How To Use NuFace?


An effective at-home anti-aging facial toning device, NuFace is safe and effective. Using microcurrent technology – a gentle electrical stimulation. NuFace enhances the appearance of your face.

The NuFace triple, is a multi, solution, skincare system that sends microcurrents to your muscles for instant, cumulative results. NuFace’s microcurrent facial devices help tone, lift, and reduce wrinkles on your face and neck. NuFace Trinity is an innovative skincare device that offers a variety of solutions for skincare.

It is designed with interchangeable attachments that stimulate facial muscles for a smoother, more radiant complexion. This device is actually the first and only FDA-cleared hand-held microcurrent treatment device. It uses a high-frequency microcurrent to stimulate your facial tissues. The NuFace is said to tone your face and neck, tightening skin, while preventing future wrinkles. But you should be considered that “How To Use NuFace?”

What Are The Benefits Of NuFace?

Now that you know what NuFace is and how it works, let’s take a closer look at it. How does all this molecular stuff affect your skin in terms of visible & lasting benefits?

NuFace’s microcurrent treatments boost your cells’ production of collagen, elastin, and ATP (the cells’ energy source).

  • With skin that’s tighter and firmer, wrinkles are reduced
  • Skin that is brighter and more youthful-looking
  • Fuller, thicker, and plumper lips without injections
  • Jowls & nasolabial folds have been reduced or eliminated
  • The jawline and cheekbones are more defined and there is a slight “lift” effect
  • Effects on anti-aging

With NuFace, aging skin can be tightened and smoothed without painful injections, invasive surgery, or long recovery periods.

Additionally, NuFace is non-invasive, does not hurt, and the results are visible immediately!

How To Use NuFace?

You may be looking forward to reducing wrinkles, creases, and other facial imperfections after using the NuFACE device, but you might not know where to begin. It’s easy to use these hand-held devices.

Both NuFACE Trinity and NuFACE Mini tone the same amount of skin, but Trinity’s attachments allow it to work on smaller areas like your eye, nose, and lips. You can begin your treatment after you’ve cleaned, primed, and held the NuFace device in place.

Working With The NuFace Trinity and Mini

1. You should clean your face with a cleanser before you begin the treatment. Put a small amount of cleansing product onto your fingertips and rub it in using short, circular motions. Cleanse with a product that is specifically designed for your skin type. Using a cream-based cleanser is recommended if your skin is especially dry.

2. Treat the areas you will be treated with a coin-sized amount of Gel Primer. Apply NuFACE Gel Primer to the back of your hand in a small amount. On the other hand, dip into the gel and apply it to the area of skin you’d like to treat. Apply Gel Primer in small, circular motions to the designated spots with your fingertips

  • If you plan to use NuFace on more than one part of your face and neck, apply the priming gel as soon as possible before you use it.

3. Slide the device across the side of your neck after it is turned on. If your NuFace Trinity is turned on, place it slightly off-center toward your collarbone. Glide the device along the side of your neck and stop it directly below the ear. When you hear a beep, hold the NuFace Trinity for 1-2 seconds. Work your way up the neck, crossing the collarbones and stopping below the ear.

  • If necessary, do this on both sides of your neck.
  • Lifting your neck skin will make it firmer and less saggy.

4. You should move the device across your jawline, lower cheek, and In line with the corner of your lips, place the NuFACE Trinity at the base of your jaw. Raise the spheres until just below just beneath your ear. Hold the device in place until a beeping sound is heard. From the corner of your lips to the tip of your temple, and also from the corner of your nostril to the tip of your cheekbone, sweep the device. When the NuFace Trinity beeps, hold it in place.

  • Smoothly glide the device along straight lines for the best results.
  • In general, these treatments work to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and creases around the jawline and cheek area.

5. Your eyebrows should be rolled along with the NuFace spheres. Start at the thickest part of your eyebrow and position the device above it. Before holding the NuFace Trinity, drag it at least 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 cm) up your forehead. After hearing the device beep, stop applying pressure. You can now slide the spheres along the thin, outer part of your brow as well. Then hold it there until you hear a beeping sound. Bring the NuFace Trinity up to your forehead each time.

  • You should work along the curve of your eye, going from the thickest to the thinnest part of your brow.
  • This treatment promotes a more youthful appearance by smoothing and lifting the skin above the eyebrows.

6. Remove any excess primer by turning the NuFace off and rinsing it off. Shut down your device and place it in the proper charging outlet. Rinse your face and neck with cool water if any Gel Primer remains. In the case of Leave-On Gel Primer, feel free to spread the product further into the skin.

  • It is only necessary to rinse off the original Gel Primer.

How do Microcurrent NuFace Treatments work?

So how does electrical stimulation affect your skin?

Microcurrent treatments and technology stimulate deep into the muscles and layers of your skin with gentle and painless electrical signals.

Electromagnetic microcurrents stimulate your cells’ metabolism, resulting in an increase in collagen and elastin production, as well as overall energy production. The compounds in our skin can help tighten and strengthen our skin, especially as the natural production of these compounds declines with age.

Additionally, NuFace’s electrical stimulation improves circulation, allowing your skin to absorb healthy nutrients.

Treatment with NuFace is described as relaxing and calming by most people. While some experienced no sensation, others experienced tingling. Our clients often pair NuFace with facial treatments to enjoy the benefits of both and completely relax.

What Precautions You Have To Considered?

Some people should avoid NuFace treatments, while others should speak with a doctor before getting the treatment.

The treatment of NuFace should be avoided by pregnant women, people with cancer, seizure disorders, pacemakers, and people with electronic implants.

You can adjust the strength and voltage of NuFace devices and treatments. The person performing the treatment can adjust the settings based on your skin problems, health issues, implants, or any other wants or needs you may have.

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