How To Unlock iPhone XR?


There is a substantial difference in price between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS and XS Max. The iPhone XR, however, is the most affordable iPhone. Apple’s iPhone XR is powered by a next-generation neural engine that’s dedicated to machine learning and includes a 6-core CPU, a 4-core GPU, and a next-generation neural engine. The iPhone XR is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic, which can perform 5 trillion operations per second.

You will probably end up with a carrier-locked iPhone XR if you purchase it from your network provider. As a result, you will be unable to use your same phone with another SIM card. Adding a sim card from another service provider will show you whether your iPhone XR is indeed carrier-locked. If you receive the message “Sim Not Supported”, it is likely the iPhone is indeed carrier-locked. Here is the complete information about “How To Unlock Iphone XR?” Read it below!

How To Unlock iPhone XR?

Method 1: Unlock iPhone XR Without Passcode with an iPhone Unlocker

If the iPhone XR/11/12 lacks a passcode, you can’t unlock the iPhone without the passcode by using the iPhone unlock software – EaseUS MobiUnlock. Your iPhone will never work without your passcode, whether it’s a 4-digit code, a 6-digit code, a Touch ID, or a Face ID. In addition, you can fix a disabled iPhone, bypass or reset iPad passcodes, bypass iPhone passcodes, and more. The EaseUS MobiUnlock software can also fix other system-related issues, such as iPhones flashing the Apple logo or Apples stuck on the Apple logo.

While iTunes could achieve the same result, an iPhone unlocking tool from a third party will be more effective. You should try it.

If you don’t have a passcode, you can use:

Step 1. Click “Start” after launching EaseUS MobiUnlock and connecting the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the computer.

Step 2. You can download the latest firmware for your device by checking your model and clicking “Download Firmware”. Otherwise, choose the previously downloaded package as a substitute.

Step 3. Click “Verify Firmware” if you have already downloaded the firmware or selected it.

Step 4. Then click “Unlock” to complete the verification. You can unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without a passcode by entering the information required in the warning window and clicking “Unlock” again.

Step 5. Your device will be reset when the tool is done working. You can then set up your device and begin using it once more.

Method 2: Remove iPhone Passcode with iTunes

You might not be aware, but you can use iTunes to unlock your iPhone 12, XR, X, or XS’s screen passcode if you prefer to use Apple products to do things. The tool you use will be completely private, so you will not be concerned about privacy.

In the process of removing the screen passcode from your iPhone, there is an important consideration to be considered. With this app, all of your data, photos, and videos will be deleted from your device.

You can use iTunes to unlock your iPhone by putting it in recovery mode and erasing your data if you don’t mind erasing your data. Continue with the steps for restarting your iPhone into recovery mode and resetting it through iTunes.

Step 1: Switch to recovery mode by restarting your iPhone

Putting your iPhone in recovery mode is the first step. You will then be able to restore your device using iTunes in this mode. You can perform this step using the following steps.

Entering recovery mode on iPhone XR:

Step 1. Remove your connected iPhone from your computer.

Step 2. Press the Side button to turn off your iPhone.

Step 3. Hold down the Side button of your iPhone while connecting it to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Unlock Iphone XR?

What are the reasons for iPhone XR can be unlocked?

An Iphone XR can be unlocked for a variety of reasons:

If you unlock your iPhone XR, there are many benefits. Below are three that we believe are the most important.

Roaming fees are no longer charged. Are you always traveling or just moving abroad? Then you’ll save a lot with an unlocked iPhone. You can use the internet or make calls at local rates by changing the SIM card to one from the country. Roaming charges are avoided this way.

Your phone will be worth more to us. Selling an unlocked iPhone XR can increase your profits by up to 50%. Many buyers will not consider buying an iPhone that is locked to another carrier. A carrier’s freedom to choose is important to them.

The flexibility of carriers. It is common for carriers to lock the phones in order to keep consumers on their networks. They return the favor by bundling your monthly subscription fee with the phone’s cost.

Your iPhone can be moved seamlessly between different carriers if it is unlocked.

How to Bypass iPhone XR/11/12 Passcode via iTunes?

iTunes can unlock your iPhone without a passcode if you don’t want to use a third-party tool and are not afraid to enter recovery mode manually. The latest version of iTunes allows you to restore your iPhone so that you can erase everything from the iOS device, including the passcode.

iTunes bypasses iPhone passcodes as follows:

Step 1. Turn off the computer and the iPhone.

Step 2. Power off the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to the computer by holding down the Side button. When the recovery mode screen appears, release the button.

Step 4. Wait for the process to finish after choosing “Restore” > “Restore and Update” in iTunes.

Step 5. Then re-setup your iPhone.

Why can’t iPhone XRs be bypassed?

A simple option here is to use an activation lock bypass tool to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone XR on your own.

Without a password or computer, how can I reset my iPhone XR?

1. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password at

2. Find iPhone can be accessed through the “Find iPhone” tab.

3. To factory reset your device, click “All Devices” and navigate to the device you would like to reset.

4. You can reset your iPhone by clicking on “Erase [device name]”.

My iPhone’s 4 digit passcode is forgotten. What should I do?

Step 1. A computer (Mac or PC) is required to complete the process.

Step 2. Power down your iPhone. Make sure it is not connected to the computer.

Step 3. Enter the recovery mode on your iPhone.

Your iPhone will be restored.

Where can I find instructions on how to unlock my iPhone passcode without a computer?

1. Siri can be used to unlock the iPhone. Your virtual assistant, Siri, can be used to unlock your iPhone quickly.

2. Find My Phone unlocks the device.

3. iMyFone LockWiper unlocks your phone.

4. (Computer is Required) Unlock using iTunes

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