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How To Update Minecraft Server To The Latest Version

How To Update Minecraft Server

Servers do not update automatically – whether this is the version of Minecraft when a new version is released, a new version of a mod pack, or a new build of Spigot, etc.

How you update depends on the server version you are updating and may require a quick log into the server files.

With Minecraft worker facilitating from Apex you have full command over your worker in choosing which worker variant you need to run. This can be a standard vanilla worker of any delivery adaptation which can be downloaded from the official webpage or various custom .container records, for example, Bukkit or numerous others. The establishment cycle is straightforward in the event that you need to do it without anyone’s help. Our help group will be glad to do this for you on the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty or simply don’t have any desire to manage it.

Because of the ever pliable nature of Minecraft workers, you will undoubtedly experience the undertaking of having the change its form whether it be to redesign or minimize. This applies to any worker, modded, or not.

Before we survey how to change your worker form we should initially comprehend what decides “Your Server Version”. In short, every worker runs off a container record, the fundamental framework document that contains all the important components to really make the worker work. Each container record can be sorted by its variant i.e 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and so forth This is generally clear with vanilla Minecraft forms however can likewise be seen with modded workers utilizing bukkit, nozzle, or produce.

It’s critical to comprehend the variant you intend to change to as it could represent the moment of truth for the worker. At the point when you have chosen what to change to you can continue with a few alternatives, either utilize the board container drop down excessively fast introduce from a rundown of the predefined container (mod packs included) or physically update the worker by means of FTP.

How to Update Your Minecraft Server on Multicraft

Step 1:- Stop your worker and afterward twofold check to guarantee you have taken a reinforcement! (A reinforcement is critical in the occasion defilement happens)

Step 2:– To refresh your worker, on your control board click “Worker Type”.

Step 3:- Select the current worker type you’re utilizing and afterward select the most recent form or a more up-to-date form that you might want to refresh to. In this model, we were utilizing Standard Minecraft 1.11.2 and we are refreshing to Standard Minecraft 1.13:

Step 4:–  Whenever you have chosen that refreshed worker type, click “Update Server Type” to continue with refreshing.

Step 5:- Permit that worker type to completely transfer to your worker. When the worker type has completed the process of transferring, click “Back” to return to your control board.

Your worker has now been refreshed! When refreshing, a world reset might be needed because of world age changes, new squares, structures, and then some. On the off chance that you need to reset your reality, you can utilize our guide here!

Instructions to Update Your Minecraft Server

Workers don’t refresh naturally – regardless of whether this be the rendition of Minecraft when another adaptation is delivered, another variant of a mod pack or another form of Spigot and so forth

How you update relies upon the worker rendition you are refreshing and may require a fast sign into the worker records.

Vanilla Minecraft

We generally add separate alternatives for the Vanilla updates to our rundown and update the Default choice when another delivery is accessible.

To refresh you can either choose the alternative for the new Minecraft discharge on the drop-down rundown on MultiCraft and restart the worker or on the off chance that you utilize the Default choice you can sign into the worker records and erase the container envelope and restart to refresh.


These choices are refreshed consistently for new fixes/fixes and your worker ought to likewise be stayed up with the latest, yet it is rarely programmed. To refresh when a similar Minecraft adaptation of Spigot/PaperSpigot has refreshed just sign into the worker records, erase the container envelope, and restart the worker.

At the point when the Minecraft rendition itself updates and Spigot/PaperSpigot discharges their updates for that discharge they will be added as new alternatives on the rundown – essentially select them and restart the worker to refresh. Note that sitting tight some time for the main influxes of bug fixes and fixes and for modules to refresh is constantly suggested, and modules should consistently be stayed up with the latest when utilizing the most current adaptation of Spigot/PaperSpigot also.


This alternative is likewise refreshed consistently for new fixes so this ought to likewise be refreshed routinely by signing into the worker documents, erasing the container envelope, and restarting the worker.


At the point when another Recommended form of the mod packs on our rundown comes out, they will be added to the rundown as a different alternative – you simply need to choose it and restart the worker to refresh.

For custom establishments, you should transfer the new form of the mod pack as you accomplished for the variant you are as of now utilizing to refresh.


On the off chance that your work is going with Forge and you are not changing the mods at all then you don’t have to refresh the Forge construct regardless of whether another form is accessible. This is especially evident on the off chance that you utilize the plain Forge alternatives on the 1-click introduce list as they will wipe the mods envelope on the first introduction.

Changing the Minecraft adaptation through JAR dropdown

Select the separate worker you intend to change and explore its subtleties page.

Inside the subtleties, the page is a worth marked JAR and a dropdown to go with it that contains a rundown of predefined containers for speedy establishment/refreshing.

Select the rendition you wish to refresh to and afterward click the Save button. Note: If you are attempting to refresh a mod pack this way then you will initially have to erase the container documents so the board realizes that it needs to recover it with the most current form as opposed to utilizing the bygone one.

Restart the worker and it will stack up the new form you chose.

Utilizing FTP:

Stage 1: Interface with your worker’s FTP. The secret word will be equivalent to what you use to sign into the worker control board. We suggest utilizing FileZilla which is an easy to utilize FTP Client, ensure that you download the customer variant and not the worker release. Whenever you are signed into your Minecraft facilitating FTP worker you can continue to the subsequent stage.

Stage 2:Download the .container document that you need from any asset which will be the worker here.

Stage 3:Within your FTP program, you will see documents and envelopes. There should be an a/container envelope on the foundation of the record worker, if not make the organizer. This is the place where you will transfer your chose .container document.

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