How To Unsend A Message On Iphone?

Imagine sending a message to a junky coworker, a rude colleague, or someone you don’t want to talk to accidentally through your iPhone or iPad. Because your iPhone will be used under your control, even if you’re driving drunk, doing chores, or in a situation where you accidentally send something to someone you don’t intend to.

To solve your problem we have written a complete guide that ” How To Unsend A Message On Iphone” check it below!

How To Unsend A Message On iPhone?

You may observe that whenever you send a message through the iMessage app, it takes time to deliver depending on your WIFI or internet speed. The most time-consuming is sending voice messages and images. If you think that you sent the wrong message, you can unsend it before it is delivered to the recipient’s mobile. Follow this guide to do so. 

  • iMessage can be used for sending voice messages, pictures, and texts.
  • The recipient iPhone is receiving the message if it is on its way.
  • There will be some processing involved, so you can quickly take steps to prevent it from being delivered.
  • The quick settings can be accessed by tapping the iPhone’s control panel. According to your iPhone or iPad model, you may need to swap up or down. 
  • On your smartphone, find the Airplane mode and switch it on right away.
  • The image or message you sent will now be marked red and will say “not delivered”. 
  • You can see “more” options by holding the message for a few seconds.
  • When you click on the trash or bin icons, you can delete the entire conversation or selected text. In the conversation window, selecting the trash icon will only delete one message, while tapping “Delete all” will remove all your messages.
  • Now that your mistakenly sent message has been recovered, you are good to go.  

You cannot delete a message from the receiver phone by deleting it from your phone if you sent an incorrect, incomplete, or the wrong message to them whether they opened and read it or not when you send it through iMessage or text messages.

Although you can delete the conversation from your iPhone, the receiver will still have it as he will receive the same call. With the iMessage, you can send a voice message, a picture or a text message to your iPhone, which makes it a popular method of sending messages. There is no way to undo the message delivery once it has taken place. You can, however, unsend a message on your iPhone before it is delivered as the app operates over the internet. 

By reading this little guide, you will better understand the solution and can be more careful in the future, so that you may be able to unsend your message within the limited time frame.

How do you delete a text message sent to the wrong person from your iPhone?

Since Apple values privacy, the Americans do not allow the removal of sent messages from their iPhones and iPads. It has been privacy that has been Apple’s selling point throughout their advertising campaign.

  • Messages sent via text, iMessage, or MMS can be received by the recipient.
  • The technology was developed with privacy in mind by the iOS development team. It is not possible for both devices to delete messages sent.
  • When you remove the sent or received texts from your phone, they cannot be viewed by the recipient.

An unsent message cannot be retrieved, no matter what format it is in. Users cannot circumvent other privacy settings and make themselves look foolish using this function, according to Apple. Apple is considering the matter very carefully so it is not yet available on iMessage or SMS.

The removal feature may be available in iOS 14, but iOS 13 and earlier versions do not due to privacy concerns. Users have supported it, and it has already been integrated into many social media applications. It is possible that Apple will implement the delete function in the upcoming mobile operating system update and also in the upcoming MacBook and iMac operating systems. 


Since there is no quick way to undo sending messages on iPhone, messages can only be unsent if they have not yet been delivered. However, as I said that the apple is working on it and maybe you have a better solution very soon. Moreover, hit me up if there are any queries, you have liked the information or want to suggest something through the comment section.

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