple method. In addition, your iPhone must have a data backup option. Since you will be wiping all of the preferences and other options on your phone in this technique, not just the iPhone password.

Here are the steps we need to follow.

Start by running Find My on your unlocked phone. With this app, you can track the location and operational state of any Apple product associated with users of your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches while using powerful remote management features.

Next, you need to log in to the third-party app with your credentials, e.g., your Apple ID and password. To unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer, you’ll need to access your login to track your devices and use remote management.

Authenticating your iPhone ID and password will direct you to a new interface where you can track your iPhone. In the menu, you will find the text “All Devices” and you will select “Find iPhone”.

When you select “find iPhone”, a new interface appears. You can view some device specs and available remote management features on your iPhone (e.g., by selecting the iPhone 10) by choosing your iPhone (e.g., by selecting the iPhone 12).

Click on the “erase iPhone” button. This option will simultaneously delete the iPhone passcode as well as all the files on your smartphone. We are now using these tools to remove the iPhone passcode without a computer. Typically, this feature is used to remotely remove sensitive files and cookies from a stolen smartphone.

Backup programs come in handy here. Since you reset your iPhone, all of your data, such as photos and contacts, will be erased. Restoring your iPhone will allow you to get them back.

You can do this without using a computer by logging into the cloud site with your iCloud credentials, and selecting the option to restore your iPhone from a backup.

Your phone has been automatically backing up your data using iCloud as long as you did not turn it off. You can now access all your files from your newly unlocked iPhone.

In some models, clicking “delete device” instead of “erase iPhone” is an option when using iCloud. Your iPhone will be erased of all your files, as well as your passcode when you choose this option.

Using an iCloud account backup, you can also update your iPhone without your computer.

Method 3: Unlock with iMyFone LockWiper

Wipe all of your iPhone X’s files may be overkill for removing a screen password or an iPhone passcode. With LockWiper, iMyFone users can remove authentication credentials, such as a passcode, a password, a face ID, a touch ID, etc. Depending on the version, you may need to restore your profile from a backup.

Using iMyFone requires you to use a PC for a part of the process. Connect your PC with your iPhone using a data connection (e.g., a USB cable connector) to avoid connection problems.

For iMyFone to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer, it needs direct access to your phone.

The first step is to visit iMyFone and click on the LockWiper link to download and install the iMyFone LockWiper firmware to your Windows or Mac operating system. This is a paid program, but there may be a 30-day trial offered.

Next, connect your iPhone to a computer and put it in recovery mode. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Alternatively, press and hold the power key and the home button at the same time
  2. Keep the volume and side buttons pressed at the same time

Follow these simple steps now.

To install the LockWiper firmware, follow the instructions. The process of unlocking will begin when you click “start to unlock”. You may be asked to select an unlocking mode by iMyFone LockWiper.

The options will be self-explanatory, but make sure that your profile will be preserved when the password is removed.

After this process is complete, you can use a backup tool to recover your iPhone if necessary.

Method 4: You can unlock your iPhone using iTunes (you will need a computer).

  • It may be too much trouble to use third-party apps or software, so you need a fast, easy way to reset your password. You could also use a PC if you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes.
  • If you’re using iTunes, here are a few tricks you can use.
  • If you have a Windows or Mac computer, open the iTunes library. Music is available on the go with iTunes synced to all of your Apple products.
  • To sync your iPhone with your computer, connect it to iTunes. You’ll see the device icon for your iPhone in iTunes on your computer.

  • Load your iPhone with iTunes by clicking on the icon. To restore your device to factory settings, click on the “restore device” option.

Once you’ve completed this process, you won’t need a passcode to use your iPhone. When you click to reset your iPhone from iTunes, you may be asked for your passcode first. It is just a matter of switching to another computer if this happens. It should be possible to skip having to share the passcode on iTunes without switching computers frequently.


The Screen Unlock software is renowned for its features of unlocking the iPhone without a passcode and working immediately after downloading. We have proven results, and all of the methods listed above are user-friendly and simple enough that even someone without any technical knowledge can unlock the iPhone without Siri.

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